DEATH IS UPON US: Toxic food, toxic water, toxic pharmacuticals, toxic drugs, toxic vaccinations, toxic GMO's. . .We ingest poisons, and have them injected into our bodies. Here in the U.S. we are not only getting sicker and sicker with each new generation, but dumber and dumber as well. The pharmacutical industry is not interested in you being healthy; they do not make money off your good health, only off your bad health. And what about the FDA, does it really protect you from all this? Watch this video documentary and discover some startling truths and horror stories about what has been going on for a long time and why you can not afford to believe the lies we are being told by the media. In this case, ignorance can cost you your very life. Poisons kill people and right now, they are in almost everthing with which we have contact.
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