END TIMES EVENTS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW - Audio with NO VIDEO - Tom Horn, Chris Putnam, & Steve Quayle - speakers. These guys are doing their best to keep everybody informed on events happening right now that show Jesus Christ's return is "extremely close." I make this material from my personal library available not for entertainment but because I believe these three present a credible case for being right. They are by far the current "cutting edge" of understanding of current events, in light of where we are time-wise in Bible prophecy. Because of the immediate importance of what they are saying, I plan on keeping up with their discussions and adding their new ones to this list just as soon as they become available.There are 3 audios listed below, each one of them is unique and vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours. They are arranged in the order of oldest to newest, with time lengths shown in their titles.
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> Audio_03_180mins.Mp3