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Where do we go when we die? Are there really such place as Heaven and Hell? Within these pages are the testimonies of 25 individuals who have had neardeath and afterdeath experiences. These 25 individuals have died as a result of a heart attack, a road accident, a suicide attempt, a Vietnamese bullet wound, on the operating table, of pneumonia, and many other lethal conditions. The individuals in this book recount their amazing stories of the afterlife, having crossed the Final Frontier of death.

Some tell of their wonderful experiences in Heaven, and the love, joy, and peace they found there. Others recall terrifying images of Hell, which is very real, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Heaven and Hell are described in great detail, as well as how to go to Heaven, and avoid Hell.










Warning This Book Could Change Your Afterlife. Where do we go when we die? Are there really such place as Heaven and Hell? Within these pages are the testimonies of 25 individuals who have had neardeath and afterdeath experiences. These 25 individuals have died as a result of a heart attack, a road accident, a suicide attempt, a Vietnamese bullet wound, on the operating table, of pneumonia, and many other lethal conditions. The individuals in this book recount their amazing stories of the afterlife, having crossed the Final Frontier of death.

Some tell of their wonderful experiences in Heaven, and the love, joy, and peace they found there. Others recall terrifying images of Hell, which is very real, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Heaven

and Hell are described in great detail, as well as how to go to Heaven, and avoid Hell.

This book was coauthored by Dr Richard Kent and Val Fotherby in 1997. It was written to bring attention to the reality of life after death. The forward of this book is by Dr Maurice Rawlings, who is a world expert on Near Death Experiences, and the author of three books on the subject. Dr. Rawlings was the former Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA. He was also the former personal physician at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This book was first published by HarperCollins in the UK in 1997, and in 2002 by Zondervan Books in the USA. In 2005 the copyright of this book reverted to The Final Frontier Charitable Trust (Dr Richard Kent’s UK charity number 1106663). The aim of this charity is simply to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, entirely free.

The book has been updated by Dr Richard Kent to include new research by many practising doctors in the USA and the UK on Near Death Experiences, and details of two free movies, “The Final Frontier” and “The Lazarus Phenomenon” available on The book also includes Dr Kent’s research into Death, Near Death Experiences, and Resurrections in the Bible, since we will all one day experience this. Dr Kent has also included a section about the aggregated experiences of over 300 patients who have had Near Death Experiences in Chapter 42, “What is it really like to die, and what happens next?”


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The authors would like to express their special thanks to Dr Maurice Rawlings for so kindly providing the Introduction to this book. The authors thoroughly recommend his excellent books on Near Death Experiences: Beyond Death’s Door, To Hell and Back, Life Wish: Reincarnation, Reality or Hoax? and Before Death Comes.

The authors would like to express their gratitude to all the individuals who have given their permission for their testimonies appear in this book. The story of Dr Petti Wagner is based on an interview with Sid Roth, of Messianic Vision. The testimony of Gerald Dunphy is adapted, with kind permission, from the European Voice magazine number 952, which is produced by the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. The story of Dr George Ritchie is reproduced with his kind permission.

The authors would like to thank Johan Sturm, of Eternal Productions, USA, for kindly permitting his two movies, THE FINAL FRONTIER and THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON THE MOVIE to be freely distributed on

The authors would like to thank Attilla Balla of The Visual Bible Society for his kind permission to use images in this book. The authors would like to thank Barry Schwortz, official photographer for STURP, and author of for his kind permission to use his excellent images of the Shroud of Turin. All quotations from the Bible are from the New King James Version unless otherwise stated.

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The authors, Dr Richard Kent and Val Fotherby, would like to dedicate this book to our respective spouses, Val Kent and David Fotherby. Both have provided enormous encouragement and support. Dr Richard Kent would also like to thank Val Fotherby for her hard work in preparing the original book.


Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor aged 60. He was born in 1946, and trained at the Middlesex Hospital in London. He qualified in 1969, at the age of 22. He met his wife, Val, a staff nurse in Casualty, soon after qualifying, and they have been a very happy couple ever since. They married in 1971, and have three daughters, Emma, Sarah, and Lucy. In 1973 Richard joined a very large medical practice with eight partners and 18,000 patients.

One of Richard's patients was a 4 yearold boy who died with leukaemia. The little boy died whilst Richard was actually treating him at home. This greatly distressed the poor parents, and it greatly upset Richard as well.

Following this, Richard and Val were "seeking" for some meaning to life. In his job as a GP Richard was very familiar with death at all ages, and wanted to know the answer to the following three questions:

  1. Where do we all come from?

  2. Why are we here?

  3. Where do we go next?

Richard and Val found these questions very difficult question to answer! In the UK most people have no answers to these questions, and frequently do not even understand the questions!

Richard also found that many people were embarrassed by these


Richard’s first job as a General Practitioner was in Brighton and Hove, working in a Jewish practice. Richard is not Jewish, but he developed a great liking for the Jewish people. Richard and Val have visited Israel many times since, and also attend a church that supports Israel.

Richard had an interest in the history of the Second World War, and was familiar with the details of the Jewish Holocaust. Richard and Val recently visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, and regularly visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

Richard was careful not make any personal judgement on the people responsible for the Holocaust. Richard did however come to the conclusion that there must be an evil force on this planet that caused people to inflict such suffering on others. The Bible refers to this spiritual entity as Satan, and Richard decided that Satan was very real. This lead to a detailed study of the Bible, and Richard and Val became born again Christians together in 1974.

Richard became interested in the research into afterdeath experiences by the American consultant cardiologist, Dr. Maurice Rawlings, who has written the introduction to this book. This interest was the beginning of Richard’s research into the experiences of clinically dead patients who were resuscitated, and reported afterdeath experiences.

Richard is a coauthor of two books The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier, which include a total of 51 true stories of patients who have died and met Jesus Christ. Many individuals in the books visited either Heaven or Hell. These books are both available free on their charity web site

Richard retired from General practice in 1997. He is now a part time unpaid conference speaker, evangelist, Bible teacher and author. His wife, Mrs Val Kent, is a retired nurse, and works closely with Richard. They are both ordained ministers. They now live in a rented house near Winchester in the UK, close to other members of their family.

Richard used to regularly run the London Marathon, and other marathons, to raise money for various charities. He now prefers to simply jog with friends!

Richard and Val work from a UK registered charity (The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity No 1106663). They have spoken in church conferences in the UK, the US, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Pakistan, and on Death Row in a maximumsecurity prison in the Philippines. Richard and Val have, so far, spoken in 24 countries, always entirely free to the host church.

Richard has been interviewed frequently on TV and Radio, and is still available for interview.

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Val Fotherby taught in a large comprehensive school where she was head of history; she is now retired. Brought up in a Christian family, she made a commitment to the Lord as a young child. She is married to David who is a director of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, and they have a married daughter, Jane, and one grandson, Daniel. Val wrote the story of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in Catching the Vision, the British sequel to the bestselling Christian biography, The Happiest People on Earth, and also The Awakening Giant, that told the story of the worldwide growth of the Fellowship. She and David have travelled extensively for the FGBMFI throughout Europe, particularly to Italy, and also to South Africa.

Other Books written by Val Fotherby

Catching the Vision

Paperback 192 pages (April 7, 1989) Publisher: Kingsway Communications ISBN: 0860657043

Catching the Vision is the British sequel to The Happiest People on Earth, by John and Elizabeth Sherrill, who also wrote the foreword to Catching the Vision. It tells the story of how the FGBMFI started, essentially after the World Convention was held in London in 1965. The book charts the growth of the Fellowship from that time until the late 1980’s, with amazing stories of how God used ordinary men and women to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

The Awakening Giant

Paperback 192 pages (May 2, 2000) Publisher: Zondervan ISBN: 0551032340

This book tells the amazing story of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International, with the miraculous growth of the Fellowship into 150 countries over 40 years. The FGBMFI was founded in the USA, with a vision of awakening the laymen of the world for the Gospel. The organisation is now established in South America, the UK, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the former Communist countries, Africa and Central America. This book recounts the amazing testimonies of the men and women whose lives have been changed. From politicians to

street beggars, the organisation have impacted many thousands of lives, and continues to do so. The book is the followup book to The Happiest People On Earth by Demos Shakarian (the US story) and Catching The Vision (the UK story, which has sold 10,000 copies) by Val Fotherby. Included in this book are many more exciting new stories about God's work in FGBMFI.


BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER by Dr Richard Kent and David Waite is the second book in the series on Near Death Experiences.

The book is now viewable and downloadable FREE on the Final Frontier web site:

This book was first published by HarperCollins in the UK in AD 2000, and by Zondervan in the USA in 2002.

This book is a follow up book to the earlier book The Final Frontier, and relates the true stories of 26 individuals who have encountered death, and beyond.

The book was researched by Dr Richard Kent, a retired UK medical doctor, and introduced by a Dr John Sloan, a consultant in Accident and Emergency at Leeds General Infirmary, UK.

In one case history the actual ECG’s showing clinical death are presented, as well as a letter from the hospital concerned confirming death.

Some of the experiences describe Heaven in detail. Some of the stories contain very frightening descriptions of Hell. Dr Richard Kent also explains in detail what the Bible says about Heaven and Hell, and how to go to Heaven.

There is also additional material from acclaimed International speaker Dr Chuck Missler on the Existence of God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

The book was coauthored by David Waite, winner of the prestigious Christian Broadcasting Council’s Gold Award for the Best NonFiction Christian book of 1998.

To view and download the book, please visit BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER on


With the arrival of the technology for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation the medical profession has been faced with the reality of Near Death Experiences. In this documentary movie, the subject is studied in great detail, and the following doctors and patients are interviewed in depth:

  • Dr Maurice Rawlings, Specialist Cardiologist at the Diagnostic Centre of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

  • Dr James Winnery, Head of the US Air Force Aeronautical Research Unit, USA.

  • Dr Melvine Morse, of the Seattle Children's Hospital, USA.

  • Dr Tony Lawrence, of Coventry University, UK.

  • Dr Richard Kent, retired General Practitioner, UK.

  • Ian McCormack of New Zealand, who died in Mauritius after stings from the highly venomous box jelly fish. He relates his personal experiences of Heaven and Hell.

  • Ronald Reagan of the USA relates his experiences of Hell, after dying in an ambulance following injuries sustained in a fight.

  • In addition Kevin Williams, NDE Researcher in the USA, is interviewed.

Research proves that NDE’s are legitimate. It is estimated that between 12 and 15 million Americans have had NDE experiences.

This is such an enormous number of shared experiences, that there is no question that it makes sense to study it. It is an incredible phenomenon, and the implications are enormous.

The entire movie may be watched and downloaded entirely free on Please visit THE FINAL FRONTIER MOVIE on


This movie has already been screened in many public cinemas in many countries. The narrative is documentary in style, filmed on the actual locations of the events portrayed, with fantastic special effects, and amazing music. The subject of death is studied in some detail, and the following four medical doctors are interviewed in depth:

  • Dr Jeff Long M.D. of IANDS (The International Association of Near Death Studies)

  • Dr Melvin Morse M.D. of Seattle Children's Hospital, USA

  • Dr Tony Lawrence M.D. of Coventry University, UK

  • Dr Richard Kent M.D. (Retired General Practitioner) UK

The movie starts with a dramatisation of the Lazarus and the Rich Man in Luke 16, vv 19 31, as told by Jesus Christ, and recorded by Dr Luke in his Gospel. The special effects in this section of the movie of both Heaven and Hell are amazing.

The movie then turns to the true story of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria who was raised from the dead after 3 days. Pastor Daniel died after a road traffic accident. He still has his death certificate, written by a hospital doctor. In the movie he recounts his experiences, with amazing computer generated images of both Heaven and Hell. The actual footage of the coming back to life of Pastor Daniel is shown in the movie. Pastor Daniel is personally interviewed in the movie.

The movie concludes with the true story of Ian McCormack who died in Mauritius for 15 minutes in a hospital Emergency Room, after five separate stings from deadly dangerous boxjelly fish. Ian met Jesus Christ after death, and was transported to both Heaven and Hell. Ian McCormack is personally interviewed in the movie, and his story is filmed on the exact locations

The movie may be watched and downloaded entirely free on

To view the trailer, please visit TRAILER OF THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON on

The entire movie may be viewed and downloaded entirely free. Please visit THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON on



Dr Richard and Mrs Val Kent work from a UK registered charity, The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity No 1106663. They have spoken in church conferences in the UK, the US, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Pakistan, and on Death Row in a maximumsecurity prison in the Philippines. Richard and Val have, so far, spoken in 24 countries, always entirely free to the host church.

Richard has been interviewed frequently on TV and Radio, and is still available for interview. Richard gives entirely free PowerPoint illustrated lectures anywhere in the world on the following subjects:

  1. After Death Experiences

  2. Evangelism is Easy

  3. Creation: The Genesis Account

  4. Evolution is Impossible

  5. Biblical Archaeology: Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant

  6. The Crucifixion: medical and prophetic aspects

  7. The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  8. The Bible is Supernatural

  9. What does God think about Abortion?

  10. The Rapture of believers in our lifetime

  11. God’s supernatural plan for your Money

  12. How to have miracle

Free copies of all the PowerPoint presentations, both books, and both movies are left with the host church for free copying and distribution. All travelling and accommodation expenses are met by Dr Richard Kent’s UK charity, and the conferences are entirely free to the host churches.

Richard has so far given these conferences in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

For further information please visit FREE CONFERENCES on


Dr. Maurice Rawlings is a specialist in cardiovascular diseases at the Diagnostic Centre and area hospitals of Chattanooga, and graduated with honours from the George Washington University Medical School. He served in both the Army and the Navy and became Chief of Cardiology at the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. He was promoted to personal physician at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which included Generals Marshall, Bradley, and Dwight Eisenhower, before he became President of the United States.

In civilian life Dr. Rawlings was appointed to the National Teaching Faculty of the American Heart Association, specialising in the teaching methods for the retrieval of patients from sudden death. He taught at various medical schools and hospitals and conducted courses for doctors and nurses in many countries.

Dr. Rawlings is the Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a member of the International Committee on Cardiovascular Diseases, a past Governor for the American College of Cardiology for the State of Tennessee, founder of the area’s Regional Emergency Medical Services Council, Faculty Instructor for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support programs, and Fellow of the American College of Physicians, the College of Cardiology, and the College of Chest Physicians. Dr Rawlings has written many articles on heart disease for national medical journals.

In addition, he has authored four books on Near Death Experiences: “Beyond Death’s Door”, “To Hell and Back”, “Life Wish: Reincarnation, Reality or Hoax?” and “Before Death Comes”.

All of the cases of neardeath experiences I had heard about, in all the resuscitation we had taught in many countries, had been good experiences, until one day I ran across a negative experience. It was because we started the interview whilst we were resuscitating the patient in the heat of battle.

This was a 47 year old man, a US mail carrier, exercising on the treadmill to reproduce this chest pain he complained about whilst doing exercise at home. Instead of just getting the pain his EKG went haywire and he dropped dead, moving the treadmill which swept him off like so much trash. The other doctors had left the building, but the nurses were still there and knew what to do. One started an IV and the other breathing with an AMBU bag, more aesthetic than mouth to mouth. I was doing the external heart compressions, and the patient kept saying, ‘Doctor, don’t stop!’ When I would stop to reach for something, he would say, ‘I’m in Hell again.’ Most patients would say, ‘Take your big hands off, you’re breaking my ribs.’ I knew something was wrong.

He had a complication whereby we had to put a pacemaker down his collarbone vein right there on the floor. It had a big effect on me. Blood was spurting everywhere, I was pushing and I told him to shut up and not to bother me with his Hell business. I was trying to save his life, and he was trying to tell me about some nefarious nightmare he’s had in the death throes. That’s what I thought until he kept saying it. The nurses gave me that look, as if to say, this is a dying man’s wish. He then asked me something that was the ultimate insult, which was, ‘Doctor, pray for me.’ I told him he that was out of his mind, I wasn’t a minister. Again he asked me to pray for him, and the nurses were still looking at me with anticipation. So I did. I made up a makebelieve prayer, a nonsense. I just wanted to get him off my back so I told him to say it after me. ‘I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.’ Go on, say it. ‘Please keep me out of Hell.’ Say it! ‘And if I live I’m on the hook, I’m yours forever.’ I remember that part well, because he’s been ‘on the hook’ ever since. He is a firm Christian man. Each time of interrupted CPR to adjust the pacemaker, he would convulse, turn blue, stop breathing, his heart would stop beating, and I’d reach over and start him up again like you can. Every time I’d let go, he’d be back in Hell.

After I said this there were no more writhing experiences, no more negative fighting attitude. He was calm. I asked him the next day to tell me about being in Hell. I told him he had frightened the nurses to death, and he had scared the Hell out of me. He said, ‘What Hell? After that prayer you gave, I remember seeing my mother when she was living, although she had died when I was three years old.’ Impossible! He picked her out of a photograph album his aunt brought in next day, but he had never actually seen her. He identified her from her clothing. He had seen her in Heaven. What apparently happened was that he had sublimated the Hell experiences to painless parts of his memory, but after the conversion he had Heaven experiences.

That ‘nonsensical’ prayer I prayed to humour him not only got the man converted, but it got me too. We both became born again Christians.

I had specialised in retrieval methods long before this experience, and I would teach at medical school at the American Heart Association all over the world about how to set up retrieval practices from sudden death. Provided people know what to do, and the patient has not been in a mangled death, 50 per cent of clinical deaths can be brought back to life again. Teaching about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation has been going on since 1973 and is getting better all the time. The problem is that the term ‘near death experience’ has become a bit of a wastebasket for all sorts of experiences, some involving bright lights but no death at all. We are trying to limit investigations into clinical death, where heart and breathing stop, and where a sequence of events is presented for analysis.

The first tissue to die, because it is most sensitive to blood flow, is the brain. There is a limit of four minutes before tissue death starts occurring in brain cells. Ten minutes without CPR could possibly produce idiocy or someone of a low grade IQ level. There are exceptions. We have a retrieval case in Oregon where a man was submerged in icy water for 45 minutes who was successfully revived from the hibernation effect.

About 18 per cent of the first 200 of cases that we managed to retrieve were Hell cases, and the percentage has increased subsequently, as more doctors are involved. Emergency room deaths have to be recertified, and there are now a lot of people collecting information. The reported incidence of Hell experiences is now about 36 per cent, and closing on 5050.

Many people experiencing Hell events actually block these from their consciousness because of the horror. Sometimes when being brought back, they scream about the flames of Hell. One particular experience I know of was of a movie actor in Houston, who was having his aorta repaired, when the cupola above him burst into flames and began descending upon him. Flames splattered about him and he saw a black figure approaching. When she beckoned him over to join her, he asked who she was and she said, ‘from the Angel of Death.’ She was in the foyer of Hell and he said he would not follow her. This episode turned his whole life around. While most experiences see lakes of fire, others just see outer darkness.

One of the latter was a doctor who had been watching football at college. He had been so excited by a spectacular run when he dropped dead. The ambulance crew assigned to the stadium defibrillated him. He had to choose pieces of a puzzle from a conveyor belt, under a penalty if it was wrong. There were no flames but he kept screaming, ‘I am in Hell.’ His wife was kneeling at the bedside praying. It turned out that this doctor did not want to be a Christian, because his wife was a Christian and he hated her and all Christians. Because this experience literally ‘scared the Hell out of him’, he became a Christian.

Many people have had good experiences limited to seeing light. There is one particular book, Embraced by the Light, but as a bornagain Christian I have trouble with this book. Although it is a wellaccounted story it claims our sins and faults are superfluous and that Jesus came to show love, and not to seek and to save the lost. It also purports that we all took part in the creation, assisting God, and therefore that sin is not our true nature. This goes completely against Scripture.

So many people are having these near death experiences, and believe they are in Heaven, but are not believers in Jesus. The ‘Angel of Light’ that they see at the end of the tunnel when they first die and get out of the body, seems to welcome them unconditionally regardless of what they had done. Theologians, on the other hand, tell us that even Satan can appear as an angel of light and deceive many, so I ask myself which light did they see?

One man who had killed two people in a parking lot was himself caught, shot three times in the chest, and then had this wonderful experience of light, after resuscitation. He later asked me whether God was a forgetful God, because this messenger of light was not from God in the first place. This man himself questioned the appropriateness of his experience.

On the other hand there are those who have seen the light with Christ on the cross, which serve to confirm their faith, and often becomes the greatest moment of their life. Now they know what’s going to happen to them when they die. So I believe that many of these ‘light’ experiences represent deliberate deceptions of Satan, who wants people to think that Heaven’s gates are open to everyone. Some people have even made a religion out of NDE’s called the ‘Omega Faith’. This is a case of not testing the spirit to see which light they have encountered.

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen to him or her when they die, and life after death is what eleven million people with NDE’s have claimed. Those who have had clinical death say they experience no pain at the moment of death they just got out of the body. Those who have had bad experiences say they are afraid of dying. They are afraid of the Hell they saw.

There was one case of a blind man who, during his experience, could see perfectly well, and after the transition of death he could recall who was present, what they were doing, and even what they were wearing. But when he returned to his body, he returned to his blindness.

Others report going from this world into another world through a tunnel or something similar, and seeing a beam of light, or an angel of light. People who have had car accidents often describe how they had their lives reviewed before the car crashed. It would seem possible to have a whole day’s review in one split second. They then go on to the next world where they meet people, their friends, who have already died and describe strolling arm in arm across this beautiful Garden of Eden, or these pearly white gates, or golden streets. They then encounter a barrier beyond which they cannot go. Whether its because judgement is on the other side, and sorting out on this side, I don’t know, but usually at that barrier they are brought back into the world of pain, back where we are pushing on their chests or breaking their ribs, or defibrillating them with paddles. Whatever we are doing it is the world of pain, and they resent it because they didn’t want to come back if it was a good experience.

That’s the sequence, like everybody having the same dream last night, without any collusion or having read the same books at all. Anoxia cannot reproduce this, drugs can’t reproduce this, hypercarbia and so on down the line, cannot reproduce this.

There is also commonality with those who have had Hell experiences. The sequence is very fast, some zip right into the pit. For instance the father of the New Age movement, Karl Jung himself, had the Earth fall beneath him and right away he was into the ‘place of the damned’ as he called it. He saw a ball of fire in the middle of a lake and there he met Philemon the demon. This happened on December 13th 1930.

Of people who are resuscitated, 60 per cent have no experience, so only 40 per cent have these. If the person is a born again Christian, they have their dreams realised. They see Christ on the cross, and in some way they identify this Being of Light as Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Dr Maurice Rawlings is also interviewed in the movie THE FINAL FRONTIER which may also be viewed and freely downloaded on


My whole life was centred around sport and travel. At 24 years of age I had just completed two years travelling around the world, having previously taken a veterinary science degree at university in New Zealand. I was living, for anyone who loved surfing and scuba diving, in what was an Earthly Paradise Mauritius.

I used to go surfing and fishing with the local Creole divers, and got hooked on night diving. Being used to colder climates than the locals, I only wore a thin 1mm shortsleeved wet suit, whereas the locals would wear the full 34 mm suits and were totally encased from head to foot. Four days before I was due to leave the island to go back to New Zealand for my brother’s wedding, I went out night diving with the local boys. I was a bit uneasy about going because I could see an electric storm on the horizon. However I let myself be persuaded.

As I dived that night, the beam of my torch light picked out a jellyfish right in front of me. I was fascinated because this was not the usual shape but ‘boxshaped’. Little did I realise as I squeezed it through my leathergloved hand, that this box jellyfish, or sea wasp, was the second deadliest creature known to man. Its toxin has killed over 70 Australians alone. Up in the northern parts of Australia, it had killed more people than sharks. Up

in Darwin the sting from this fish stopped the heart of a 38 yearold man in 10 minutes.

Suddenly, I experienced what felt like a huge electric shock in my forearm, like thousands of volts of electricity. Not being able to see what had happened, I did the worst thing possible. I rubbed my arm, and so rubbed in the poison from the tentacles of this fish. Before I could get out onto the reef another three box jellyfish stung me. My forearm was swollen like a balloon. Where the tentacles had stung were burnlike blisters across my arm, and I felt on fire as the poison began moving round my body. It hit my lymph gland, as if I had been punched, and my breathing quickly became constricted.

I knew I needed hospitalisation and quickly! Having then been stung a fifth time, one of the divers rowed me back to shore and dumped me on the road, which was in a desolate part of the island. Lying on my back and feeling the poison taking its effect, I heard a quiet voice saying, ‘Son, if you close your eyes you will never wake again’. I had no idea who had said it but, being a qualified lifeguard and instructor in scuba, I knew that unless I got antitoxin quickly, I would die.

My attempts to get to hospital were fraught to say the least. I had no money, and an Indian taxi driver, whom I had begged on my knees for a lift, picked me up. He took me to a hotel and dumped me in the car park, thinking he was unlikely to get paid. The Chinese proprietor of the hotel also refused to take me in his car, thinking the marks on my arm were from overdosing on heroin. However, a security guard, who happened to be one of my drinking companions, rang for an ambulance.

During the journey, my life flashed before me and I thought, ‘I am going to die. This is what happens before you die, your life is displayed before you’. Despite being an atheist, I wondered whether there was any life after death. Then my mother's face came before me and said, ‘Ian, no matter how far from God you are, if you will only but cry out to God from your heart, God will hear you, and God will forgive you’.

It had been10 years since I had spoken to my mother about God, 10 years of total denial that God existed, but yet my mother was praying for me. Later, when I returned to New Zealand, I compared notes with her. God had shown her my face and said to her, ‘Your son is nearly dead. Start now, and pray for him’. I thank God for my praying mother who had not given up on a stubborn, rebellious son. Having travelled, prior to this, through South East Asia and seen a million gods, I thought to myself, ‘Pray to God, which one?’ But, my mother's face was still there, and she had only ever prayed to a Christian God. I remembered that my mother had taught me the Lord's Prayer, and thought I could just about recall it.

What followed was what happens to so many people in an exam room. My mind went completely blank. But I could hear my mother saying, ‘From your heart son, pray from your heart’. ‘God, if you're real’, came the prayer from my heart, ‘and this prayer is real, help me remember the prayer my mother taught me. If there is anything soft or good left in my heart, please help me to remember the Lord's Prayer’. Before my eyes the words appeared, ‘Forgive us our sins’. I knew this meant I had to ask God to forgive all the sins I had ever committed, but I told God that I felt like a hypocrite, praying on my deathbed. But if He could possibly forgive me, then I was sincere in crying out to Him to forgive my sins. It seemed as though God had heard, for another part of the prayer came up, ‘Forgive those who have sinned against you’. It seemed easier to forgive those people who had used me, backstabbed me or ripped me off, as I had never been vindictive or aggressive. But as I told that to God the face of the Indian taxi driver who had pushed me out of his cab that night appeared, about a foot away from my face. ‘Can you forgive him for leaving you for dead?’ the voice asked. I could not believe it. I most certainly was not planning on that! I might have been planning something, but certainly not to forgive him! Before I could think any more about him, up came the face of the Chinese hotel owner who would not take me either, and the voice asked if I would forgive him. What! I realised this was not some headtrip, this was where the rubber meets the road. I had wanted something real, well now I had got it, and the faces of those men would not go away unless I forgave them. I also realised that they were only the last two, what about all the others before them? Knowing it was for real, I promised God that, if He would forgive my sins, then I would forgive these men, and would never lay a hand upon them. As I forgave them, their faces disappeared.

‘Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven’. I thought, ‘Your will? God's will?’ I had been doing my own thing for 24 years! I promised God, however, that if I came through this experience alive, I would find out what was His will for me, and follow Him all the days of my life. As I prayed that prayer, I knew I had made peace with God. Almost immediately the ambulance doors opened, I was lifted into a wheelchair and raced into the hospital.

Doctors and nurses rushed in. My blood pressure was taken twice. My veins had collapsed. The doctors gave me injections of antitoxin and dextrose in an attempt to save my life.

I was conscious of the fact that if I drifted out of my body that would be it death. I knew this was no weird trip or hallucination, this was real. I had no intention of leaving my body and dying. I intended to stay awake all night if necessary, and fight the poison in my system.

Feeling myself being lifted onto a recovery bed I was aware that I could not feel my arms at all, and I could no longer keep my eyes open. I could not tilt my head, and my eyes were filling up with perspiration so that I could hardly see. I remember closing my eyes and breathing a sigh of relief. At that point, from what I can ascertain from the hospital, I died and was clinically dead.

The most scary thing for me was that the moment my eyes closed I was suddenly wide awake again, standing by what I thought was my bed in pitch black darkness, wondering why the doctors had turned out the lights. I decided to switch the lights on, and put my hand out to find the wall, but I could not find a wall. ‘OK’, I thought, ‘I'll go back to my hospital bed. Maybe they've moved me to the general ward’. If I could get back to my bed, I could turn the lamp on. But I could not find my bed. Groping round to find my bed I thought I'd better just stand still for a moment, but it was so dark I could not even see my hand in front of my face. If I lifted my right hand up to my face it seemed either to miss it, or go straight through. ‘You can't miss your head’, I thought to myself, so I put both hands up to my face and they seemed to pass straight through. That was the strangest feeling. What followed was even worse, because I realised I could not touch any part of my physical form. Yet I had the sensation of being a complete human being with all my faculties, only I did not have a fleshly form. I realise now, I was in fact outside of my body, because when a man dies his spirit leaves his body.

My next thought was, ‘Where on Earth am I?’, because I could feel the most intense evil pervading the

darkness all around me. It was as if the darkness took on a spiritual dimension. There was a totally evil spiritual presence there which started to move towards me. Although I still could not see, I sensed something looking at me out of the darkness. Then to my right came a voice that yelled, ‘Shut up!’ As I backed off from the voice another one from the left shouted, ‘You deserve to be here!’ My arms came up to protect myself and I asked, ‘Where am I?’ A third voice replied, ‘You're in Hell, now shut up.’ Some people think Hell is just a big party, but I tell you its going to be pretty hard to grab your beer down there, pretty hard to find your face!

I stood there in that blackness long enough to put the fear of God into me for eternity. You might ask why God took me down there, but He told me later that if I had not prayed that deathbed prayer in the ambulance, I would have stayed in Hell. Thank God for His grace that hears a sinner’s prayer in the last seconds of his life. ‘Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death and deep darkness, yet shall I fear no evil, for You are with me’. (Psalm 23:4) I had made God my Lord and Shepherd just before I died, and He led me through that valley of death.

But at the moment of deepest blackness a brilliant light shone upon me and drew me straight out. It was not like walking, but being translated up in a supernatural way. As I was drawn up into the light it seemed to touch my face and encase my entire body, as if it had pierced into the deepest darkness and pulled me out. Looking back I was able to see the darkness fading either side, and could feel the power and presence of this light

drawing me up into a circular opening far above me, like a speck of dust caught up in a brilliant beam of sunlight. Almost immediately, I entered the opening and, looking down the tunnel, I could see the source of the light. The radiance, the power and purity that was flowing from it was awesome. As I looked, a wave of thicker, intense light broke away from the source, and came down the tunnel at incredible speed as if to greet me. A wave of warmth and comfort literally went through my entire being, and I felt the most incredible, comforting feeling I have ever experienced. About half way down the tunnel another wave of light broke off and came towards me. When it touched me I felt the most wonderful peace go right through me, in exactly the same way as before. This was total peace. In my past I had sought for peace in education, in sport, in travel, in almost every avenue possible, yet it had eluded me. This, however, was a living peace that seemed to remain as this light left its deposit within me.

Previously, in the darkness, I could see nothing. But now, in the light, to my amazement, I saw my hand was like a spirit form, full of white radiant light, the same light that was coming from the end of the tunnel. I wanted to go, and as I began to move another wave of light came, pure joy and excitement enveloped me. As we would call it in New Zealand, ‘amped up to the max’. What I saw next ‘blew my mind’. It looked like a white fire, or a mountain of cut diamonds sparkling with the most indescribable brilliance. And yet, as I stopped at the end of this tunnel of light, to the left, right and above me, everywhere seemed totally filled with this iridescent light, reaching to the extremity of my vision, out into infinity. I wondered for a moment, if there was a person in the centre of this brilliance, or whether it was just a force of good or power in the universe. A voice came out of the light and said, ‘Ian, do you wish to return?’ I could not work it out for the moment. ‘Return where?’, I thought. But as I looked back over my shoulder, and saw the tunnel going back into darkness, and thought of the hospital bed, I realised I did not know where I was and the words came from me, ‘I wish to return’. The voice responded, ‘Ian, if you wish to return you must see in a new light’.

The moment I heard those words, ‘See in a new light’, words appeared before me: ‘God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all’. (John 1:15) They were words on a Christmas card given to me in South Africa, but I had not known that they were taken from the New Testament. As I saw these words in front of me, I realised the light could be coming from God, and, if it was, then what was I doing here? They must have made a mistake because I did not deserve to be here. ‘If He knows my name, and He knows my thoughts as speech, I am transparent before Him. He can see everything I've ever done in my life. I'm getting out of here’. I started pulling back, looking for some rock to crawl under, or go back down the tunnel where I thought I belonged. But as I pulled back from His presence wave after wave of pure light started flooding upon me. The first wave that touched me caused my hands and body to tingle as I felt love go into the depths of who I was, to the extent that I staggered. Then another wave came, and yet another. I thought, ‘God, You can't love me, I've committed so many sins, I've cursed you, I've broken so many commandments’. The waves of love kept coming to me, and every statement I confessed was followed by another wave of love until I stood there weeping, as God's love washed through me again, and again. I could not believe that God could love such a filthy, unclean man. Yet, as I stood in His presence, the love got stronger and stronger until I felt that if only I could step into the light and see Him, I would know who God was.

I walked closer and closer, until suddenly the light opened up and I saw the bare feet of a Man with dazzling white garments around His ankles. As I looked up, it seemed as if the light emanated from the pores of His entire face, like brilliant jewels with light and power shooting out from every facet. In total wonder at the sight of the brilliance and purity before me, I realised this person indeed must be God. His garments appeared to be made of shimmering light itself. I walked up closer in order to see His eyes, but as I stood in front of Him, He moved away as if He did not want that. And as He moved, I saw what looked like a brand new planet Earth opening up before me. This new Earth had green grass yet with the same light and radiance that was upon God. Through the fields a crystal clear river ran, with trees on either side of its banks. There were green rolling hills, mountains and blue skies over to my right, and over to my left, meadows with flowers and trees. It looked like a Garden of Eden, or Paradise. Every part of me was drinking this in saying, ‘I belong here. I was made for this place. I've travelled the world looking for this place’. I wanted to enter in and explore, but as I stepped forward to do so, God stepped in front of me and asked me this question: ‘Ian, now that you have seen, do you wish to step in, or return?’

Imagine, if you had just got there, as it were by the skin of your teeth, through a deathbed prayer. Imagine that you knew that, just behind God, was a place where there would be no more sickness, no more death, no more suffering, no more pain, no more wars, and where there was life for eternity, what would you do?

Believe me, I had no plans to come back to this Earth. I was going to say goodbye to this cruel world and step right in. But that instant I looked back over my shoulder. I saw a clear vision of my mother looking at me. She had prayed for me every day of my life, and had tried to show me the way of God. I realised that if I went into Heaven right then she would think I had gone to Hell, because she would not know of my repentance in that ambulance, and giving my life to God. I said, ‘God, I can't step in, I can't be selfish, I must go back and tell my mother that what she believes in is real’.

Looking back I saw all my family and thousands upon thousands of people stretching far back into the distance. I asked God who they were, and He said that, if I did not return, many of those people I could see would most likely never get the chance to hear about Him. My response was that I did not love them, but as I expressed that feeling God said, ‘But I do, and I want them to come to know Me’.

How was I to get back? God told me to tilt my head, feel liquid running from my eye, and then open it and see. I found myself with my right eye open, and there was a doctor at the end of the bed with a sharp instrument prodding my foot. As he turned and saw me, the blood drained from his face, and you could see him thinking, ‘A corpse has just opened its eye’.

Still trying to grasp what I had seen, I heard the voice of God whisper, ‘Son, I've just given you your life back’. My response to God was that, if that was true, could He please give me strength to turn my head and look through my other eye. As God gave me strength to open my left eye, I saw, in the doorway of the room, nurses and orderlies. They just stood in the doorway and stared, openmouthed. I had been dead, for 15 minutes, but now I was very much alive!

I tried to move my neck. I thought that if I had been dead that long, I could be a quadriplegic for the rest of my life. So I asked God to heal me completely, and allow me to walk out of the hospital, otherwise to take me back into Heaven. Over the next four hours I felt warmth and power flow through my body, and the next day I walked out of the hospital, completely healed. I believe in healing. I believe in resurrection power. I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross, rose from the dead, and is the Resurrection and the Life.

What was I to do next? There was no one to ask except God, and He told me I was a reborn Christian, and to read His word, the Bible. Over the next six weeks I read from Genesis to Revelation. As I read through the Scriptures, everything that I had seen in Heaven was described in that book. In Revelation chapter one we read of Jesus, clothed in garments of white, His face shining like the sun, with seven stars in His hand. The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. In Revelation chapter 22 I read of the River of Life, with trees either side of it bearing fruit. The same chapter said that those who drank of it never thirsted again. I read that the light of God's presence keeps the new Heaven and the new Earth full of light, without the need of the sun or moon or lamp, because His radiance and presence would fill the universe. I realised in John 8:12, Jesus said He was the Light of the World, and those who came to Him would no longer walk in darkness but have the Light of life. As I continued to read through the gospels and the epistles, I read about being born again in John 3:3, having the certainty of sins forgiven, and of being able to call on the Name of the Lord. And I knew that Jesus Christ was alive.

Since this experience in Mauritius, the Lord has led me into fulltime Christian ministry. After spending time back on the dairy farm in New Zealand with my sister and husband, where God enabled me to get my life sorted out, I then spent six months in my local church in Hamilton. In mid1983 I joined Youth With A Mission, and for six months sailed with them through the Pacific Ocean, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to that area. I then felt the Lord speak to me out of Revelation 7:9, to go back into South East Asia, and minister to the nonevangelised tribal people of Malaysia. For three years I worked in the jungles of Sarawak, and the mainland peninsula. During this time I met my wife to be, Jane, who was on a shortterm missionary trip from her home church in Canada.

Before returning to New Zealand in 1988, I worked on the pastoral staff of a church in Singapore. Jane and I were married in Canada later that year, and I believe the Lord told me to take a year off from ministry and devote this time to my wife, according to Deuteronomy 24:5. We then worked fulltime in a church in Canada. Having worked again in my local church for three years, the Lord impressed on me His will for me to take my salvation experience to the nations for a period of three and a half years (March 1993 to September 1996). This we have done, and now hope to settle in New Zealand, serve the Lord, and raise a family. We are just amazed at the blessings of God in our lives. Our hearts’ desire is to continue to share His Unconditional Love and mercy to everyone which whom we come in contact.

Ian McCormack has been following Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour ever since this experience in 1982. Ian is an ordained minister with the Assembly of God church in New Zealand. He has worked with the headhunters of Borneo, and in refugee camps in South East Asia. He has been a pastor to churches and has travelled, with his family, to 24 different nations sharing this testimony.

Ian McCormack’s story is featured in the movie, THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON which may be freely viewed and downloaded on

Ian McCormack is also interviewed in the free movie THE FINAL FRONTIER which may also be viewed and freely downloaded on

Ian McCormack is a personal friend of Dr Richard Kent, the coauthor of this book, and his speaking engagements are highly recommended. Ian speaks all over the world. To contact Ian for speaking engagements please email him at:

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‘Jim, if you own anything of value, please made out a will,’ my doctor told me after severe pains in my chest sent me to the hospital. Tests revealed an enlarged heart, a damaged main valve, and two main arteries blocked by cholesterol. I would need double bypass surgery, and a valve replacement.

I was thirtyfive years old. I was terrified, and far too young to die! I came from a very large, but poor family and was the youngest. I spent time with my older brothers, and one in particular who worked in an autowrecking business. When I was five years old, I went on my bicycle to this company, and asked if they would give me a job. They guy laughed and told me to come back next year. I did, and he told me to come back the next year. Finally, when I was eight years old they employed me.

I wanted to be a businessman. I did not really know what one was, but I did know kids from the other side of town who had fancy clothes and toys and big cars. They told me that their fathers were businessmen, so that’s when I decided I would be one too! I worked in the wreckers’ yard until one day, when I was about 12, I found a box of panel beating tools. I began to work on these old cars, knocking out the dents. I soon became an expert, and I would ride my bicycle round the neighbourhood looking for cars that had dents in their fenders (wings), and then ask the owner if I could fix it for them. A lot said no way, because I was too young, but others were happy to let me have a go. I would go home on a Saturday and give my mother the money. She would get mad at me because she thought I had stolen it.

By the time I was 15, I was an expert paint sprayer. Again, I had found an old compressor, and began mixing colours and spraying the cars. It did not seem to matter what colours I mixed, they always came out lime green! I then began my own business in my father’s garage. By the time I was 16 I had pictures of my customised cars on the front covers of magazines such as Hot Rod, and many others. At 17, whilst still at high school, I was employing three grown men.

One day a young Jewish boy brought me his new convertible, and asked me to paint it a colour that no other car had ever been. He did not mind how much it cost. It was so successful that I won lots of custom car shows with it, and it was on the cover of lots of magazines. Eventually this led to my being taken into his uncle’s company, and working my way to the top by the time I was 32. I was then invited to join a new company, and to make it profitable within four years. I did it in six months. I was still working for them, having become very successful, when I reached the age of thirtyfive and I collapsed.

Six weeks before surgery, God began intervening in my life. I did not know my wife, my motherinlaw, and their church were praying for me! I was at home watching television one evening, when suddenly a warm feeling came over me. I wondered if I was getting a fever as beads of sweat came from my forehead. Then, very clearly into my mind came the name of a local town about thirty five miles from where we live. I asked my wife, Sharon, if she knew of anything going on there that night. She told me there was nothing going on there. She went out of the room, but again these feeling came over me. Sharon came back three times, and each time I asked her whether she was sure there was nothing going on that night. She was getting upset with me, and was walking out of the room when she stopped, and a big smile came over her face. She said there was something going on but it was unlikely I would want to go. Evidently there was a healing service where they prayed for the sick.

My wife had a church background, but had not been to church for years. As for me, I had been raised a Catholic, and thought people who went to healing services were a bunch of holy rollers whom I would not go near for anything, not even money. In fact I laughed to myself at even the hint of any idea that I would go to such a service. But, even as I did so, I found myself saying to Sharon, ‘Would you like to go?’ I am not sure who was the most surprised between us. Had I really suggested that?

We drove to the auditorium where the service was to be held. There was a large crowd of people going towards the front entrance. I insisted we sit up in the balcony, at the back, just in case there was anyone there who might recognise us. To say I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement. I kept looking at my watch, fidgeting a bit, looking at my watch again, and not believing how slowly the time was going. In the end I turned to Sharon and said, ‘Let’s get out of here.’

What seemed to be a simple thing to do proved impossible. As I tried to get up, a warm feeling came over me again, and I could not move. My legs were paralysed, and I thought I might be having a heart attack. Then I began to sweat, especially as the man on the stage called people forward. As he touched them they fell onto the floor. This was something weird, and again I tried to get up to go, but my legs just would not move. Suddenly the speaker at the front stopped, and looked up. ‘The Holy Spirit is telling me there is a man here who is scheduled for openheart surgery. If you will come down now, I believe the Lord is going to heal you.’

He looked around, waiting for someone to respond. He surely could not mean me, and anyway, I still could not move. No one came forward and so he spoke again. ‘The Holy Spirit is telling me that He has a work for this man. Everyone bow their heads with me. Let us pray and see if the Holy Spirit might reveal the man’s name to me.’ He, and almost everyone else, bowed their heads, whilst I kept looking round. After about a minute, he slowly raised his hand and pointed his finger until it seemed to be aimed right between my eyes. ‘All right … Jim, come down now,’ he said.

At that moment it seemed like a breath of fresh air hit me, and I could move my legs. I turned to Sharon and told her I was getting out of the place, and that I would meet her in the parking lot. I walked out to the main aisle and up the stars, towards the exit sign at the top of the balcony. As I opened the door that warm feeling came around me again. A very clear thought entered my mind:

What have you to lose?

Almost before I realised what I was doing, I had let go of the door, and was walking down the stairway towards the front of the auditorium.

‘Jim?’ was the man’s question as I came and stood in front of him. He asked if I believed in Jesus and I had to think. I had not been in church for 13 years, but I said I kind of did. The next question was whether I believed Jesus has died on the cross for me. I said,’ Yes’. After a few more questions, the speaker raised his arms and pointed at me. ‘Jim I believe the Lord is going to heal you now.’

Yet again, that same warmth went through me. My knees buckled and I fell on the platform. I felt wrapped in a warm blanket of peace and love. Then I began to see a red light appear toward the ceiling. It came down and touched my head. A pure warm heat poured down my neck and chest, right down to my feet. An even warmer heat came up my left side and stopped in the area of my chest. Then it felt as if two little fingers moved things around inside my heart. I felt physical movement inside me for about two minutes, then it stopped. Without conscious thought the words came out of my mouth, ‘Jesus, I love You. I know that You have healed me. I love You.’

My doctor was not convinced when I went back to see him, and told him about my experience in the auditorium. He was very concerned about me, and advised me to have openheart surgery. We discussed the situation at some length, and then a thought came into my mind. ‘Catheterisation. Do it for the glory of God.’ I knew that this was a procedure in which the doctors made an incision in a main artery, then fed a catheter into the heart to take pictures, so that they could ascertain the exact condition of the heart. I put it to him, ‘Doc, listen. I don’t want that openheart surgery. I want a catheterisation. I want more tests.’ Finally he agreed, and several days later I was on the operating table.

It was one of those tests they do whilst you are conscious, so I was awake the whole time. Everything seemed to go well. However, I suddenly felt a searing pain in the middle of my heart. This pain ran across my shoulders, down my chest and side, and my heart began leaping inside my chest. As I began to lose consciousness, I could feel the doctors pounding on my chest.

‘Jesus, if it’s my time to come home, I’m ready,’ I thought. ‘I love You.’ I was engulfed in complete peace with no fear of death.

I opened my eyes, and I was standing in a field, surrounded by acres of green grass. Every blade glowed as if backlit by a tiny spotlight. To my right stretched a dazzling expanse of vibrant flowers, with colours I had never seen before. Above me the endless sky was a deep and pure blue. The air around me was permeated with love.

I walked over a hill, a short distance away, and then stopped beside the base of a large tree. A light began to appear beside the tree. The blinding aura was too bright to look at directly. I squinted down toward the ground, and then saw a pair of sandals beginning to appear at the bottom edge of the light. As my eyes moved upward, I glimpsed the hem of a seamless white gown. Higher, I could make out the form of a Man’s body. Around His head shone an even brighter brilliance, obscuring a direct view of His face. Even though I could not see clearly, because of the dazzling splendour, I knew immediately the identity of this Man. I was standing in the presence of Jesus Christ.

‘Jim, I love you.’ His voice washed over me, indescribably gentle, tender and peaceful. ‘But it is not your time yet. You must go back, for I have many works to do in you.’ I stood in awe, unable to utter a sound. Within me I was protesting that I

was never going back. I wanted to stay right there beside Him. Almost with the hint of a chuckle, He spoke again: ‘Jim, I love you but it is not your time yet.’

Then the brilliance surrounding Him reached out and engulfed me, immersing me in a total sense of love and peace. I do not know how long I stood transfixed, but finally I turned away and began walking over the hill. Then a blue mist of light began to come around me like a fog. It turned into a dark shadow, and everything went black.

Suddenly I opened my eyes, and realised I was lying on the operating table, covered with a sheet. I did not know until later that I had been dead for eight minutes. Everyone had left the operating room except for the main surgeon, and one of his assistants. They were at the back of the room, filling out a report on my death. After a few seconds, I sat up. The sheet slid down my lap, and I saw the two men at the far side of the room with their backs to me.

‘Gentlemen,‘ I announced, ‘I am ready to proceed if you are!’ They turned and looked at me, their faces white. ‘Get the rest of them in here quick,’ the surgeon then said to his assistant.

They ran test after test on me. Early the next morning, the surgeon came to my room and announced he was releasing me from the hospital. ‘Come back this evening at 8:30 to my office, and we will go over all the results of your new tests.’

That evening I told my doctor what I had experienced during those eight minutes I ‘died’ on the operating table. ‘Jim,’ he said after I was done, ‘I am going to show you something you will not believe.’

Together we looked at the new pictures of my heart. Rather than being enlarged, it was now the

normal size. Where there had been eightyfive percent blockage in two arteries, there was now no arteriosclerosis. The main valve was functioning normally.

‘We ran test after test on you, Jim! He looked at me and winked. ‘This is off the record.’ I saw a tear form at the corner of his eye, but he had a smile on his face. ‘According to these pictures, this Jesus you have been talking about has either replaced or repaired your heart.’

Jim Sepulveda travelled the world sharing his testimony and preaching, a man who really knew God. In March 1994 God decided it was his time, and at the age of 54 he died in Canada, on his way home from a preaching tour.


It was the 1st June 1985, and I was in France. I was leading a group of students on an art tour. My wife was with me, and it had come to the last day of our trip. In midsentence, I fell to the ground, screaming with intense pain in my stomach. An ambulance came and I was rushed to hospital. The doctor told me that I had a hole in my duodenum.

After some time, with the pain getting increasingly worse, a nurse came into the room and told me and my wife that I was going to have an operation. At that point, because I had suffered so much, I was ready to die. I had thought, during the day, that I was going to die but had hung on by my fingernails, as it were, trying to stay alive.

The problem for me was that I was an atheist. As a teenager I was brought up in a liberal Protestant church. I had lost faith at college and had become a scientific atheist. Now, facing death, I felt nothing but hopelessness, depression and despair. I told me wife, who was not an atheist, and did have some faith. She was in tears.

I closed my eyes and went unconscious. I do not know how much time elapsed, but I found myself standing next to my body. I opened my eyes and there was a body in my bed. I could not understand how it was possible to be outside of my body, and yet looking at my body. I was extremely agitated and upset, because I was yelling at my wife to get her attention. She neither saw nor heard me, and did not move at all.

I turned to my roommate but received the same reaction. He too was oblivious of me, and I became more and more angry and agitated. It was at that point that I heard voices calling me by name, from outside the room.

I was afraid, but the voices seemed friendly. When I went to the doorway of my room I could see figures moving around in a haze, and I asked them to come closer. They would not come close enough for me to see them clearly. I was able to make out only their silhouettes and general features. Whether or not I was dead at this point, I do not know. These beings kept asking me to come with them. Although I asked a lot of specific questions, they evaded them all, giving only general, vague answers. They insisted that I went with them. So, with a great deal of reluctance, I did so.

I continued to ask questions, such as, where were we going. They replied that I would see when we arrived. I then asked who they were, and they responded saying they had come to take me. So I followed them, and we went on a journey that I know lasted many, many miles. There was no landscape or architecture, just an ever thickening, ever darkening, haze. Even though they refused to tell me where we were going, they implied they would take care of me, and had something for me. And I wanted it, not knowing what it was.

Gradually they became increasingly cruel, as it began to get even darker. The creatures also started making fun of me. Some would say to others, ‘Hey, be careful, don’t scare him off’, or, ‘Hush up, it’s too soon for that’. What was even worse, they started making vulgar jokes about me. It seemed at first there were about a dozen of these creatures, but later on I thought maybe forty or fifty. Later still it appeared as if there were hundreds or more.

At this point, I said I was not going any further. This was bluff on my part, because I did not know which way was back, or where I was. I could not figure out how I could still be in the hospital, and have walked so far. The creatures responded by pushing and shoving me. At first I fought back well. I was able to hit them in the face and kick them, except I could not inflict any damage to them. They simply laughed. Then they began to pick little pieces off me with their fingernails and teeth. I experienced real physical pain, and this went on for a long time. I was fighting, trying to fend them off. I was in the centre of a huge crowd, hands and teeth all around me. The more I screamed and struggled, the better they liked it.

The noise was terrible, with loud laughter and constant torment. They went further, insulting me, and violating me in other ways to horrible too talk about. Their conversation was fouler than could ever be imagined.

Eventually I no longer had the strength or ability to fight any more, and I fell to the ground. They seemed to lose interest in me. People seemed to be coming by and giving me a kick, but the intense fury had gone. As I lay there I had the strangest experience. It seemed that a voice came from my chest that spoke to my mind. This was an internal conversation. My voice said to my mind, ‘Pray to God’.

I proceeded to argue with my voice. I said that I did not believe in God, so how could I pray to Him? My voice said, ‘Pray to God’, and I thought, ‘But I don’t know how to pray, I don’t know what praying means!’ For a third time my voice said, ‘Pray to God!’, and I thought I had better try. I started to think things like, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd; God bless America’. Just little things that I could remember which sounded holy. Soon the thoughts became mutterings. As they did the creatures around me started screaming and yelling at me that there was no God, and that I was the worst of the worst. They said nobody could hear me, so what did I think I was doing?

Because these evil creatures were so strong in their protest I started to say more. I shouted things at them like, ‘God loves me. Get away from me. In the name of God, leave me alone!’ They continued to scream at me, except now they were retreating back into the darkness. I finally came to the point where I found myself screaming all the things I could think of that sounded religious, but I was completely alone in the darkness.

The creatures had retreated as if my words were scalding water on them. Although I was shouting little pieces of Psalm 23, ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil’, and the Lord’s Prayer, I did not believe them. I meant them in the sense that I could see they were having the effect of driving these creatures off, but I was not convinced in my heart about the truth of them.

I was there alone, for how long I do not know. I sank into greater hopelessness, deeper than I could imagine possible, because here I was, in the dark, with nothing. Somewhere, out in the darkness, were the evil creatures. I could not move or crawl, and did not know what to do. In fact I got to the point where I really did not want to exist any more.

So it was at the moment of deepest despair that a tune from my childhood, when I had gone to Sunday School, started going through my head. ‘Jesus loves me, this I know’, and I wanted that to be true, more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. With every ounce of my being, I screamed into the darkness, ‘Please Jesus, save me!’ I meant it. I did not question or doubt it, I just meant it with every fibre of my being. Upon doing that a small faint star appeared in the darkness. It grew rapidly, brighter and brighter, and soon it was a large, indescribably brilliant light that picked me up into itself. As it lifted me up I looked down at myself. All my rips, tears and wounds slowly disappeared. As I continued to be lifted up, I became whole and well. I can only describe the light as something of inexplicable beauty. I knew that it was good.

One minute I was an atheist, and in the next minute every part of me wanted Jesus. I lost all my pride, my egotism, my selfdependence, and my reliance on my muchexalted intellect. All of these had ceased to serve me any more they had failed me. All the things I had lived my life for, had made my god, and had worshipped, had let me down. What I came to cry out for was a hope that was planted within me as small child many years before.

I knew that the light knew me better than anyone knew me. I knew that it loved me in a way I had never experienced love before, and I began to cry. I was completely purging myself of everything that had ever happened to me. Until that time I had probably only cried two or three times. I considered it a show of weakness, and this was the first real cry of my adult life. Now I consider crying to be very important, so I give myself permission to cry if it is appropriate.

This light, which I now refer to as the Angel of Light, was surrounded by other lights, which were angels who came and went. ‘Angel’ means a messenger from God, and this was indeed the case. He held me, and we rose up out of that place of darkness and started to travel through space. I saw, far off in the distance, what I thought was a sky full of stars. As we moved towards it I realised they were all in motion, moving towards or away from the centre.

These angels were patient, good teachers, and constantly made me feel loved and accepted. But they had some very hard lessons to teach me. One of the first things they wanted to do was to reveal certain details of my life. I told them I did not want to do that, because I was ashamed of it. I had spent my life blaspheming and denying the truth, yet here I was being confronted by it. I felt the weight of all the people I had scoffed at, and as a teacher, turned away from God. I had denied the truth. I could not even bear to think of the damage I had done by my cynicism and selfworship.

Together we looked at my life, projected out in front of us in chronological order, from beginning to end. Some parts went by very rapidly, others very slowly. Some parts we watched several times, from different points of view. There was no distinct background, just images of my life. It was the people who were important, not the settings. We were able to go backwards and forwards in time and see different places, yet not really be there.

Whenever we saw areas in my life when I had worked hard for to achieve approval from other people, the angels had no interest in them, and passed by them. I would tell them to stop, because I wanted them to see how hard I had worked to win that award, and to see all the people watching me. But they would say, ‘Yes, but that is not important’. When they came upon some incident that was bad, and there tended to be more bad incidents than good ones, the angels would show it in detail. For example, one of the ways I had sinned, that I had failed in my life, was the way I interacted with people. I saw people as things to get things from. In other words, I manipulated my relationships. I saw how I aggravated my father, because of this I was jealous of his interest in business. I was not doing it intentionally. It was teenage jealousy of the attention my father gave to his work, and not to me. Another situation concerned how a beautiful young woman came into my life, and gave herself and her love to me. But I abused her psychologically, not physically. I took for granted this love of another human being, the gift God had given me.

I saw the children that God had given me as a gift, with a wife to raise them. But I had seen them as extensions of my own ego. If they did what I wanted them to, in other words, if they were like me, they pleased me. But if they acted in ways unlike me I would hate them, and show my anger. I also saw myself constantly withdrawing more and more from people, and living in my own selfish world. I became increasingly unhappy, although I was getting along in the world. I was successful, getting promotions at my work. I was making good money, and everybody thought I was a wonderful guy.

Many times the angels had to stop and simply let me know that they loved me, even though I knew how much I hurt them with the life I had led. I knew how much I had failed their expectations and hopes of what I could have been. I had seen that when I was a young child I had been taught to be a loving, giving, trusting person. But I had turned away from that. It was nobody’s fault by my own.

They showed me how I had turned away from the Lord. It was all pride. I did not get good, faithful teaching when I was a teenager. I received a lot of extremely liberal, humanistic rationalism instead of faith. I saw myself asking people in my church if they believed in Jesus, or in Heaven and Hell. They would say, ‘Well, no, not really’. I saw myself searching for answers. When I entered college I found Marxists and atheists. They seemed to have all the answers about how they were going to change the world through socialism, and their highminded ideals. That was what I bought into.

There were points in my life when I could see how God had tried to reach me in so many ways. He had tried to reach me through songs on the radio, in stories and novels I had read, and in biographical sketches in history books. He had also tried to reach me through good people loving me, trying to open up my heart, and to be close to me. It seemed that every day of my life, God had reached out for me. Before this experience, if people had asked me whether God was a good God, I would have laughed at them. But now I realise that God is so much better than that which we perceive is good. Good is but a small reflection of that quality.

Having seen my whole life brought in front of me, the angels asked if I had any questions, and I had millions of them! I asked them good questions, absurd questions, intellectual questions, and philosophical questions. Whatever I asked, they answered clearly and simply. People often ask how long I was with the angels. I often say, ‘Longer than my graduate education’. I know that is absurd, but that’s how long it seemed. I told them I wanted to go into Heaven, but they said I was not ready. They said I had to go and live the way God wanted me to live. I argued as strongly as I could, but they were very gentle but adamant. They said that for me, at that time, Heaven was not an option.

I found myself back in my body, and I wanted to tell my wife what had happened. But my body was so racked with pain, and I had come from such peace and joy, that I could not speak to her. The nurses and orderlies came in at this point. It was now about 9.30 in the evening, and they said that the doctor was going to operate on me immediately. I went down to the operating theatre.

The following day when my wife came to the recovery room, I had tubes seemingly everywhere in my body. I tried to tell her about God’s love, and how she had to give herself to Jesus. I told her just to say, ‘Yes’ to him. She thought I was completely mad! When I next saw her, I tried again to tell her more calmly, but I became very emotionally agitated. When the nurses came into the room I would say to them that they were doing the work of God. I told them that because they helped and loved people, and that God smiled upon their work. Needless to say I got the reputation of being a mad man. Then I got my hands on a Bible and began to read Scripture. I began to recite it to people when they came to see me, because I thought maybe my words were not good enough, but of course people did not like that either.

I had to learn, over many months, that my very hot zealous approach to try and convert the world was not having much success.

At first, I would make my wife sit and I would read the Bible to her, in what I now call ‘thunder reading’. It would scream it at her, and go on for hours and hours. After several months she said she was leaving. She said, ‘I love you, but can’t take any more of this’. I could not believe it. Good Christian friends told me that my wife was a gift from God, and that it was sinful for me to drive that gift away. So I learned to moderate, and show her through love, rather than trying to beat Scripture into her. Praise God, she did not leave. I told her I would change my ways, and she too became a believer.

People have asked many times whether I could have dreamed all this, and there were times when I almost thought I had.

This experience changed my life completely. Not only did I eventually become a full time minister, but it changed the way I felt. Before there used to be melancholy and cynicism, but now there is genuine joy, all the time. That’s not to say I don’t have my ups and downs. But behind every day there is a joyfulness. I try, as best I can, to spread that joy and peace.

After a time I was invited to speak to a Bible Study group, and they told me that my story reinforced their faith. I felt such love and acceptance from them that it encouraged me. From there other opportunities began to open up. I am not important, and my story is not important. What is important is that I can encourage someone in their faith. For someone who has no faith, I can get them to reexamine who they are, and what they are. It is my hope that I will be an instrument in leading them to Christ. I do not really know why God chose me to go through this experience, but, as a teacher I had an ability to express things clearly. Because I was a wellknown, confirmed atheist, I think God is trying to show people His power.

I have done a lot of research in books, and have interviewed people who have had near death experiences. I have found that many are reluctant to talk about their experience because of ridicule. Other people have gone off the deep end and made gross, wrong interpretations of what they have experienced. For example, I saw a woman on TV talking about her experience. She said, ‘It’s all light and love. There is no Hell and no judgement, just perfect love and light’. I felt sorry for her because she had experienced perhaps a moment of the divine, and had then made very erroneous conjecture from that.

What we do in this world determines where we go out of this world. People try not to face the consequences of their actions. They try to deceive themselves into saying, “I can do whatever I want and it does not matter”. It does matter. Everything that we do in this world matters. We can be forgiven of our wrongdoing but we must converted. This means we must renounce our sins and our guilt. Most importantly, we must accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

Howard Storm’s full testimony may be read in his book, “My Descent into Death.”

Howard Storm is now an ordained minister.


Our hillbilly family lived in the mountains of Tennessee. My father was an alcoholic and he abused my mother, me, and the other children in the family. We had very few possessions. I was always barefoot, and wore ragged clothes. When I was seven years old I usually had to walk home from school through the mountains, and at one point go through a woman’s yard.

One day the woman came out, and said she had something for me. As she led me round the corner of the house, I saw a snowwhite lamb that was to be mine. This little lamb became much more than a pet. It was almost my life. He would follow me, and we would play together. He would often come to the school bus stop, and wait for me to come home in the evening.

This particular evening I got off the bus, and my lamb was not there. I ran home. As I came to the house, dad was working outside on his car changing a flat tyre, cursing. This meant he was drunk as usual. Walking up behind him, I tried to be as quiet as possible, so I could slip into the house without him hearing me. When I walked around by the car, I saw my little lamb laying on the ground beside him, now red with blood. My dad had killed it with a tyre tool in a drunken range. All it had wanted to do was play with him.

The hate and confusion welled up in me. I covered my ears with my hands and screamed at the top of my voice, ‘He’s killed my lamb!’ At that moment, with the sight of that blood red coat still before my eyes, hatred for any kind of authority was born in me.

I managed to exist, but only just, until I was 12 years old. Then I ran away, working where I could. I washed dishes, worked in road joints, or worked at whatever was available. I was constantly running from the law. They tried to take me to juvenile detention centres because I was so young, and I hated them. I would sleep in bushes and old buildings. But one night, I crawled under a big rose bush at the side of the road. It was pouring with rain, and I was shivering and hungry. The black county police cruisers were up and down the road, shining their spotlights looking for me. About a hundred yards away was a little church. I had never been in a church, or introduced to Jesus. All I knew was cussing and hatred. As I lay there I could see the lights shining and hear singing, ‘Lord I’m coming home’ and ‘Amazing Grace how sweet the sound’. I can remember thinking how I wished I was in the church, instead of out in the cold and wet. But I knew it was no good. I would be arrested again. Different people had tried to keep me, including my grandparents, but nobody could do anything with me because of the hatred in my life.

At 15, thinking I was a man, I stole my father’s car. I had no driving licence, of course. I invited a group of similar minded young men along. I drove towards the mountains, racing and driving on the wrong side of the fourlane highway. I crossed the double yellow lines, playing chicken, racing, cursing, and listening to rock music. Some of us were drinking or taking dope, or both. I remember rounding a curve with no time to stop, or swerve, from the oncoming car. At almost 100 miles an hour, there was a blinding head on collision. I remember waking, lying in the middle of Chapman Highway. I looked around me, and on each side I could see bodies, and hear groans, cries and screams. I was drenched in blood that was pouring from my head. I could see the automobiles torn to pieces, yet the radio still blasting. I can still hear those tunes in my head. The Tennessee State Highway Patrolman came over, looked down into my face, and said, ‘Son, I’m charging you with manslaughter’.

The following months were like a nightmare. I went through the courts, hearing the screams of family members, and the friends of those killed, maimed, or brain damaged for life. Within me I knew I was at fault, and that caused the demon of hate to grow even stronger. I screamed at the judge as he sentenced me. I told him I hated him, and cursed to such an extent they had to put me in chains to take me down. I wanted to injure my head against the wall. Who could have made a world like this? Who could make people this way? They sent me to the Correctional Institution (Reform School) in Nashville.

For some reason, I was discharged when I was 17, but was told to clear out of the County. I went up to North Carolina and got married. Elaine, my wife, was only 15, and very quickly we had two babies. My lifestyle had not prepared me for work, and though I lied about my age to get jobs, robbery became part of my life. Elaine got involved in robbery with me, and would often be the car diver a bit like Bonny and Clyde. My whole life was dominated by hatred and violence. I was almost as if, when I was beaten, shot or cut, I really wanted to die, but was not brave enough to take my own life. I would walk into bars and pick a fight with the biggest guy there, and often lose!

When I look back at all the things my wife Elaine, and my children, had to go through at that time, I find it incredible. They were afraid of me! I had many of the same attributes as my father. My wife separated from me, and took the two children. She was suicidal herself.

At one point we were living in Atlanta, Georgia during the sixties. It was a rough time. I rode with the biker clubs, and I would be gone for weeks at a time. Elaine would have no groceries, and was in a terribly bad shape. I was so high on drugs that, although only in my early twenties, my hair was beginning to fall out. My whole body was in a real mess through taking so many different drugs. Not only was I high on drugs, but I would drink anything, often pure grain alcohol, until I was almost insane through the abuse done to my body and mind. Often I would have no idea where I was. I was about as low as it is possible to get.

Twice Elaine filed divorce papers. Her family were helping her because she would never know where I was, or whether I was alive or dead. At one point she became so depressed that she even considered taking not only her own life, but also the life of the children. At one point she took a pistol out of the drawer, and was preparing to do commit suicide. All the powers of Hell were telling her to kill the babies, and then herself. It was the only way out. But, as she was trying to summon the courage to kill the children, across the screen of our old TV, with a coat hangar for an aerial, a man called Bev Shea started singing, ‘How Great Thou Art’. Then up stepped Dr. Billy Graham and began to preach. ‘But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.’ According to Elaine, so much power came though those words that she put the gun away, took the children, and went back to her parents’ home. It was almost a year before we saw each other again.

Meanwhile I was doing everything I could to kill myself. There were many times when I came within an inch of death. I was in at least a dozen automobile accidents at over 100 mph, dunk, high on drugs, and often barely able to remember afterwards. I have been shot, knifed, and many times should have died from overdoses.

Then I became really desperate. There were a series of killings, (known as the Atlanta mass slayings), and I was accused of these. I escaped from the courthouse, and borrowed money to ring Elaine at her parents’ house. Not knowing if she would be there, I was very relieved when she answered the phone. I explained the trouble I was in over the killings, and that I did not know what to do. Convinced I was losing my mind, because I could not think straight from one day to the next, I begged her to let me come back to her. I promised I would find a job, and quit the drugs. She said, ‘Come home.’

We had to hide out in a little house in the mountains, and every day the police came looking for me. I would hide, keeping away from the area until they had gone. This went on for some time. Finally a man confessed to the murders and I was freed from the charges. I got a job driving an 18wheeler truck all across the country, full of liquor and dope all the time, despite all my intentions to stop them.

One day I decided to take my little son, Ronnie Paul, to a little market at Pigeon Ford. As I started to go through the door another man was coming out. He would not back off, and neither would I. Hatred and violence rose up in me, and I hit his head right into the doorway. He fell into a stacked up case of bottles, and they burst all over the store. People were screaming and running. He picked up a broken bottle and came towards me, swinging the broken bottle near my face. As I lifted my left arm to try and stop the blow, he severed all the tendons and the artery in my upper arm. In a fit of rage, I hit him again, and kicked at him. This time, with that bottle, he severed the heel tendon and the arteries in my leg. In minutes the blood was pumping out of my body like out of a water hole. Every time my heart beat the blood would squirt out, and I quickly became faint.

The manager who ran the market told me that unless I got to hospital quickly I was a dead man. He positioned me in the passenger side of my car, while he drove the car. My young son, watching it all, was screaming hysterically. The floor of the passenger side was awash with my blood, and my feet were immersed in it. I was transferred into an ambulance.

Someone had contacted Elaine, and she climbed into the ambulance with me. As we set off the paramedic, aged about 21 or 22, looked into my face and said, ‘Sir, do you know Jesus Christ?’ I cursed him and God, with all the strength left in my body. ‘There is no God. Who is this Jesus you are talking about? Look at me. Do you think there is a God?’ The young man just looked at me and said, ‘He loves you. Jesus will help you. Call on Him.’ Something inside me caused me to cry out, ‘God, if you’re God, come and try me on for size.’ Then something else in me would cry, ‘God, if you really exist, help me. I cannot help myself. Help me please.’ The young man continued saying, ‘Jesus died for you, and He gave His life for you.’ And all the time I listened, I could hear my wife sobbing.

Smoke filled the ambulance. I could not breathe. I could see. I thought the ambulance was on fire! ‘What is wrong,’ I called out, ‘I cannot see.’ Then through the smoke I started hearing different voices.

‘Razor, Razor Reagan. Ronnie! Turn around. Don’t come here. Go back. Stop now. Don’t come here!’ As I kept hearing these voices, the smoke opened up. I could see what looked like the old quarry pit that we used to swim in when I was a child. In fact it looked exactly like it on the night we poured gasoline on the water, and set it on fire. It was burning and blazing, and I was getting nearer and nearer to that pit. I could see people in there, and they were burning. Their arms, their faces, and their bodies were blazing. The fire was not going out. And they were screaming my name! Closer and closer I went, until I could see the individuals, and I could not understand what I was seeing.

There were two standing closely together. I saw they were Billy and Freddy, two brothers that I grew up with, and they were burning and screaming. ‘What are you doing here?’ I yelled, ‘you died on the highway in a 1957 Chevrolet, drunk, when you hit the wall doing 100 mph. What are you doing here?’ They said, ‘Don’t come here, there’s no way out. It’s horrible. Don’t come here!’

I looked to the side. ‘Oh, no. Charles! Charles, what are you doing here. Last time I saw you, you were in Pigeon River. When you went into the river we couldn’t get you out! We saw your face looking up through the water, but we couldn’t get your out!’ ‘Go back,’ he said, ‘don’t come here’.

I looked and could see flower children standing against the wall, just like I had seen them in the sixties, dazed. Flower children so blown away, during the Age of Aquarius! And I saw many that had

overdosed and died. Then I saw my friend, Richard. ‘Oh Richard, I can’t help you. When we robbed

the liquor store in Atlanta, you didn’t know what you were doing. You had an old pistol that didn’t have any bullets in it and you didn’t even ask for the money. You told the man that ran the cash register to give you a bottle of Muscatel wine. Oh, Richard. And when you walked out of the door, you forgot where you were and what you were doing. But the man didn’t know the gun was not loaded. He reached under the counter, pulled out a 357, fired point blank, and blew your heart out of your chest. You fell against a parking metre, and slipped down in the broken glass with the wine and the blood spilling over you. The last thing you said was, ‘Oh, God.’ Richard cried out, ‘Don’t come here. You can’t help.’

I cannot convey the horror and terror of what I saw and heard. All I knew was I did not understand it. Suddenly everything went black and I woke up. Fortyeight hours later I came round in the hospital. My wife was sitting beside me. I had hundreds of stitches in my body. But I was not interested in my stitches, because I remembered what I had seen. I could not forget!

In the following weeks there was no light turned off in my house at night, because I could not bear to be in darkness. Every time I turned a corner I was afraid I would see it all again. I had never been afraid of anything in my life. Now I knew that I wanted to die, but had not the courage to do it. Week in and week out I tried to get stoned. I tried the booze and the dope, but they did not help.

One night I came home at 3 o’clock in the morning. I walked into the bedroom. The three children were asleep, but there was a light in the bedroom. My wife was sitting up in the middle of the bed, with a big family Bible open. Her face was shining brighter than the light on the ceiling. She did not have to say anything. I knew something was different. She said, ‘Honey, tonight I went to a little church with Aunt Mary, and Jesus Christ saved me and came into my heart.’

‘I know there is something different’, I told her. The next day she asked if I would go to church with her, and I said I would. Now I had no idea what to do. I did not know if you had to knock on the door. I did not know the pew from the pulpit, but I went. We sat down at the back, and all the people were singing, smiling, and laughing. And they were so friendly! All my life I had not trusted anybody. But, here, something was different.

The next week I went back, and the man preached as if he knew everything about me. He stood up, looked at me and said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.’ And I listened because he hit a note. He was talking about my lamb. ‘How he knows, ‘ I screamed within me. ‘How dare he talk about my lamb?’ As I raged inside, the preacher said, ‘God Himself will provide a lamb. That Lamb is Jesus Christ.’ I began to weep. ‘O God, Jesus my Lamb?’ ‘He bled for you,’ said the man, ‘He shed His blood for you, no matter what you have done, and no matter how bad you have been. God gave His only son, His Lamb, for you.’

By now the tears were flowing hard. I did not want anybody to see me cry. What on Earth would they think? I looked for the door, and it seemed a hundred miles away. Finally the minister said, ‘Come to Jesus and live. Old things can pass away, and all things can be made new.’ I stood to my feet and started walking down the aisle towards the front, something pulling and drawing me. My heart was beating very fast, and before I ever reached the front, God saved me. Now I did not know how to pray. I did not know fancy words. I prayed, ‘God, hear me or kill me! Jesus, if you’re really real, help me because I cannot help myself.’ At that point it was as if something burst inside me, and twentyfive years of hatred left me. The blackness went. I was clean! I was forgiven!

That was 2nd November 1972, at a quarter to midnight. I was twentyfive years old and Jesus has been real every day since. From an 8th grader in an Elementary school in the Smoky Mountains, God has taken me around the world to share my story, and preach the gospel. When I was in my thirties I told the Devil that I was going to take back everything he had stolen from me. I learned about that in the Word of God. I went back to school, finished High School, went to college, and earned my BA degree. Then, just to spite the Devil, I went back and earned my Masters degree. I want to tell you, Jesus Christ is real!

Ronald Reagan of the USA relates his experiences of Hell on the free movie THE FINAL FRONTIER which is viewable on


I was visiting the home of a former aunt in 1972, just a week after my 60th birthday. Frankly I had never expected to achieve even this age, because I had always physically overstrained myself. My wife, who has since died, and I had travelled from home to clear a family house following the death of an aunt. I was anxious, as ever, to get it over and done with so that I could get back home, where I had lots of appointments in my hospital and clinic.

Coming down to the second floor from the attic with a box of debris, a voice in my ear told me to go through the door in the adjoining

room, onto the balcony and drop the box from there as it would save me time. So I dashed out and leaned against the railing which, unknown to me, had been eaten away by termites. With my weight, and that of the box, the railing gave way, and I plunged headfirst two storeys down onto a concrete sidewalk. I actually landed on the edge of the concrete. The part of the head that hit the concrete stopped suddenly. The part of my head that was hanging over the edge continued on a bit, split the egg shell of my skull completely, and broke the large blood vessel at the top of the brain. Later, I was told that some of my brain tissue was left on the sidewalk, and that my body ricocheted into a bush with the heels on top. By the time the paramedics arrived I was a bloodless corpse hanging by its feet in the bush, with my scalp torn loose.

As far as the paramedics were concerned, this was a corpse to take to the hospital for certification of death, and then on to undertaker. There was absolutely no way I could have been alive with the blood having drained from my body. Anyone can be sceptic, but as a doctor, I am just explaining what happened. It was 18 hours before I showed any evidence of life. There was no pain, because there is no pain with death. Death is a sudden release from all pain and suffering.

Instantly, but even faster than that word implies, I found myself landing with a thud in a new body, feet first, onto a solid foundation. So instantaneous was it that there is nothing we have on Earth that could calibrate the speed. It seemed as though there was a feeling of vitality in this place. It was so ecstatic, beautiful, loaded with love and there was peace. I knew I was in Heaven, because it was so fantastically different to anything we know of in Earth. I was in Paradise, that tiny portion of Heaven where saved souls are on hold until they get their resurrections bodies. It was a place of release from all the physical difficulties that this body or mind can register. I heard myself saying, without having any ability to compose the thought, ‘Dick you’re dead’. The voice seemingly came out from me and I heard it as if I had spoken it, but it was not my voice. It was the voice of the One whom I knew had to be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There are so many adjectives needed to describe the qualities of this voice, although in many ways it is indescribable. It was judicial, absolutely authoritative, loving, humble and kind. Conversation up there is quite different. It is mind to mind, because there is no air and therefore sound would not transmit. There is nothing in the physics of Heaven that is similar to the physics of matter here on Earth. Down here we have five senses, but in the spirit body there are so many. You can think so fast that it could not be computed. It is the same mind that Christ has.

Had you met me up there, you would have recognised me as Dick Eby because my body was of the same size and shape. The difference was that I was in my spirit body. My spirit was transparent, like clear glass. When I looked to the side my spirit body would take on an opacity, but at the same time I could see right through it. It had no weight, and none of the senses which register pain, fright or discomfort. There were no bones, ligaments, tissues or organs.

My mind operated quite differently to my mind whilst here on Earth. When Jesus wanted to say something, I knew it immediately in my mind. If I asked a question, it seemed as if He had answered it before I finished the question. We walked and talked together in Paradise, and just as talking is not really the right word, neither is walking. Flying would perhaps be a more adequate description, because we had no weight, and went simply as we wished without touching the ground.

One of the things that most excited me in Heaven was the beauty of the music. As a youngster I had thought that the Lord would perhaps let me go into music as my profession, but this was not to be. Nevertheless, my musical background helped me appreciate that the music in Heaven has no similarity in sound or form to the music is on Earth, where it is limited to airwaves, and to say 88 keys on a piano. Up there the music flows so beautifully, and has an unlimited vibration or set of waves. It is not based on a mathematical equation, as is Earthly music. It is of an entirely different level of hearing, because we don’t hear it through our ears. Instead you hear it directly on your mind. I asked Jesus who had composed this wonderful music, and again He asked me whether or not I had read His book. In it Jesus declares He has made everything not only for His pleasure, but also for the pleasure of His family.

Yet another thing which amazed me was the aroma. This was a perfume so absolutely Heavenly that it had to be made by God, and for God. Later, when I was back on Earth, and I began reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to find the answer as to what this was, I learned it was the prayers of saints. Every believer can have the great joy of knowing that when they pray to their Heavenly Father, He enjoys those prayers so much that He changes them into a Heavenly aroma which He can enjoy, and will share with us when we are up there.

Jesus also explained to me that He had made every individual different so that they could use their skills and abilities to fulfil their desires. Up in Heaven Jesus has completed them as an individual, and each individual’s Paradise is different. So, if you are an artist, your Paradise might be works of art even more wonderful than the greatest works of art on Earth. If you are a musician you would want your Paradise to reflect music, and so on through all the categories which He has placed in the human experience. Jesus also explained to me that because of the new mind, by which everything is instantaneous, if you want to visit someone all you have to do is to think it, and you’re there.

One last thing that is so different is colour. The eye of the spirit body, once liberated from Earthly limitations, has limitless vision. This means that colours are different because the wavelengths, if that’s what they are in that airless place, are limitless. All the colours of the flowers, the trees, the greenery, the sky and so forth, are so much more pure than anything that is here on Earth. But one of the more exciting things to me was seeing, at times, all colours at the same time, and yet you are able to see them all individually. It is so much more beautiful than anything we can perceive here.

There was so much I wanted to know, but the first was about the place I was in. The response of Jesus was in the form of a question that He was to put to me a number of times, ‘My son, didn’t you read My book?’ He went on to explain that the Bible tells us He has prepared Paradise as a holding place for saved souls until the day when God the Father will tell Jesus that the body He was preparing for Him on Earth was complete. On that day Jesus said that He will call all those in this area of Paradise to join Him, and they will descend from the third Heaven, through the second Heaven, through the atmosphere of the first Heaven when Gabriel will sound the trumpet. Jesus said He will then call, ‘Come’, and those on Earth who have accepted Him as their Saviour will be taken up with Him, and given a resurrection body. Everyone will come back to the Third Heaven, but not to Paradise. This time it will be to the throne room of God.

Had the Lord given me the privilege of staying in Paradise I would certainly have taken it, but it was not yet my time and I had to return to this body. I can remember the suddenness with which Jesus, as it were, removed His mind from me and then the wonderful, brilliant light went, and I was in total blackness. It was instant cut off, and later I was to find out the reason. Friends of ours were praying so fervently that I would be restored back to life that God answered their prayers. There were about six prayer lines organised by one of the black churches, who were the first to be told. A lovely lady from that church had been looking over the fence when I had fallen. She immediately ran in and phoned her pastor who got all these prayer lines into action.

It was about 10 o’clock on the morning of the accident that I was brought into the hospital, and it was around six o’clock the following morning when I began to show signs of life. So it was roughly 18 hours that my body lay in that hospital room.

When I returned to my body, once more I heard the Lord speaking to me saying, ‘I have come back to replace life in your body for the purpose that I put you here. That was to continue your practice, and to explain to people the things that I have shown you’. Then He started, from head to foot, putting life back into the body. We had a tremendous dialogue, at my request, because I asked him to do it slowly so that I could see what He would do first, and how He would bring life back to all my organs. This, of course, was my medical training coming to the fore. As a professor I had taught in college for many years as well as practising medicine. It was like an incredible lesson from God Almighty, who had created my body. Despite all this, I have never needed any cosmetic surgery or suffered any loss of memory.

This, however, was not my only miraculous experience of being outside of my natural body. Some five years later I was in Israel visiting the tomb of Lazarus. This place can only hold three people at a time. I was with two ladies, looking at this tomb, two storeys underground. It was lit only by a small light. Suddenly that light went out, and we were plunged into total blackness. The two ladies screamed, but I turned and said, ‘Ladies, don’t scream, just pray and praise’. As I said that word ‘praise’, something remarkable happened. Instantly the two ladies seemed to be taken out of the tomb and the absolute blackness, in which I could not see my hand or the exit, was illuminated by the same light I had experienced in Paradise. It was the light of Heaven which originates from Christ Himself, and which would burn out our optic nerves if they were in normal function. Realisation dawned on me that the Lord must have placed me back in a spirit situation, because instead of being blinded I could see perfectly.

Standing beside me was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Slightly taller than I, about six foot, He was interposed between my body and the wall of the tomb. He grabbed me with His arms. Suddenly it was as if I had fallen on my hands and knees and was trying to grope for the exit. As I was doing this I noticed there were 10 toes protruding beneath the golden hem of a garment. I wanted to get up and look at this Person, because at the same moment, (this was all happening simultaneously with great speed), I heard the voice which I had heard in Heaven. This had to be Jesus, I knew. So I stood up and looked into His eyes. As He looked at me it was like laser beams, such was the power of God. Again, as before, He began to speak directly to my mind. He told me that He had brought me to this place to show me many things, and to tell me others. It is impossible to describe the amazement and total surprise when Jesus then hugged me so tightly I thought my arms might break. Then I realised He was pulling me into Himself to feel the type of body He had. Now to a doctor this means something. He wanted me to realise that His resurrection body, in which He was now standing, was the same one that was seen by 500 people at one time, and more, as it says in the Scriptures. The body had no liquid, no softness. It had no blood, serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid or water, but was of a material that we do not know on Earth. It is, of course, incorruptible and eternal. Having felt thousands of human bodies, it was an amazing sensation.

The next word Jesus spoke to me shook me rigid. ‘My son, I must take you to Hell’. I protested, and told Him that my name was written in His Book of Life. ‘I know my son’, He said, ‘but I’m going to expunge it for two minutes so that I can take you and show you what the present Hell is’. I told Him I did not want to go, but He said that I had to, because this was the end of the age, and I was one who was available. Having told Jesus to get it over with, I then asked if He would go with me. ‘I will send my mind with you, but not My body. You’ll want to ask questions and I can answer them that way’.

Once again I felt myself travelling at a speed which cannot be calibrated, this time into the centre of the Earth. I landed with a thud inside a 4ft x 4ft hole, 6ft high, inside solid rock. The immediate impression was one of absolute cold, absolute blackness, and absolute silence. I immediately spoke to the mind of Jesus saying that this was different to my learning in church. His words were: ‘My son, I want you to know that the present Hell is a holding tank for the unsaved souls, pending the eventual Great White Throne judgement. God is not there. People who elect to go to Hell do not want Him to interfere with their plans. They just tell Him one way or another to stay out of their lives. My Heavenly Father said He will give the desires of their hearts to all of His creatures. He grants them by placing them in a holding tank apart from Him, until that day when they will be called and judged before the Great White Throne’.

I tell you, the terror is unbelievable. With a spirit body, it cannot be frozen or burned. It simply exists with thousands of sensations, which this nervous system we own down here could not take. It is absolutely Hell. I was surrounded by demons. They seemed to be so excited they were doing a fancy rock and roll dance in honour of getting me there. Thousands of them shouted to me that I would never get out. They didn’t realise I was only there for a short period, and told me I was there because I had believed their deceptions whilst I was on Earth. The stench was indescribable. It was the smell of dying and dead flesh. Satan, their captain, is of course the author of death. Jesus called them unclean spirits, and they certainly are that.

I wanted to get out of there and screamed and yelled. As I did so, the realisation came that there was no communication from the present Hell to Heaven. It is a place of isolation, as Jesus said. If it had not been for His mind being placed within mine, so that we could communicate, it would have been sheer terror. Suddenly, however, I was snatched out of there. I found myself standing before the Great White Throne that St. John describes in the book of Revelation. I became aware of a Personage surrounded by a mist, and I knew Him to be God, my Heavenly Father. I wanted to look into His loving eyes to see the kind of Love that would sacrifice His own son for me. Once again came those words from Jesus,

‘Didn’t you read My book? I told you in your present form you could not look upon God and live. He is too powerful, and you would be extinguished. Instead you are here to be edified and educated, not exterminated. He has surrounded himself with this mist to protect you’.

Suddenly, out of this mist, came a hand holding a book on which was written, ‘The Lamb’s Book of Life’. A finger started turning the pages with lightening speed. Jesus told me He was looking for my name, but that He himself had expunged it for two minutes so that I could experience what it was like to be a lost sinner. Sure enough, He got to the end of the book and closed it with a clap of thunder. He said, ‘Your name is not in my family album. There is only one other family, that of Satan. Depart’. If I could just transmit to people the sensation that was mine when I heard God Almighty say to me, ‘Depart’. If only people could experience this then everyone would rush to make sure they knew Jesus as their Saviour.

The full story of Dr. Richard Eby is recounted in his book ‘Caught Up Into Paradise’ and ‘Didn’t you read My Book?’ He has frequently appeared on both radio and television.


I had major surgery on my legs in 1969 when I was 32 years of age. Whilst on the operating table, and under anaesthetic, I had a cardiac arrest.

The only way I can describe it is that, although my body was on the table, and the doctors were fighting to get me back to life again, part of me was above them, and began to float away from that operating theatre. I started to go down and down. It was horrific. I could see faces in pits, contorted with agony and pain. As I continued to go down, I began to be tormented by demons of all shapes and sizes. Not only were they ugly, but the smell was dreadful.

What made this downward journey even more terrifying were the lost souls I could see. There were many other awful things of which I cannot bear to speak. I came into a room where I could smell sulphur, and I saw a lake of fire. I could feel the flames and heat from that fire. My thoughts were that if I hit the bottom I would stay forever. There is never ending night and day for eternity in that dreadful place where the fear, pain and torment never cease.

It was bad enough hearing the screams and seeing indescribable horrors. But then I saw my own father in that place. I wanted so much to help, but knew I could not do anything for him. My father had been a good man, and became very sick with cancer. The vicar came to see him and asked if he could pray, but my father refused any prayer, or any mention of Jesus. He wanted nothing to do with Him. Now, as I looked at him, I knew he regretted that decision to turn his back on Jesus. It was his free will choice, but what devastating consequences! As I continued to look with horror at the situation he was in, it was if his thoughts spoke to me again. He told me to warn my mother, so that she would not have to come to this terrible place where there was no respite, and no end to the torment.

The heat was unbearable. I also knew there was nothing I could do to release my father from his ‘chosen’ destination. I was also terrified lest I should dragged down and forced to stay there. In my desperation I cried out to God, ‘Oh, God, please help me!’

At the moment of crying out to God, I heard another voice crying, ‘We have a heartbeat!’ I wanted to tell the surgeon, and the rest of the team, that I had been to Hell, and was terrified. I was put on oxygen. They kept telling me to rest because they were concerned about me, and wanted me to get well. Nevertheless, I kept trying to tell them, ‘I’ve been to Hell, and I never want to go there again!’

Yet still I did not come into a close relationship with Jesus. I allowed Satan to deceive me, and to draw me away from a true walk with God. There were further major operations. Each time I went into hospital I was in absolute terror of death and Hell. I kept seeing myself burning in the flames, being tormented like my poor father. My mother and sister would not listen to what I had to say about dad and Hell. The problem was I did not go to the right people for help, and I became more and more taken over by the torment and fear with which Satan and his evil spirits confused me.

It was when I was 50 years old that my lovely daughter Michelle came to see me one day. She told me that she had given her life to Jesus, and that she knew of someone who would be able to help me. Thank God I agreed to allow Canon Jim Fry to come and pray for me. On 23 February 1987 my life was completely changed. As Canon Fry prayed for me, God spoke to me saying, ‘I have sent my beloved Son, Jesus, to deliver and set you free.’ I saw the battle going on for my soul in the spiritual realm, but Jesus dealt with it all. I was set free to go and tell other people what He had done for me, in order to set other captives free.

What a wonderful day that was. My husband was there too, and he also gave his life to Jesus. We were both set free, born again by the Spirit of God, never again to be tormented by fear.

In 1995, Rita Chuter died at her appointed time, and we know that she is now with Jesus.


Life was good. I was a Director in the family bulb growing and exporting business, and had a lovely wife and family, and a beautiful home. I travelled on the Continent on sales trips from time to time. It was in April 1986, whilst on one of these trips with my father, that my life was irrevocably changed.

It was the last week of our trip to Germany and Austria. We were staying in a hotel in a beautiful town. I awoke that morning feeling as if someone had stuck a knife into me, and must have gasped out in pain, because at the moment I collapsed. My father woke up and immediately called for an ambulance. As the driver raced through the streets I had a cardiac arrest. For 10 minutes, until we arrived at the hospital, the paramedics kept me going with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The doctors at the hospital started electric shock treatment in an effort to correct my abnormal heart rhythm. The doctors gave me an injection of potassium to correct a chemical imbalance in the blood . After another electric shock my heartbeat returned to normal rhythm.

Meanwhile my wife Jill, who was decorating the bathroom of our farmhouse, received the call to tell her that I had suffered a massive heart attack. She flew out fully expecting to take me back home in a coffin. I was still alive, but in a deep coma, when she arrived at the hospital. On the third day, according to the doctors, I suffered a stroke that paralysed me, and caused severe damage to my brain.

For two and a half weeks I remained in a deep coma in Intensive Care. At some point I went to Heaven.

All my life I had gone to church and acknowledged God, but I had not always lived the way I should have lived. At that moment of arrival in Heaven I came the realisation that I was not really prepared. I had always planned to get my relationship with God put to rights, but now there was no more time. Even as I realised that, I also knew that I was not alone. God was there, and I asked Him to forgive me for not always living my life as He would have wanted. As soon as I had prayed that prayer, a tunnel of light opened up in front of me, and I had the feeling of being completely changed. God not only forgave and cleansed me, but He also poured out His love on me.

I knew that I was in Heaven. I had no fear. I had only a tremendous sense of security, as if I had been picked up by God and cuddled, in the same way as a father cuddles his baby. At this stage I could see my body in hospital, but I felt detached from everything of the past. The light in this tunnel enveloped me, and I just knew I was in the presence of God. In the sense that we understand sight on Earth, I could not see Him, and yet I could see Him. He was the essence of the light.

Then I was held by my hand and led into a beautiful garden. We went through an archway of honeysuckle, and saw flowers of such wonderful colour that it is impossible to describe them. This was not a large garden. It was small and compact, as if it had been prepared especially for me. Not only were the colours incredible, but everything sparkled as if covered with dew, and the flowers dripped light. It was so magnificent, but also peaceful. I walked

through the garden until I came to a wrought iron gate at the far end. As I came to it, the gate swung open.

In an instant the whole burden of life came back upon me. I desperately wanted to go back into the garden and stay there, but God told me it was not yet time for me, my life was not complete. It took some persuading me to return. I did not know what I was coming back to, and it was in many ways a step of faith. What would happen to me? What would life be like? Whatever came, I knew that God was with me. He also told me, so clearly that it was imprinted on my brain, that when I returned I must go on a retreat, and I would receive further instructions for my journey.

Before I was moved from the hospital, a brain scan revealed that my brain had been damaged in certain parts that would affect my eyesight and movement. Jill had heard God speaking to her in the hospital chapel saying, ‘He will be healed it will just take time’. She hung on to that hope.

At first I was paralysed, blind and dumb. It was difficult for me and my family to come to terms with what had happened. I did not forget about going on a retreat, and as soon as it was physically possible, Jill and I went. God did show me how I must face the future. He told me that I had to be willing to give up everything I held dear my position as director in the firm, my friends, and even my family. It was not easy. I fought God, especially regarding my family, but eventually I said I would do as He asked. As I surrendered everything to God, He freed me to face up to the difficulties that lay ahead.

Now, some eight years later, I have made a wonderful recovery. It has not been an easy time for any of us. Jill had to give up her job as company secretary to look after me. Clearly there was no possibility of me returning to work in the firm. However, although registered blind and disabled, I have run two charity marathons with a sighted guide. I do have some sight, and have taught myself to read again. I attend adult lecture classes to encourage my thinking and brain activity. I am also a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church choir, where my family worship. Whilst my coordination and memory in many areas are still poor, I have no problems in recalling my experiences during that time in 1986.

David Verdegaal’s story was featured on British television.


As platoon sergeant I was organising the setting up of an ambush in the bean fields, about 150 yards from the jungle line. All of a sudden a man came walking out of the jungle. He had a weapon on one shoulder and, on the other, a sack in which to collect supplies for the Vietcong. I felt an overwhelming sense of power. I could either wound him or take his life. I opened fire with another soldier in my platoon, and the man went down.

As an American soldier I had been trained to treat people as objects. You are trained that you are killing a ‘thing’, not a person. We were also told to take the property of the enemy when they were dead. So, in the near darkness, I went across and took the wallet out of his pocket, and slipped it into mine. The following morning one of my fellow soldiers asked me what I had collected the previous evening. Having forgotten about it until then, I put my hand into the pocket of my trousers and pulled out the wallet I had removed from the Vietcong my own wallet!

About two weeks earlier the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, of which I was a part, were working in the jungle villages some 25 miles North East of Saigon. I was leading a unit through the jungle, on a rotation basis with other squadrons. At one particular point, our squad was leading. I was walking about two to three men back from the lead man. The water in which we were wading was beginning to get deeper and deeper. Eventually I called back to one of the other officers that we needed to change direction, because the water was getting deeper, and we could literally become sitting ducks.

At this point the foliage of the jungle had become almost impenetrable. One of the men, Bill Woods, came up and cut, as it were, a hole in the wall of bamboo ahead of us with his machete. I followed him through, but after about ten paces he stopped, turned round to me, and whispered that he thought we had walked into an ambush. The Vietcong were heading towards us in a U shape, and were to the front and side of Bill and myself. The rest of the platoon had quickly moved backwards, behind the thick curtain of bamboo.

By now Bill and I were up to our chins in water. Suddenly he stumbled and went under the water, leaving me alone. I later discovered that he had quickly dived, swam under the water, and surfaced behind me. There was a big log in the water. As I swam to the other side of it, I startled a Vietcong soldier who was hiding there. Then automatic fire started. I thought I would trick them into thinking I was dead by holding my breath and diving into the water, making sure I came to the surface facedownwards. However, when I tried to do this, I discovered that my feet were entangled in the roots. To make matters worse I had a 36kilogram (80 pound) rucksack on my back. At that moment the Vietcong threw two grenades into the water, and for me it was as if someone had turned out the lights.

Suddenly, everything got really dark. I sensed that I was standing in my uniform, all neatly pressed and clean, and carrying no weapon or rucksack. Ahead of me was a long, long trail, and on either side, as far as the eye could see, there were fields and fields of sunflowers. The colours of the flowers, yellow, brown and green, were set against the most beautiful blue sky I had ever seen. There were no clouds, just a huge expanse of brilliant blue sky.

I could not understand where I was. As I looked down the trail I could see, at the end of it, a small light. My whole attention was taken up by it. As I watched, all of a sudden, the small light zoomed down the trail towards me. Never, in all of my life, have I seen such brightness. It is impossible to describe. It was as if the light captured me. I could not take my eyes off it, and I became enveloped by it.

Gradually, though I had no concept of time during this experience, I became aware of a Presence at my right hand side. I did not turn and look, but I knew there was someone there. Somehow, from within me, came the thought, ‘Please, don’t take me, I am not ready to go.’ Nothing had been said about me dying, but I knew that was what this was all about. Then thoughts of my mother came into my mind. I had a distant relative who had been killed in Vietnam, and I knew the effect the death had caused to the family. My mother could not handle my death, I thought.

As I stood there, still enveloped by this light, I heard a voice saying, ‘Do not be afraid. Everything is all right.’ That voice came from the right hand side of me. As I heard those words, I experienced a feeling of unconditional love spreading from the top of my head and down to my toes. Then came the voice again, ‘He is not ready yet, you can take him back.’ I felt my right hand being taken by this presence, then instantly I woke up. I was lying on the ground, and all the men of my platoon were standing or kneeling around me.

The officer in charge was pressing with both hands on my chest. I began to cough and spit up water. He said, in a stunned voice, ‘Are you OK?’ My response was, ‘I think so’. He asked me what had happened, and I told him I really did not know. One of the other men chimed in, ‘They threw grenades at you.’ Another said, ‘Sergeant Delaney, if you keep on like this, we’ll begin to believe in that God you keep talking about.’

I told the officer I would put him in for a Silver Star when we got back to base, because he had risked his life to get me to safety. He looked at me totally bewildered, and said, ‘But I never touched you!’ Thinking he was being modest, I told him he had pulled me back, because I had felt his hands dragging me from the water. ‘You’ve got it all wrong, he said, ‘I plunged into the water, but I could not get close to you because of all the bullets. Then there was a huge explosion. By then you had disappeared, and I thought we had lost you. All of a sudden though, your hand came up out of the water and you were right here in front of us.’

I could hardly believe it. Obviously it was not him who had rescued me. But if he had not come through the water to get me, then there was only one other answer it was God’s hand that had miraculously brought me through the rootfilled water and back to safety.

Standing up, I fastened my clothes and we moved on to a new location. Prior to this incident, I had, for some unknown reason, taken my wallet out of my trouser pocket, and put it in my shirt. As I dressed, I checked my shirt pocket. The wallet was gone, and I knew there was no way of getting it back. It was probably lying in the bottom of the water where I had gone down.

It was two weeks later when we were in the bean fields, 150 yards from the edge of the jungle. When I opened up my wallet, I discovered the money had gone and the photographs of my family had been put in that section. In their place were photographs of a Vietnamese family. I cannot clearly describe my feelings at that moment, when for the first time it struck me that I was killing people. This man I had killed was a family man just like me. His family would now be grieving for him. The senselessness of war hit me. All this man was doing was trying to chase me out of his country. I had great difficulty in balancing the near death experience I had just gone through, when I had experienced such unconditional love, with killing another human being. I did not know how I could continue in Vietnam.

About a week later, during very heavy fighting, I was shot. I lost most of my right arm. I was sent home to an American hospital to recover physically, but I suffered terrible posttraumatic stress, trying to make sense of it all. In fact for a few years I was convinced I was going mad. No one I knew had ever had an experience like mine, and I had certainly never read about anything like it.

I had been brought up as a Christian, married in the church, and even pastored a church for a while. After Vietnam I went back to college and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I then attended graduate school to study counselling. So deep was the trauma I had been through, however, that eventually my marriage broke up. I had to receive counselling myself. The counsellor asked me what I was dying of. As I tried to tell him, we both sat and wept. It was the beginning of my return to sanity.

In 1975 I read a story in the Readers Digest about a lady who had had a near death experience, and the relief I felt was unbelievable. I was not going mad. It really had happened to me! One great thing I have learned from all of this, is that our God is compassionate, and always there to forgive. We do not have to be perfect, just repentant. God is there to pick us up and use us for His Glory.

Jerry Delaney is a qualified psychologist, and works in a practice, but is also part of a church pastoral team.


Life had never been better. I owned prime property, had a research clinic with five doctors working for me, achieved three doctorates, and four multimillion dollar corporations, which I had built up myself employing many people. I was worth many, many millions of dollars.

The full story of how I was kidnapped and murdered is recorded in my book, Murdered Heiress. Immediately after I was electrocuted it was a case of, ‘out of the body and present with the Lord’.

Immediately the current was switched on I was dead. In one second I was walking across the top of the universe with my long purple velvet robe on, not yet realising I was going to meet royalty. There, in front of me, was Jesus. Two beautiful chairs that I always had around my table at home appeared out of nowhere, and we sat down.

I sat there opposite Jesus for six solid hours. Every second I was with Him it seemed that a million intravenous tubes of pure love went into my body. I was allknowing. I knew the beginning, the end and the middle. There was nothing I did not know when I was sitting in front of Jesus.

Sitting there with Jesus, we were able to look down and see my body whilst they took off the electrodes, and returned my body to the room in which I had been kept prisoner. We could see them checking to confirm that I was dead. Jesus sat opposite me. There was no question that He was Jesus. He asked me whether I wanted to stay up in Heaven, or whether I wanted to go back to Earth. I said, ‘Lord’. If He was not my Lord, I could not have said that. If I had not taken Him into my heart when I was five years old, I could not have used the title, ‘Lord’. My response to him was, ‘Lord, my job is not done. I want to wrap up a lot of packages in red ribbons, just how my mother taught us, before I am through’.

It may seem strange that I wanted to come back, especially when I looked at that mutilated body. It was not something I really wanted to return to. But my spirit was speaking for me. Jesus said, ‘Any time when the blueprint of your life, that your Heavenly Father has given you, is interrupted, you have a choice. Today you are the judge, not the jury’. Immediately He said this, I was back in my body again.

I came back into my body with the sheet over my head. Suddenly the room was full of a voice as if it went from the ceiling to the floor, from every corner of the room. This big voice said, ‘I am the Lord your God, I am here to help you and not to hurt you. Do not be afraid.’

When I came back into my body I was in excruciating pain of course. I looked out of the window, and the time and temperature were on a sign across the street. The sign had been my constant companion.

I waited until it was almost six o’clock. Of course my murderers were all very confident that I was dead. My death certificate had been written. As it approached six o’clock, I went over and knocked on the door, and I tell you it was almost worth the whole trip! Have you ever had a ghost asking for something to eat? Well, that’s exactly what I did, because those big men opened that door, not knowing what they were going to see. Yet here I was asking for something to eat. They turned white as sheets, and ran down the hall.

The Lord impressed on me that I should forgive all those who had been responsible for my kidnapping and murder. I could not understand this. ‘Why?’ I said. ‘If I could pray, I would be praying for myself!’ God said, ‘If you do not pray and forgive them right now, then it will interfere with the work you and I have to do together’. I said, ‘Lord, I do not know how to pray’. He responded, ‘I will teach you’. He told me to say, ‘God forgive them, they knew not what they were doing’.

With God’s help I managed to escape from the room in which I was held captive, as recorded in my book. I was collected by a taxi driver. He took me to my aunt’s house. I called the police, and arranged for medical attention.

Since then, I have never been afraid of anything. I have had nothing but holy boldness. It is so important to pray for our enemies. God gave me a huge gift of forgiveness right from the very beginning. This enabled me to pray for them, and forgive every one of them. I pray for their families as well.

Since this interview, Petti Wagner has gone to be with the Lord, this time forever. John Osteen has described her as one of the greatest soulwinners of our time. Every time she got on a plane she would take six rows up and six rows down from her own seat, and tell them about Jesus.

Perhaps the most telling statement she ever made was, ‘Even if only one lost soul had come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, it would have been worth it all’.



Some people would have described me as shy, but that did not come anywhere near it. If I had to stand up in front of just two or three people I could not even stutter, because I could not say a word. I played in a jazz band in the clubs. I always stood at the back of the group, because of my fear of people. One night, however, the band got me very drunk. To their astonishment, and mine, I became the band’s entertainer. If I was drunk I could entertain and talk. I could do anything, even laugh at my own jokes! Without the drink, I was the silent, backrow guy.

Not too long after this I gave up the drink because I became a Christian and I did not want that kind of lifestyle any more. I was still the silent guy at the back of the singing groups. After marrying Olive, who was a wonderful classical pianist, I became even more involved in music. But I was still at the back. In the late sixties there was a big convention in our church. Many of the men told Olive and me that they believed we were going to be involved in a worldwide ministry. They believed that we would be travelling to countries we had never heard of, preaching about Jesus. Although I did not want to say it a the time, I thought they were wrong!

On 29 December 1971, I was certain that they were wrong! That day I had a heart attack. My doctor told me it was an acute inferior myocardial infarction. I was taken to hospital. That night I started praying very hard! It seemed that almost everybody I knew came into the hospital to pray for me, but I still felt as if I had an elephant sitting on my chest. Later the pain in my chest greatly increased. It seemed that the elephant on my chest had gone out and fetched the rest of the herd! It seemed that they were all jumping on my chest !

At that point I could not take any more. I remembered the last prayer Jesus made on the cross, ‘Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit.’ Just at that moment, my spirit left my body.

The medical profession calls it a cardiac arrest. Your heart stops, and the blood no longer flows through your brain. As soon as my spirit left my body, I saw the ‘City of the Great King’, which we read about in Psalm 48:12. I did not go through a long tunnel. I was looking down on the most dazzling sight imaginable. The dazzling sight was beautiful, splendid, picturesque, colourful, and magnificent. But these adjectives are totally inadequate to describe this place. In the book of Revelation, chapter 21, it gives some idea of the size, which is over half of size of the USA. It is some 1500 miles square, and surrounded by walls of solid jasper except for the 12 openings. The walls are as high as they are long, and those openings were 12 gates of solid pearl. Each gate has one single pearl. The walls were very thick. Yet not one shadow was on the outside or the inside of the walls, because the brilliance of the light was so intense, and nothing could cast a shadow.

In the foundations of those walls I saw precious and semiprecious stones like rubies, sardonyx, beryl, amethyst, emeralds, and many others. They were massive stones. I saw 12 columns studied with these same stones. There were 12 different columns, each representing one of the apostles. There were three levels in that city, and seemingly millions of miles of streets. There were avenues of solid gold, not paved with gold, but solid and yet at the same time, transparent. It was the purest, cleanest and brightest gold imaginable, and looked like ribbons of magnifying glasses. Everywhere, through the streets, and as far as I could see, were millions of mansions.

In John chapter 14, Jesus said that He was going to be prepare a place for us. I thought the Lord had called me to be one of His building superintendents, because that was my main occupation at that time. As I looked over the streets on all three levels, to try and see what materials they were using, I realised there was not one still under construction. They were all finished. Jesus spoke those mansions into existence, and He is ready.

Another thing I saw were millions of shining, sparkling, shimmering, scintillating lights that I recognised as the spirits of departed saints, all in the presence of Jesus. I knew everybody, including the prophets, the apostles and the disciples. And they all knew me. We did not need introductions. There are people I know who have gone to Heaven and seen individuals they knew. But what I saw was their spirits, just like I was. The spirits were a reflection of Jesus, the Lamb of God.

What I could see was a family of God, with no denominations. I could see the spirit bodies of the sons and daughters of God himself, who has no grandchildren. I joined in with the songs they were singing. No one was off key, or out of time. Everyone was singing and worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Having gone through all these wonderful scenes and rainbows of colour, my first purpose was to see God the Father. That was absolutely imperative.

In my early life I had family problems which prevented me developing a close relationship with my own human stepfather, who I hated. I have heard preachers preach on Romans chapter eight about how God is, ‘Abba Father’, indicating an intimate relationship. But I could not understand this.

When I went into the presence of God the Father, I can only describe this as like going into the most massive receptacle filled to the top with the most powerful cleansing agent. This agent cleansed in such a way that it made everything pure and clear, like crystal without a flaw. It was as if my spirit was covered in scar tissue that had never been erased. Although God had forgiven me, and I had later asked my own stepfather to forgive me, the scar of hatred remained until I went into the presence of God. That cleansing agent seemed to dissolve those scars, and for the first time in my 52 years I was

able to say, ‘Abba, Father’. Romans 8 is now one of my favourite chapters. God has complete and

total charge of my life because I trust Him.

Then I wanted to see Jesus and thank Him for dying for me, so that I could have eternal life. I know it sounds strange that we believe Jesus can be up in Heaven and on the Earth, but that is because He is omnipresent everywhere. Jesus was seated at the right hand of God the Father. He was not any more brilliant than God, yet was distinguishable from Him. I cannot describe His looks or clothes, because He was surrounded by light, like those brilliant arc lights which shine into the Heavens for two or three miles. Each arc light seemed to have enormous power.

Imagine taking several hundred thousand or millions of these arc lights, and collecting them together in one bunch. Imagine that you then tried to look straight into them and distinguish the different filaments. That might give some poor indication of the brightness of Jesus. There is absolutely nothing that can compare with the brightness of Jesus, and I found myself looking and worshipping.

Something else that amazed was that I had Jesus’ entire, undivided attention. Remember, I was a bashful, timid person, an infinitesimal speck of nothing. Yet I was the focus of His glory and love. Jesus then welcomed me into His presence, and I asked him some questions. First of all I wanted to know how it was that there were millions of people constantly demanding His attention, and yet I seemingly had His undivided attention. Even before I could finish asking, Jesus said, ‘Surely you know that there is enough of Me to go around?’

My next concern was concerning the church members. Some of them were my best friends. Jesus told me that He had everything under control. He had never lost a battle, or even a skirmish. He was the victor.

Another question of mine was concerning His coming back to the Earth. Jesus told me that, before He came back, He was going to send an unprecedented visitation of power and glory, the greatest ever move of the Holy Spirit upon the world. I knew I was going to part of this great move of God. I had to return and fulfil the words spoken about me.

I looked back through those streets of gold and though the levels of that great city. Then I saw my body in the hospital, just as if someone had opened up the roof of the building underneath me. I glanced outside the hospital. There speeding towards the hospital it was my pastor, Dr. Ralph Wilkerson.

That day God had spoken to my pastor, not in an audible voice. He felt such a compulsion to get to the hospital and pray for me that he left his study before the morning services at great speed! He got out of the car and started running towards the hospital. He went up to the Intensive Care Unit, and knocked on the door. He walked over to the bed, and pulled the curtains around. The corpse on the bed was the most grotesque thing you ever saw. It was ash grey, with green and purple mixed in. He did not put his hands on me, but clasped them together and looked up. I heard him quoting the verse about the thief coming to rob, to kill and to steal, but that Jesus had come that we might have not only life, but abundant life. Then he quoted from John chapter 11 where Jesus told Martha that He was the Resurrection and the Life. Then Dr. Wilkerson quoted from Romans 8 that if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwell in us, He would give life to our mortal bodies. At that point he took hold of my cold, clammy, lifeless hand and began to rebuke death. He commanded my spirit to return to my body.

I asked the Lord what I should do. His response was, ‘ What do you want to do?’ If I had my choice, I told Jesus, I would rather stay up in Heaven. Then I thought I could make the biggest deal that was ever made. ‘Lord, I will go back, if You will go with me.’

The Lord stopped me right there. ‘Do you not know what I have told you in My Word? I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you until the end of the age. Since you gave your life to me I have never left you for one split second.’

I quickly changed my ‘if’ to ‘when’. I knew He wanted me to come back. I knew He had called me to a ministry. ‘When I go back Lord, will you give me a token?’ He was gracious enough to tell me that if I went where He asked me to, and preached what He asked me to, then people would always come to know Him as their Lord and Saviour.

My spirit came back into my body with an impact. It was cold, and I was shaking. Pastor Ralph started patting my face, and then slapped me. He pulled the covers up around my neck, then began rubbing my limbs to help the blood circulate around my body.

I have never been sorry I came back. God did three miracles that day. Firstly, He spoke to a man who obeyed and came to pray for me. Secondly, my spirit, which had left my body and gone to be with the Lord, came back into my body. The third miracle was that whatever happened to my brain, I liked this new one a whole lot better.


I sat quiet far too long, not prepared to share my experience. It was a strange experience, who would believe me? I did not want to make a fool of myself. For over a year I kept silent, but increasingly I became aware of the gentle pressure from God as I would come home from church, time and again, having failed to speak out of God's love and what He had done in my life. People would ask me to give my testimony but always Satan would, as it were, butt in and say that no one would believe such a story that was so absurd. Time and again I would agree with him. On such occasions I would go home and feel miserable and guilty for the rest of the day, knowing I had missed yet another opportunity.

Then, God decided to make the pressure somewhat stronger. I was put into a situation where, in effect, the matter was taken out of my hands. I went along to a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International dinner, and started talking to the man sitting beside me, not knowing that he was the main after dinner speaker that evening. As we talked I told him a little of my story and then I sat back after the meal, relaxed, and waited for the evening to unfold.

At that point the speaker, Dr Richard Kent, was introduced. He said he had just been talking to someone who knew a great deal about the subject that was close to his heart, and that this person could probably speak about it far better than he could. Without further ado, he asked me to go up to the front and tell the people my story. I had no idea what I was going to say, this being the last thing I had expected that night. But the Lord just touched me, the Holy Spirit moved on the people, and many of them were greatly blessed. Afterwards, the Lord spoke quite clearly to me saying that he would put me in situations to be able to share my testimony with others. I knew that the glory should go to Jesus, and that Satan would not have the victory over me.

In 1984 I started attending a very lively charismatic church, and for the next three years this became the centre of my life. I believed I was a Christian, and the constant prayer on my lips was, ‘ Use me Lord’. I firmly believe that Satan must have seen me as a threat, and he sought to put things into my life to choke my spiritual growth, and hinder my walk with God.

I had obtained an excellent job as a sales representative, and my career had taken off. The only way for me was up the corporate ladder. I loved the work, and became more absorbed. Before long instead of 'Sales Representative' on my card, it was 'Sales Executive'. I felt very proud of what I had achieved. I had made it, but at what cost! My job became more and more demanding, as I had to justify my high salary and my brand new car. It was not long before the pressures of life caught up with me. Not only did I have this exciting, but demanding job, I also had two children at home. Eventually it began to take its toll of my church life. At first I missed only the occasional midweek meeting not so dreadful. But before too long the housegroup went the same way, and then my Sundays were gradually eaten into. Inevitably with the job there was lots of paperwork to be done, and careful planning for the next week's visits. So what better time than Sunday? People from the church came to see me and expressed their concern, but I assured them there was no real problem. I was always able to justify my absence from church. I convinced myself, but I don't think I convinced them. They probably saw straight through my excuses.

Eventually, and here I attach no blame whatsoever, people stopped coming. Perhaps they thought it was something I had to sort out for myself. Whatever the reasons, it came to the point where I had no Christian contact whatsoever. My job, my car, and my hectic but exciting social life had taken first place. Again, I could justify to myself that my position as Sales Executive required me to socialise on this scale. After all, I was happy, and the money was coming in. Everything was great. So often however, we read in the Scriptures, ‘But God.’ That was how it was in my life. He had other plans for me.

On the 11th December 1989, my life was changed completely. I was suffering from a very bad dose of influenza. Instead of being sensible, and going to bed, I decided to go into work. Everyone I went to see told me I was crazy, and should not be working at all. But I said I was OK. The real reason was that I had just had another career jump. In this new position I was not entitled to any sick pay. Of course the life style I had become used to necessitated high expenditure each month, so that even one day's pay was too much to give up.

By the afternoon I was feeling extremely ill. I had been driving for most of the day, which was wet, windy and foggy. Every bad driving condition you could think of. Even to contemplate driving myself home was madness, but I still tried. Then, during one moment's lack of concentration, I wandered slightly over the central white line, and hit the only car on the road coming in the opposition direction. Such was the impact that it took a long time to get me out of the car. Through the whole time it took, I can honestly say that I knew God was with me. Not once did I feel any pain. In fact I felt embarrassed that everyone around me seemed to be making such a fuss. When I looked down I just saw me as me. To others I looked absolutely terrible. The men of the ambulance crew were amazed at my calm, though they did go through every red light to get me to the hospital as quickly as possible.

God's hand was certainly upon me, and the situation, because the driver of the car I hit should have had exactly the same injuries as myself. He escaped with just a cut lip and some whiplash. We had exactly the same model car and had been travelling at the same speed. In a head on crash of this nature, both drivers would normally receive similar injuries. He however, got out of his car, and was able to walk without any problems. How good God is! Had the other driver been injured in the same way as I had been, his life could have been in ruins, and I would have been responsible.

I did not learn until some time later how seriously injured I had been. At first I felt nothing in the way of pain. Yet it would be easier to list what I had not broken and cut! I was in a terrible mess, and was lacerated all over my body. Not only was my car that was a total writeoff, but I was as well. The time in Casualty was vague and unreal, as if it was happening to someone else. Over the next few days my condition deteriorated. The broken bones were not the major problem. My internal injuries were causing the serious concern. On two occasions I had a cardiac arrest, and I had to be resuscitated. It was all systems go, with everybody rushing to my aid. I had gone into septicaemic shock due to the internal damage.

I was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and wired up to machines. The prognosis was such that I had to have someone beside me all the time. My three grown up daughters were there. My parents also came. They were given a room in the hospital. The staff told them to sit and talk to me, but they did not know if I could hear anything. They were resigned to the fact that I was going to die, perhaps even within a few hours. I remained in that state for seven days, and that in many ways is where my testimony begins.

Whilst I was in this limbo state, with the machines in effect keeping my body alive, my spirit left my body. It was very clear, and I know it was not hallucinations caused by the drugs I was on.

When my spirit began to leave my body I began to go down into a very deep pit. It is difficult to describe. It was very black and misty. There was no beginning or end, and no sides. I just knew I was in a pit. I kept closing my eyes, and hoping that when I opened them it would all be a bad dream, but nothing changed. It is impossible to find words to describe the fear I felt. I was desperate to get out. When I saw what I thought was a small opening I began to claw desperately. But the more I tried to get to this opening, the more distant it became. It was an impossible situation.

All around there were people, just ordinary people. They were in deep pain and despair, and they seemed to be tormented by an enormous sense of guilt, which was reflected in their faces. It is so difficult to describe the depth of despair that was present in that place. If you could put all the pain, hurt and despair in the world together, then that was what I sensed in that place. I was far more aware of the depth of this despair than I was of the people.

In the darkness I became aware of an even more evil presence than I had already felt. There, up high, was this creature I just know was Satan. I did not know what to do, because this was not just a dream, it was reality. In my terror I screamed out, ‘I am a Christian, and I belong to Jesus, I should not be here’, but Satan just looked down and laughed a hideous laugh that I will always remember. He said, ‘When I tempted you with worldly things you gave in to me. You belong to me now.’ At that moment I knew it was true. What could I do? There I was in Hell, with Satan, and in total despair. I had thought I was a Christian, but I had not committed my life to Jesus.

At that point I thought, ‘Lord, please rescue me’. I prayed for forgiveness, and I remember falling on my knees pleading with Him to forgive me, as I went through everything I had not done for Him. Then I stayed there, because I could not do anything else. But, praise God, Satan is a defeated enemy.

Jesus heard my prayer, and He lifted me up from Hell into His presence. I looked up, and there stood Jesus in all His glory. I did not want to leave this place. This was so different to the place I had come from, and now I was in the presence of Jesus. I could feel His love and His peace. I told Him I did not want to leave, that I was happy there. But He told me, ‘No, you have to go back and let others know the reality of Hell, but also the reality of the alternative Jesus’.

As I looked down I saw myself once again in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines, with all my family sitting around. I thought to myself, ‘Do I really want to go back?’ Whilst I wanted to stay with Jesus, I also loved my family and knew I must return. As I began to come down, as it were, and return to my body, I knew without any shadow of doubt that I was going to get well, and I was going to do the Lord's work.

I was taken off the critical list. Exactly one month later I was discharged from hospital. Once I was taken out of Intensive Care I was put into a side ward. Every day medical staff would come to visit me. They would talk and smile at me. I was not sure what was going on, because I was still very ill. At that stage, I did not realise the impact I had made on all these people. My knees were very badly damaged and were encased in plaster. Every now and then I would be taken down to the Orthopaedic Ward to get my plaster changed. They would say, ‘Oh, you're Christine! We have heard about you’. I even got a mention in one of the medical journals.

When I first came round I could not tell them very much about what had happened. In fact they were so concerned they sent for the hospital chaplain, because what I was trying to say about my experience sounded extremely weird to them.

Since that time, I have given myself 100 per cent to the Lord, although at times it has not been easy. But an inner voice would remind me, ‘I wanted you alive to do My work’, and that is what I have tried to do since that time. After I left hospital I went to stay with my parents, as I needed time to regain my strength. Within three months I was strong enough to return home. I was totally healed. Every bone had knitted well.

When the accident had taken place, the impact was such that it very badly crushed my knees. I thought I would be left with a permanent limp and that I would never be able to kneel again, or climb stairs. Now I have no limp, and I can kneel. In fact I manage to do everything, including my garden! I now work in a Christian bookshop that has 13 stairs, and I go up and down numerous times a day without any problems whatsoever.

Christine Eastell lives in the UK. She has worked closely with Dr Richard Kent, the coauthor of this book, and has frequently given her testimony both in the UK and abroad.

Christine Eastell is still available for speaking engagements to give her testimony. Please contact Christine at the following email address:


My mother and father felt it very important that we were brought up to know right from wrong. I say ‘we’ as I happen to be one of nine, six sons and three daughters. They were very particular about our knowing the Bible. They were even more particular about each of us knowing Jesus Christ as our Saviour, before any of us left home to face a world that was largely uncaring and disinterested in such matters.

I was very close to my mother, even though I did not like many of the things she said to me. She used to say to me that I should try to be a good citizen of this world, and do the things that were good and right. But the most important thing to know was that one day I would go to Heaven.

Although I hate to admit it now, in those days I was not at all interested in turning to Jesus. I was growing up, and wanted to be like all the other boys around. They were free to steal things, and be as bad as they liked. I had to listen to my mother telling me about the teachings from the Bible, that we should not steal, and that we should respect our parents. These, and many other such things, meant to me only a life of restriction. I longed to be old enough to get away from home.

Eventually that time did come. I thought that at last I had become a real person, standing on my own two feet! Now I could live like the rest of the world, and enjoy the things they appeared to be enjoying. No longer did I have to listen to my mother quoting the Bible at me every day. I could put all that to one side, and be like everyone else. But God had different ideas for me. Now I am grateful for the way in my parents brought me up, and the things they taught me.

In a way I enjoyed my life after leaving home, but I was never totally comfortable with myself. I could always hear the words my mother said when I left home. ‘Son, your mother’s prayers shall follow you’. I was never sure whether that was a threat or a promise! I used to walk down a road, and actually feel those prayers following me!

One day, in December 1953, I was riding my motorbike towards Bristol City Centre. I crashed headon with a car. And where do you think this happened? Right outside the gates of the Crematorium the ‘dead centre’ of the city, you might say!

Sprawled in the middle of the road, mangled, and covered in blood, there appeared to be no hope for me. However, someone came, covered me up and called an ambulance. I was taken to the Infirmary. There they worked on me to no avail, and my sister, Dorith, was sent for. She came with a cousin, Pearl Thompson, to identify the corpse on the bed.

I could not understand what all the fuss was about. Dorith and Pearl were crying and calling me. But I

was feeling fine. I was standing beside them! What were they bothering about?

In that instant I found myself in Heaven at least at the Pearly Gates, as some people call them. We are very close to Heaven. It is just another dimension. You just switch over into this other dimension, and you are there. There, right at the entrance, with a tremendous panorama in front of me, I met Peter, Paul and Moses. What do you think they said? They said, ‘Sorry, stop, you are not ready’. Not ready? What did they mean, not ready? This was a dagger to my heart. I could not understand it. Mother used to tell me that she had offered me to the Lord when I was a baby, and that I belonged to Heaven. It was my spiritual heritage. She said that I needed to personally identify myself with Christ, by asking forgiveness for my sins. So why was I forbidden entrance? What was going to happen to me now?

I froze inside, as it were, thinking only that I had missed it, the very place which should have been my eternal home. I knew instinctively that there was only one alternative Hell! I would now go down, down to Hell. There was truly no hope. But my mother had been informed of the accident and was praying, and she prayed strong, effective prayers. She prayed was, ‘O, God, I have no need of a dead son, please bring him back to life.’ God heard, and His answer was immediate. I was allowed to turn and make my way back to Earth, and into my body.

You can imagine what happened after I found I had been given another chance. I was going to make sure I got in this time. I cried to the Lord, ‘O Lord, save me. O God, I repent of my sins. Save me. Deliver me. Make me a child of God’. He heard me. I was in. My life was changed. I was a brand new man, giving thanks to the Lord for His goodness. I was discharged from hospital after 40 days, swinging on my crutches. I had with plaster up to my thigh, and my head was bandaged because there had been a hole right through my mouth and skull.

I was well on the mend, and soon began going to church to meet with other Christians. There, in the fullness of time, I met my future wife. She was a widow with a son and daughter. I knew, from the first time of meeting her, that she was the person I would marry. We married and settled in Bristol where I set up in practice as an Osteopath. And, as the days went on, it was as though I had entered into a school as a brand new scholar. The Holy Spirit was teaching me now, from Genesis to Revelation, all over again.

Dr Ron McCatty PhD, was born in West Indies, and now lives in Bristol, England. Ron McCatty is a qualified Osteopath in Bristol. He has run a successful practice for many years. He also pastors a Fellowship in that area. For many years Ron was involved in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, as President of the Bristol Chapter and a Field Representative in the area. Ron’s life and testimony have been a tremendous blessing in the FGBMFI.


The year had started off in a promising way. We had moved from living in a flat to a bungalow. I was expecting a baby in the spring, and we were working hard in the church. Mum had been to stay over Christmas, and returned home in the New Year. Tragically, mum became ill and died within a few weeks, on my 28th birthday.

My mother had been young at heart and pretty. Her death seemed very unfair. Although I grieved as I sorted through her things, I had to keep looking forward. There was a baby arriving in the near future. Simeon was actually born in April, and I took him along to my many committee meetings and prayer meetings, fitting in his feeds as discreetly as possible. By July, when Simeon was three months old, I was extremely tired, and weepy, and was very suspicious of people’s motives. I wondered how I could possibly have postnatal depression so long after his birth.

Everything in my life became an irritant or, even worse, a serious problem. I had the excuse that I was still grieving, but that did not do anything to help get rid of my depression. My husband John, whom I was beginning to nag unmercifully, was working hard to complete his doctorate, and was looking forward to possible ordination. He was very faithful at keeping our morning and evening prayer times going, but I sank deeper and deeper into depression. With the depression came a declining interest in spiritual things. I would nod listlessly when he commented on our daily readings, and would examine the hairs on the back of his hands while he prayed!

There was no point throughout this period when I thought there was no God, or that Christianity was a sham. It just all seemed so distant and irrelevant. I felt trapped, and I wanted to be left alone. Added to this, I began suffering with terrible digestion problems. As I lost interest in food, so my weight went down. Thankfully John, and other friends, persuaded me to seek help. The surgeon at the hospital diagnosed a longstanding diseased gallbladder, which would require surgery.

As is nearly always the case, it could not have come at a worse time. John had just started a fulltime job at the college, having completed his doctorate. I had three children to be cared for, Simeon being only five months old. Thank God for wonderful friends who stepped in and organised everything before I had time to think about it. All I had to do was have the operation and convalesce.

When I succumbed to the anaesthetist’s pinprick I was transported to a world so different from the one I had left that there was not even the faintest memory to remind me of it.

Despite this being a strange new world to me, I felt completely at home in this world of yellow sunlight, filled with floating gold dust. It seemed as if I had been there forever, and I wanted it to stay that way. Not that this was a passive state. I was filled with hope and excitement, as I could see the distant source of the light that surrounded me. I knew that the source of this magnetically intense light,

flashing and bouncing off the thickening gold dust, was somewhere ahead. All I wanted was to be

drawn into it. This was, of course, Jesus, and I wanted to be with Him.

As I was moving towards this centre of light I realised that I was required to take a deep breath. I knew that if I did so, I would have to leave this wonderful light, full of peace and hope. This was somewhere that was more ‘home’ than anything I had ever known. Worse, it would mean I should have to rejoin some awful forgotten place where I had been distressed. Knowing what I was doing, and what it was costing me, I took that deep breath. I drew it somewhere near the ceiling, but I expelled it from the table.

It was difficult to try to explain to people what had happened. I know that I had been allowed to return to my family. I do not pretend to understand why this should happen to me. All I know is that it did. I acknowledge that it must be part of God’s will for me and my family. One thing I was certain about was that God would not want me to withdraw from the warmth of His eternal light, just to sit in the darkness I had been in prior to the operation. Suddenly, I could feel the September sun. I was on the road to recovery.

Throughout the long months prior to this experience I had been disinterested in prayer or Bible reading. Even now I found it difficult to get back to that close personal relationship I once had with God. One evening however, whilst on my own, I started reading through the Psalms. By the time I got into the ‘hundreds’ they would no longer just words. I was playing the ‘Sanctus’ from Verdi’s Requiem. Never was there a more appropriate accompaniment to the true joy and adoration that filled my heart as I wanted to tell God again and again how much I loved Him.


I was very angry with God. I had considered myself to be a Christian. After all, I went to church and took communion once a month. What more did God want? But just before I was 20, God took my father away from me. There was no way I could understand it. My father did so many good things. He worked a lot with young people, and especially the Scouts. How could God be good, as the Bible told me He was, when He had taken my father from me at such an early age? From that moment it was as if I built a high brick wall and made sure God stayed behind it.

Although I now doubted everything to do with God, I still used to talk about things. I met and married Liz, who was involved with the Youth Group, and we would regularly visit friends who went to the church. One night when we were all together, I took one of my friends outside and started to talk to him about how I felt. I explained about this brick wall that I had put up between me and God. From that night I believe I started to chisel away the wall bit by bit, but it was a very slow process.

17th April 1993 was a Saturday, and I was preparing to take part in a Scouts’ swimming gala, something I looked forward to. I felt great, and could not wait for my race to start. About threequarters of the way down the 100metre pool I started losing the use of my left side, and had to turn on my back to complete the length. Of course I knew what was happening to me, but I could not admit it was happening. An ambulance came. The pain in my chest was like a 40 stone man pushing down on my chest, and I kept shouting, ‘Please get off me’, or I thought I did. But whoever this 40 stone man was, he just kept on pushing down harder on my chest. I was immediately taken to the Coronary Care Unit, and I was wired up to various machines. I had sustained a massive heart attack.

During that time, I left my body. I could see myself lying on the bed. I was surrounded by darkness. In that darkness I began to see people milling around, and they had hoods on their heads. Suddenly a light appeared, and they began to go in that direction. I knew I had to go with them. I followed that light and when I got to the bottom of it, to what I thought was the centre of the light, I saw another, even brighter light.

This was the brightest, white light imaginable, and in front of me, beneath the light, was a pair of feet. As I went towards the Figure in the light, knowing it was Jesus, He began speaking to me. For a moment He moved, as it were, to one side. At that moment I had a glimpse of a wonderful scene. There were rolling hills and countryside, and through this countryside was bright, running water.

Having glimpsed what I know to be Heaven, I wanted to see the face of Jesus. But He told me that if I looked upon Him I would not be able to return to my body. That did not worry me. He said there was a reason for me to return to this Earth and I was to turn around and see. What I saw were five people. Jesus told me I had to come back to do a work for Him, and part of that work concerned these people.

Having made the decision to return, I saw was a brief glimpse of a few people standing around my body, one person having electric paddles in his hands. ‘We’ve got him’, I heard them cry. Then I remember regaining consciousness, and looking at my wife and mother standing at the end of my bed.

Although I had had such a clear experience, I still doubted. Was my experience truth or fiction? I had never read any books, or heard stories, of people to whom similar things had happened. So confused was I that I found it almost impossible to tell anyone about my experience. That was until the second Monday of October in 1993. On that evening a man called Ian McCormack was speaking at a dinner held by the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. He was to be sharing his story of how he died for 15 minutes, and I knew that I must go and listen to what he had to say. I had to find out the truth about what I had seenwhether I had seen truth, or fiction. On two occasions, as he told his story, he broke down in tears. I was crying with him, because I could relate to everything he said. Finally I knew, beyond any doubt, that what I had seen was the truth.

When Ian finished his story he announced that there was going to be a time of prayer. What amazed me even more was what followed. Unless the Lord had told him, he could not possibly have known about me. He said, ‘There are two people here tonight who have heart problems, and I want to pray for these two in particular. Would those two people raise their hands.’ No way he can be talking about me, was my initial thought. But my arm went up. The other person was a lady and, because she was sitting nearer the front, she was the first to reach Ian for prayer. As I listened to Ian and his wife Jane, praying for her, I wondered what on Earth was going on. He then turned to me. Jane placed her hand over my heart and Ian placed his hand over my head. It was as if I was there, but not there. I could hear them praying, but I did not seem to be in this world. I had this strange tingling sensation running through my body, almost as if the blood were draining away, and yet it was a great feeling. I had another sensation of beautiful warmth, spreading from my head down to my feet.

Early in 1994 I was called in by the hospital for an angiogram. My cardiologist was delighted because my arteries were completely clear, the only damage being scar tissue. He immediately discharged me.

I am no longer one who doubts God and His love. My doubts have been replaced by trust.


Every morning it is like Easter at my house. It has not always been this way though. I had to die to learn how to live. I died for 28 minutes, and it was during this death experience that I learned how to live. I had never been sick before this time. I was on vacation. I was having a great time with my mother and dad, my kid brother Gary, my husband, and my sixyearold Brenda. The first night I experienced a pain in my right side. For someone who had never even had a headache up to that time, I began to suffer excruciating and uncontrollable pain.

After I began to vomit and haemorrhage they rushed me to a little beach hospital. I was transferred to another hospital and had an operation on my abdomen. The doctors discovered that I had developed peritonitis. After the operation I lapsed into a coma which lasted for the greater part of 44 days. I had two further operations.

During this comatose period I went through a wonderful learning process. I prayed most of the time, although I was unconscious and could not speak or respond. I still prayed in my heart, and I understood everything that was going on around me. I remembered all of the conversations that were spoken in my room, and I have written them in my book My Glimpse of Eternity. Another wonderful thing happened in this room. I heard music all the time as I lingered near death. I shall always remember two of the songs that I heard constantly echoing in my mind, and in the chambers of my heart. I heard Jack Holcolme singing ‘The old account was settled long ago’. How thankful I was that at the age of 13, I had settled my account with sin. I had decided to invite Jesus be the Lord of my life, forgiving me of my sins, and experienced the new birth. Another song that I heard constantly was the same man singing ‘I have been born again’.

God used very ordinary people to bring about some extraordinary experiences in my life. I was a proud, haughty young woman whom God could not use up to this time. Through this suffering, and 44 days of unconsciousness, I underwent a complete overhaul of personality. Ordinary people came into the room. I always remember Aunt Gertrude coming. She did not know that unconscious people hear, but she took me by the hand and very positively prayed for me. She talked with me about the flowers at home, read my cards, and the little notes that were on my flowers that had been sent to my room. She brought a little bit of the outside world into that hospital room.

Another wonderful person who ministered to me was Uncle Jesse. He was a brake man on the railroad. One day coming home from work he said he felt a very firm desire to come to the hospital to see how I was doing. He initially thought he should go home and shower first. He then felt God impressed him not to delay, but to go to the hospital right then. On arrival he learned that I desperately needed Bnegative blood. When they tested Uncle Jesse and typed him, he had Bnegative blood. I received a direct transfusion, which I urgently needed.

Another person who ministered to me was a man in our neighbourhood who used pitiful English, and I whom considered ugly. I did not like him. I did not like his looks, and he did not know how to dress. He had a radio broadcast that I never cared for. I used to turn the broadcast off whenever it came on. This man violated the ‘No Visitors’ sign and came into my hospital room, not knowing that I could hear in this unconscious state. He came to the foot of my bed. Hearing a man’s footsteps I thought it was my husband, John, who came several times a day. Or perhaps it was my father coming to sit beside me in the squeaky leather chair to pray for me, or just to whisper praises of worship, and bless the name of Jesus. But it was not my father. Suddenly I recognised the voice of Art, the man that I had never liked. My immediate reaction was to try to regain consciousness, to use the call button, and to call a nurse through to ask him out. After all I could not stand the man when I was well, let alone when I was sick. But Art did not leave because God was working on my pride. God had me in a corner where I could not manipulate the situation. Art began to read, and I began to listen. He read Psalm 107:20 to me, ‘He sent His word and healed them ’. Suddenly I realised that this ugly man had been a wonderful instrument, and played sweet music to my dying soul. I latched on to the hope of this word that he had read me, ‘He sent His word and healed them’. I began to have faith that I might be healed. Art left, and I determined that, if I did live, I would apologise and tell him how much I loved him for bringing that word of life and hope.

In the days that followed I almost gave up. On two occasions I had to be resuscitated. Then I developed pneumonia with a high fever. At the end of this fortyfour day period, when pneumonia raged, the outlook seemed very poor to my husband, my father and my mother. So they all went home to prepare themselves for my funeral and burial.

After they all left I felt as if I had suddenly got on a rollercoaster. When you hit that peak, that topmost point on the ride, I felt as though this was what had happened to me. When that sudden lurch came I realised that this was death. It was not frightening, and if it was death, it was very sudden. There was no fear, for death was just changing locations from this place to the other.

I had always been very tall, and it had become a phobia that haunted me all my life. Suddenly that was gone. I began to stand tall and erect, realising that, in the place to which I had come, there were no complexes. I stood to my full height realising that, in spite of three operations and fortyfour days of tubes into my stomach, that I was well and strong. I was walking through a beautiful meadow of waving grass, the strands of which were like green velvet. As I walked in my bare feet, life, health and vigour began to come into my body. It was outdoors, and the climate was like forever spring. What a joy to learn that Heaven was not sitting on a damp cloud playing a harp. It was not wall to wall church, because there was no need for the church here. I realised I was in the living presence of the Son of God, and we would worship Him forever.

As I walked up a hill I became aware that I was not alone. To the left, and a little behind me, was a tall angel clad in a transparent garment of white. I saw his very capable masculine hands, and a masculine face with a knowing look. I realised that the angel had always been there from the day that I had found Jesus. I had never known it, because I had never needed him until now. Walking along we talked with our ‘think’. There was no need for conversation because, just by wishing, we understood each other. We could go from Earth to the galaxies of space, and to the gates of Heaven where, as we approached, I heard the most beautiful singing. As we reached the gates there was melodious and harmonious sounds of music coming over the wall. Suddenly I heard voices whose singing I cannot describe, and I began to sing with them in a way I have never been able to do before or since. Standing there I understood all of the languages of the world. The Scripture verse in I John 3 became alive to me, ‘When we see Him, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is’. He understands all of the languages being spoken all the time around the world. In His presence, I was like Him, and I understood the other languages.

Approaching a most majestic gate of solid pearl, the angel touched it. It severed in the centre. When it opened and I stepped inside I saw and felt light such as I cannot describe. Vivid yellow light, so dazzling and bright that I could not look into it. I began to strain to see where it was coming from. I believe I looked directly into the throne room of God the Father, for seated on His right hand was Jesus, the Son of the living God. I was trying to see His face, which caused a brilliant light to be reflected onto a golden boulevard. When I did, the light and the warmth of His face went directly through me, and I was healed. My past whirled rapidly before me. The present became very wonderful and real, and the things of the future unfolded. In that 28 minute period I learned so much that it will take many books to write it.

I began to look around. In that light I began to see shafts of direct light ascending from the Earth, directly joining that great light in the throne room. The light in the throne room is the source of all energy, all creativity and all power. It occurred to me that I had seen the other end of prayer. I cannot describe what followed except in great detail, and so have written a book, Prayers that are answered in which I describe this. As I saw the direct shafts of light ascending from the Earth, the reality occurred to me that they were the prayers of people on Earth ascending to the great light in the throne room. God could answer, either by the powers of almighty Heaven, or by angels, or the armies of God. We have to realise that in the midst of battle we need not be dismayed, for the powers of the armies of Heaven are at our command when we pray. What made me realise this was that, on one shaft of light, I saw my father’s voice being registered. In my book I describe this as a ‘The One Word Prayer’. My mother and father had been summoned to the hospital room by the head nurse to tell them that I had died. My father arrived there first. He walked over to my body, with the equipment removed, and the sheet covering me. He said that all he could think of to say was to breathe one word of prayer for himself, asking God through this prayer to give him strength to break the news to my husband. He also prayed for my daughter, Brenda, who would be very distressed when she heard the news that her mother had died. The only word that my father could speak was ‘Jesus’. I saw it, and I heard it. There is power in the name of Jesus. It is sufficient. In that one word prayer was a wish that I had not died. I saw it and felt it. I thought I would never want to leave that place, but the power of my father’s prayer breathed in the form of a wish, ‘Jesus,’ healed me and changed my mind. Now I desired to follow his prayer and to come back.

As I came back down the hill I had walked up, I looked through the roof of the hospital and saw down through the floors and into the room where my body was covered with a sheet. As I came closer I saw a direct shaft of the sunrays coming through the glass into my room. The sun was shining on my body, and suddenly I felt as though I had gone in an elevator and had hit the bottom floor. There was a sudden lurch sensation of inertia and I felt my body begin to warm and I touched the sheet. In the centre of that shaft of light, I saw ivory letters about two inches coming towards me. I remembered what Art had read, ‘He sent His word and healed them’. When I looked closer I saw these ivory letters were the printed word of God from the Bible, John 11:25, the words of Jesus, ‘I am the resurrection and the life and He that believes on me though he were dead, yet shall he live.’ I knew as that word was coming towards me it would heal me, and Art’s prayer became reality. I touched the word, pushing the sheet off my face and, reaching out, I grasped those letters pulling them into my arms and then sat up. Within two days I went home from the hospital.

The doctor coming into my room was overwhelmed. The nurse ran down the corridors saying, ‘It’s a ghost!’, she was so frightened. My first thought was that I wanted to call my grandmother who had been dying for the past year. When I called her I did not know that my mother had already called her to tell her I had died. So when I called I shocked her, because she thought that if I was dead then she must have died too. Finally my father got on to her and said, ‘Betty is back, we don’t know what has happened, but she is very much alive and sitting up’. In the following moments I begged for a drink and for food. I was given some 7 Up on crushed ice, and tray on which were two pork chops and a full meal. I ate it all.

I have perfect vision, and have suffered no depression. Since then I have had a perfect baby daughter, no drug withdrawal problems, no colostomy, all of my plumbing works perfectly well, and I have no brain damage. I have written books that have helped many people. I went home in two days happy for a second chance to live again. A second chance to love people again.

My healing was a great miracle, but even greater was the miracle that I returned with a different attitude, and with a great love for people. Through the telling of this story many people have experienced the love of Jesus and experienced the greatest miracle of all, that of sins forgiven.

Betty Malz has spoken about her experiences in many countries. The full version of her testimony may be read in her book, “My Glimpse of Eternity.”


‘Should we join the army?’ the young men asked me. ‘Come back next Sunday and I will preach about it’, was my response. Why not a direct answer you might ask? Well, this was the early 1970s and I was not in Canada, or England, but in that long narrow strip of land, bordered by the Andes, with the longest seacoast of any country in the world, called Chile.

The country was in turmoil. In 1970 Salvadore Allende Gossens was elected to lead the country. He was the first freely elected Communist president in the Western Hemisphere. His programme aimed to extend state control to almost every area of the economy, and the resulting breakdown in the economy led, only three years later, to a military take over, under General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte. This brought in a very repressive regime condemned by most human rights organisations.

I had come to Chile by a rather circuitous route. Having become a Christian whilst studying for a BSc in Agriculture and Horticulture, I then went on to Theological College and obtained a DD Sponsored by the United Church of Canada. I went, with a missionary team, to China, only to be thrown out of there by the Communist Regime. For 12 years I worked with my team in India, but was then asked to go to Jamaica and teach others about what to do on the mission field. But I was not a teacher, I was a missionary. Quite frankly, I was bored by the work. So I asked for a sabbatical of 12 months, though I actually took two years, and went to work with Teen Challenge. Having been recalled by the Church I was asked to go, again with my team, this time to Chile. Our time there was one of great turmoil and uprisings.

Despite the troubles of that land, we saw God move in wonderful ways. One day a young man came to me at the end of the Sunday service and said, ‘I want to play football’. I told him that I believed when a young boy had been to church on Sunday it was good way of keeping him out of mischief. He then said, ‘What, with this?’ Lifting up his leg I saw he had a club foot. I asked if I could pray for him. When he agreed I sent him to get another leader of the church so that we could pray together. I took a small bottle of oil and, as the Bible teaches, I anointed him and then started praying. Almost immediately, the young boy started screaming, and I told my colleague to take off his boot. I could not pray any more because all three watched as his foot grew to become normal.

The young boy had some way to go home, and I knew he could not walk with one boot. So I went to see a man nearby who sold shoes and explained the situation, saying I had only $11. He was so astounded by what he heard that he said I could have the boots for only $11. That could easily have been the end of the story but it wasn’t. A few years ago the Chilean International Football Team came to London. I received a letter telling me to be there, and that I would receive the shock of my life. Not only was the young man playing football for his country, but he also scored a goal!

Every Sunday service we would have at least one member of the secret police, taking notes of what was said. This was why I could not give a direct answer to these young men. On the Sunday morning following the question, I preached on the wellknown text, ‘Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but render to God that which is God’s ’. I thought I had got round the problem quite well, but that was not the thinking of the authorities.

The following Sunday, we had just started our service when in burst about 12 men, guns blazing, and shot about 25 of the congregation. My deputy, John, was one of them. Seeing them coming towards me, he jumped in front to shield me from the bullets. If ever there was a case of, ‘Greater love has no man than this, that he should lay down his life for a friend’, then this was it. John was killed instantly. They went straight through him, and five exploded in my stomach.

I knew I desperately needed medical help, but I was unable to obtain it locally for political reasons. The British Consul said although he could not get me to Canada, he could get me to England there and then.

I left on the aircraft that afternoon with only the clothes I had on, and my Bible, which I still have. By the time we reached England I was unconscious. I was totally unaware of them putting me in a helicopter for an emergency landing at the hospital. They were all prepared for me, and I was taken straight into the operating theatre and onto the table.

I became aware of where I was when, quite suddenly, I found myself standing in the air suspended, as it were, in space looking at my body on the operating table. After a few moments two angels came along and said, ‘This way’. We travelled along a dark passage, but all the time I could see a light at the end. When we got to the end of the tunnel it was like going through thick cobwebs, and into the most marvellous place I had ever dreamed of.

The first person who came into my vision was my mother. You might think that not surprising, but it was to me. Sometime before leaving Chile I had a letter from my parents saying that were moving over to England. What I did not know was that whilst travelling my mother suffered a massive heart attack, and survived for only a week after arriving in England. She came forward, threw her arms around me, and hugged me.

Another surprise awaited me as I looked across and saw my sister. Again, I did not know she was dead. She had also been in Chile and I knew had been shot in the foot. Gangrene had set in and she had very quickly died. For some reason she did not come across to greet me, but merely waved.

The two angels were still with me and started to introduce me to people. Some were missionaries, and

some were well known figures of history, some of whom I knew and others I did not know. What I was aware of was the feeling of splendour of the place, which was wonderful. Everything was dazzling. The colours, especially the green, were so incredible it was indescribable.

Finally, we came to the one Person to whom I needed no introduction Jesus. As I looked at this majestic figure, love seemed to pour out from Him. The only words I can find are those of a chorus we sing, ‘Beautiful beyond description’. I asked what might seem a strange questions, ‘Where am I, Lord?’ His response was, ‘You are in the Paradise of God’. I told Him I thought I was in Heaven but He replied, ‘No man has entered Heaven except He that has come out of Heaven’. I said I had not really thought about it, but I did recall reading it. ‘Do you not remember what I said to the thief on the cross?’ He asked me. Of course I did: ‘This day you will be with me in Paradise ’.

Thinking this was all wonderful, I asked, ‘What happens next?’ The reply of Jesus was, ‘For you, nothing’. Then one of the angels spoke and said, ‘Not this time’. As I heard those words I went all the way back into my body.

The following morning the surgeon came and spoke to me. He asked if I knew I had been dead for nine minutes. I told him that I knew I had died, but was unaware of the time because the moment it happened, I was in eternity.

I recovered from my ordeal but was told I must not return to being a missionary, but should find some very light work to do. So, as always, I prayed about it and asked God to open up an opportunity for me.

The very next day a man came to see me and said, ‘What are you going to do now’. I told him I was going to find a job, and then asked who he was. His reply was not what I expected. ‘I am a Christian and I have heard about you. At present I am the Playing Field Officer for the County Council. I am leaving the job and I need someone to replace me. I know you have a BSc in Agriculture and Horticulture, and I think you’re the man for the job’. I took up the post and at the same time ran a small church. I just took the services on a Sunday and other people did the sick visiting, and other work.

I finally gave up the job when I had a heart attack. Today I am still active, and am the Prayer Officer for a chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. God is amazingly good.


1977 was not a good year. In the space of just two months and 11 days, the dog was stolen, my best friend died, I found I had glaucoma, my daughter Annette died and I broke my back.

My back was broken when I slipped on the floor resulting in separation at L5 and a separation at S1, the lumbar and sacral part of my back. The doctors decided to treat me with a spinal fusion.

Just prior to this, my daughter was hit by a truck and was killed. We had planned for her to have a party at a hotel, but somehow we felt it was not right to go forward with it. Annette was a lovely Christian girl, who loved Jesus so much. We prayed for all our worth that she would live. Many other people were also praying, and they would visit the hospital and lay hands on her but she did not recover. I now believe she died because she had a choice. One of the people who came to pray for her said, ‘She is in Heaven right now’, and I knew that was right, and that she had made her choice to stay.

Now I can understand, but at that time, I did not want her to leave us. She was our only child. We loved her, but she had a free will. I know how much she loved God, and she is with Him. Her daddy was devastated. He just pounded on the walls of the hospital until they vibrated, and cried and cried. He became angry with God until he eventually withdrew from Him, because he did not want to let go of his daughter. All this, of course, made the circumstances of my operation even more difficult for him.

When I went for surgery the operation took nine hours. During the operation my spirit left my body. The time it takes is a blink of an eye that’s all. I was in Heaven and saw the light of Heaven, which is Jesus. There was such peace, and the light was so bright that if you were looking at Him in your normal body, you could not stand it because the light is so glorious. I can not really judge how tall He was. His hair was dark, sort of brownish, but the thing that is so overwhelming is the love that just permeates His whole being. This love and peace engulfed me so much that I did not want to come back, even after I had agreed I would. I related then to the fact that my daughter had chosen to stay.

I saw the gates of Heaven, made up of 12 gigantic pearls. The streets looked like solid gold. The walls are precious stones, and all the colours are so bright and vibrant. As well as all this, there is the music that is almost impossible to describe. It is glorious. It is worship and adoration of God; it is holy and pure. You could not try singing to keep up with the music in the natural way. There were musical notes I have never head on Earth. They were so clear and flawless, and the tone was so beautiful. It is the most wonderful place to be.

After a little while I saw my daughter. We were in a garden where the grass was so green and lush. The flowers were incredibly bright, and there were fruit trees. Someone picked an apple from one of the trees, and it immediately grew back again. Everyone there was totally whole, and my daughter was just wonderful. We talked about how much we loved each other, and how happy she was to see me. The feelings were mutual, but of a higher level than we understand on Earth.

My grandparents were also in Heaven, though in a different place to my daughter. Up there, you do not just float on a cloud. Everyone is an integral part of what God is doing, and they all have work to do. There were others of my family in Heaven, my great grandma for one, but there were not a lot, because God told me that other members of my family did not make Heaven. There were some I would have expected to see there, but they were not.

Jesus spoke to me and told me He loved me. We talked about many different things, and then He said He wanted me to come back. This did not please me, and I asked Him why I could not stay. He told me He had something different for me to do. When I had finished this, then I could come back home again. Jesus did not say what this would be, but that I would know each step of the way. It was then that I started to cry, but I had given my word and agreed to come back.

My return was somewhat slower than my journey to Heaven. On the way back I experienced no pain whatsoever. When I was fully back into my body again the pain was excruciating and not only that, my brain was in a complete fog. I could not think at all. I had no language. The only words I knew were, ‘yes’ and ‘OK’. I was told later that this was due to a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain during and after my operation.

After the four hours of surgery, six people worked on me for 5 hours nonstop! They know that a patient can hear you speaking even if apparently unconscious. (They were determined I would not die but I kept going unconscious on them.) I shook my head to try to indicate that I was not upset with them, but was crying because I was alive. I guess I really did not want to come back to Earth and leave my daughter behind. The pain was absolutely terrible, even though they had me medicated. When I was walking round in Heaven there was no pain, I had no brain damage, my head wasn’t foggy, I was alert, and I could communicate. Now it was very different!

After the surgery I had kidney failure; my lips peeled and bled for up to two months; I did not know my alphabet; I could not even eat properly, I kept hitting my face with the fork. I did not want to be a vegetable and my husband, already angry after the death of our daughter, became even angrier with God. Seeing the state I was in hurt him so badly, that he could not handle it.

When I first came back home, after a friend had taken care of me for three months, he took me out

and bought me lots and lots of presents, even things I could not use at that time. Gradually, however, he realised how ill I still was. He became more distant, more hurt and angry to the point that he wanted to shoot me because he could not stand to see me suffer. He would not even pray because, after Annette died, he figured there was no point. Eventually he left me.

The State paid for me to have sessions to help me accept the fact that I was permanently damaged and that I would never be any better. They asked me how I felt about it and I said, ‘I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ It must have been difficult for them, because at that time I did not even know how to take a bath or set the table. What I did know was that God was going to heal me, because Jesus had told me this. He had sent me back so that Jesus might be glorified.

In 1983, I arranged to go visit my sister for Thanksgiving. For the three weeks before that visit, I looked up every Scripture on healing and Acts 3:16 in particular became alive to my spirit. This is where Peter and John tell the beggar at the Gate Beautiful that his faith in the name of Jesus had made him whole. I meditated on that word, and spoke it out at least a hundred times a day. Then whilst visiting my sister I attended a church and went out for prayer from the Pastor. He came over to me and asked me what I needed. He just took things one at a time, and then asked if I had faith to believe for the healing of my back. The Scriptures say, ‘According to your faith be it unto you.’ Whilst some of the miracles I have received have been a sovereign act of God, I knew that this was one for which my faith had to be active.

When he prayed, the intense pain in my lower back left instantly. Up to then it had hurt to sit and to lie down. In fact, many times I slept on the floor with my feet in a chair, but I could get no real relief. Now I was able to run, not real fast, because I was out of practice, but I did run round the back of the church that day. Not only was my back healed but my glaucoma also. I felt something lift from my eyes, and have never used the eye drops since. I have been examined and told that the glaucoma has gone.

I believe that God sent me back so that I could minister life to people as an example of one who had received many, many miracles, and help them build up their faith in a living God. When I was in Heaven, Jesus not only told me He loved me, but that He was coming back sooner than we think. People think they have a lot more time than they have. It is not the time to procrastinate, it is time to prepare for your future life.


This was a headache of mammoth proportions! On the 20th May 1982, I was at home in bed. Pam, my wife, had gone to town and I was alone with our 15 monthold baby. As the morning wore on, the headache grew even worse, until suddenly I felt something snap in my head. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was serious.

Knowing I needed help, I called out to God. There were a number of things not right in my life so I promised, ‘If I get through this problem, I’ll straighten them out.’ At this point I became concerned for the baby, who was on my bed. I managed to get hold of her by the leg, put her onto the floor, and drag her down the landing to the back room, where I locked her in. I then crawled back to my bedroom, got to the window, and called out to my neighbours, who were outside at the time, for help.

An ambulance took me to hospital. I was examined, and had a lumbar puncture. The diagnosis was a brain haemorrhage. In the end it turned out to be a burst artery. I was transferred to the regional hospital, where the specialist arranged for a CAT scan. I had an angiogram the next morning, and woke up nine hours later in the recovery room after surgery. Then I lapsed into a coma. The prognosis was poor.

I was put onto a life support machine. As the clock ticked on I slipped into a deeper and deeper coma. Evidently I was in that coma for days with no change, except that the specialist told my wife I did not have fully fixed or dilated pupils. Pam did not understand the medical terms so asked a cousin of hers, who was a nursing sister. She said that basically I was on the brink of death. The cousin asked Pam if she had ever heard of the healing power of God. She told Pam about a couple of miracles she had seen, and gave her a telephone number.

That night Pam rang the number and spoke to a man, Al Ryan, who was the President of the local chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. When she told him the problem there was a moment’s silence. Then Al said, ‘Mrs. Dunphy, your husband will recover.’ Somehow Pam knew, deep down, that his words were true.

Al then asked for three days of prayer and fasting. Pam’s cousin contacted as many people as she could, requesting their prayer support. It was put out on the local radio’s Christian programme, and prayer groups around the country were contacted. That Sunday evening all of my family gathered to pray for me. The family members were all Catholics, but this kind of meeting was new to them. It was a last resort! What Pam did not know at that time was that all my family had actually gathered to say their goodbye to me. My brother had even come over from England.

The night after the prayer meeting, Pam and her cousin came to visit. They noticed a slight change in my condition. Evidently when they spoke to me, my eyelids fluttered. The cousin went out and spoke with the people monitoring my condition, and asked if there had been any change. They replied that there had not been. Two hours after they left the hospital contacted them. I was conscious. I knew where I was, what had happened to me and even my name!

That evening however, I developed bacterial pneumonia. I had a tracheotomy in an effort to clear my lungs. Coming out of surgery I slipped back into a coma.

Al Ryan, from the FGBFMI, had not given up. He came into the hospital, toting a big Bible. He and Pam came into the Intensive Care Unit, where he prayed for me. He put his hands on me and began praying. He prayed quietly for a few minutes, and then began to pray for healing. As he did, Pam could feel heat coming from within my chest, and my eyelids began to flicker just as they had done on the previous Sunday. Then I heard Al say, ‘You know who’s here, don’t you?’ I nodded my head, and he gave a prayer of thanksgiving. I put my hands together and endeavoured to mouth the words Al prayed.

Of course I was aware of very little of what went on during that time, as far as the hospital and surroundings were concerned. What I do know is that during the second coma I had a sensation of my spirit leaving my body. I felt drawn to a light at the end of a long tunnel. To my left I saw a white horse in full gallop. Then I came to a tunnel to the right. I stopped in front of it and heard a voice. It asked me three questions about my love for my wife and children, after which it went on to say that love was the key to the kingdom.

It also said I would haveto come back to Earth. I then returned to my body and regained consciousness.

The following day I was awake and alert. Three days later when the chest specialist returned, he was delighted to see me up from my bed and walking about. Two weeks later I was released from hospital.

Out of gratitude, Pam started attending prayer meetings regularly. At first I went along too, but soon began to feel like an exhibit. After a while I stopped going. They did not give up on me though. They continued to pray for me. Nine months later I asked my wife to get a baby sitter so that I could come with her to the prayer meeting that night.

About a year later, we went to a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Convention. On the Saturday evening I went to the front and asked one of the men to pray for me. I committed my life to Jesus Christ that night.

As he continued to pray for me, I reached into my pocket, took out my cigarettes, threw them on the floor, and stamped on them. I had tried unsuccessfully to stop smoking before. Since that time I have not touched a cigarette. The urge to smoke went completely.

Before this experience, my whole life was in a mess. If God had not stepped in, Pam and I would surely have separated. In the period after my miraculous healing and my commitment to Jesus, God began dealing with my problems one by one. From that time I have experienced God’s help and guidance in all areas of my life, particularly in the fulfilling of a dream I had of opening a Christian book shop in my spare time. God has wonderfully enabled that to happen, and I am able to give Bibles away free to new people in our prayer group. God has changed our lives in so many ways. He is truly a wonderful and loving Father.


In 1961 I became a Christian and our first child was born in 1962. I had married Malcolm and we lived on 20,000 acres on which we share farmed. We were ten miles away from any doctor, and all those miles were on very rough roads. I had a second child, then four miscarriages before carrying my third child, Wendy.

Despite all my previous problems during pregnancies, Malcolm and I felt very confident about this baby. Everything had gone well, and there were no mad dashes over rough roads to the doctors. Of course I knew I must have the baby in hospital.

It was then that my problems started. I sustained a haemorrhage due to a retained placenta. Naturally, I was rushed to the theatre. The doctors worked on me for two and a half hours. I could feel myself drifting in and out of consciousness.

Suddenly I felt myself being drawn up out of my body, going up and up. Eventually I came to what looked like a sea of glass. The beauty of the place was astounding. I walked past this sea and I could then see the River of Life, just as I had read about in the Bible. On either side of it there were the most beautiful trees. So overwhelmed with the magnificence of everything surrounding me, I came to a standstill and, as I did, I saw Jesus coming towards me. Behind Him, and stretching as far as the eye could see were thousands of angels, all singing. The music and singing was indescribable. I have never heard such sounds on Earth, and I wanted to remain standing there, just drinking it in, but I felt myself being drawn further on.

Someone came alongside and put their arms around my shoulders. As He turned me round, Jesus said, ‘It is not your time yet, I have work for you to do.’ No sooner had he spoken those words than I was back in the operating theatre, and I could see myself holding the baby as I came back into my body.

In my childhood I had experienced rejection. This experience, and others, caused me to realise that despite the rejection of my childhood, Jesus loves me. For Him there is no such thing as an unwanted child. God has used me, along with my husband, to bring that love of Jesus to many people, especially the young, in both Australia and England.


My father was the Hollywood actor, Benson Fong. He starred in the Charlie Chan film series, as well as Keys of the Kingdom and Thirty Seconds over Tokyo. Because of his lifestyle I was raised around celebrities all my life. I would meet people like Gregory Peck, June Allyson, and Jack Lemmon all the time.

For much of my younger life, my father wasn’t around very much, but when he was, he was very strict. I was his only son and so he expected a lot from me. I suppose it was when I was about 13 that I started to rebel. At first it was drinking whiskey, then smoking pot regularly, and eventually graduating to LSD. As so many addicts do, I became a drug dealer, selling mainly LSD, marijuana, and hashish.

After a few years I moved to Laguna Canyon which was a notorious Orange County drug area, and became close friends with Rosemary Leary, wife of LSD guru, Timothy Leary. He was the man who coined the phrase, ‘Turn on, tune in, and drop out.’ I also delved into Eastern mysticism, using drugs to enhance my ‘spiritual’ experiences.

I was very serious about what I was into. On one occasion I fasted for 45 days and nights. I used to do yoga for hours, sitting out on the rocks in the high desert at the Joshua Tree Monument. (This is a national park close to Palm Springs.) Sitting on a blanket I would just watch the world turn, trying to centre myself and realise perfection.

There was almost nothing that I did not try in my spiritual quest. I finally got so frustrated that I decided I really wanted, once and for all, to become one with God. So there at the Joshua Tree Monument in 1970, I took a vial of pure crystal sunshine LSD. I snorted the equivalent of 150 doses and immediately began convulsing. I fell over on my back and couldn’t breathe. I remember dying, and, according to the testimony of those with me, they knew I was dead.

During this time I remember my heart flying and then ceasing. I peacefully nodded off into death. Then everything started to get dark because I couldn’t see any longer. I looked for the light and wanted to head for that light. That was what the mediums and psychics I knew had told me to expect.

When I could see no light, in desperation I cried out. ‘Jesus, if you’re real, save me.’ Then something extraordinary happened. In that darkness, there was light, flashing lights that became brighter and brighter. Pretty soon I woke up and could make out the Figure of a man in front of me. The brightness was such that I couldn’t bear to look at Him. Even the sun, shining behind Him, looked dim by comparison. I spun round and tried to bury my head in the sand but felt as if, whatever it was, could see right through every part of me. There was no place to hide. I head His voice saying, ‘I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.’ At that moment in time, I came back into this world.

Soon after this, a group of my old friends who had previously converted to Christianity, took me to hear a man preach in Long Beach. I remember listening carefully to what he was saying and knowing that it was what I had to do. I had to give my life totally and completely over to Jesus Christ.

Oden Fong is now a pastor at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California.


From the early fifties I had worked in the construction industry. In 1979 I suffered a massive heart attack. I was a Senior Industrial Relations Manager in a major offshore company, in Personnel, Labour and Industrial Relations.

In many ways I was typical of so many senior personnel. I was hardworking and working very long hours, with lots of travelling both on and off shore. My wife, Jean, and I had married as childhood sweethearts in 1951.

We were normal, Godfearing, churchgoing people, comfortably off and enjoying good health. One the requirements of offshore industries, whether working or visiting oil platforms, was to undergo a very strict medical at least every three years. I had undertaken one of these in March of 1979 and, whilst a moderate smoker and minimal spirit drinker, I was pronounced as fit as a fiddle.

That year however, the workload became intense. By September I had not had a day off. I was constantly travelling all over the country by plane, train and car, and also flying by helicopters to offshore rigs. After a great deal of persuasion from my wife and secretary, I agreed to take a few days off, well at least the weekend. I arranged to play golf on the Sunday morning with some friends. I did enjoy a lazy Saturday morning but at lunch time there was a phone call from the Offshore Construction Manager about a potential labour dispute. Because of the direct radiophone system we had with the rigs, it was easier for me to go into the office to link up and monitor the situation, and issue advice and instructions as and when required.

I did try to unwind that night. The following morning I was up about 05.45 a.m. to get ready to play an early round of golf. Being a good husband I decided to make Jean a cup of tea. As I poured out the hot waster I had a severe pain in my chest and numbness in my left arm. It eased a moment as I walked through to the bedroom but then returned with a vengeance making breathing and moving difficult.

I lay down on top of the bed and felt myself sinking into it. Sounds starting to recede as if I was going deaf and I was only partly conscious. My doctor and friend arrived. He gave me an injection to make me more comfortable, and then arranged for my transfer to hospital. I was aware of very little of the whole journey, or arriving at the hospital. What I experienced was something very different.

It must have been when my heart developed an abnormal rhythm that I found myself in a very bright, white, and lighted place. There were no feelings of pain, discomfort or distress. In fact, it felt as if it was where I wanted to be. I was experiencing a lovely feeling of peace when I became aware of someone saying, ‘Come this way David’, and I was looking forward to going. In many ways it was like a television set where the scene would change as the channel changed. I found myself looking down from the top corner of a room, floating just under the ceiling. Beneath me was a group of people gathered around a hospital trolley, talking together very excitedly, but they seemed to be far away. Some were dressed in green, others in outdoor clothes, and one man in a dress shirt with fancy patterned braces on. On the wall, quite high up, I was conscious of an unusual clock. It was almost opposite me and I though it rather odd. The man in the fancy braces had something in both hands with wires attached, and said something to the others, whilst placing these things on the person on the trolley.

Immediately I felt intense pain return, and everything went black. Then as light returned I looked down and suddenly realised that it was my body on the trolley. I was very angry at what was happening. I wanted to stay where I was, because it was peaceful and pain free, and I was waiting for someone to come and get me. But once more the man in the fancy braces bent over the trolley, and again I felt intense pain. After that I felt nothing until I came round on the Tuesday.

When I came round there were Jean and Mike, the man whom I had been with on the Saturday sorting out labour problems. He had actually done something almost unheard of in the oil industry, in that he arranged to come onshore before his replacement arrived. This was because he felt he had to be at the hospital with me. I started to tell them about the strange experience that I had experienced, but could see by their faces that it was being accepted only with a large pinch of salt. Jean casually remarked, ‘That’s God giving you another chance. You’ll definitely have to change and slow down in future.’ Mike, being his usual cynical self, ignored what I was saying and supported what Jean had said about slowing down.

At that point they had to leave because the consultant had arrived. I was asking for something to eat and drink, as well as a wash and shave, because I knew I must look awful. Whilst he was checking me over I quite calmly said to him that he had quite a taste in braces. He stopped and asked, ‘What do you mean?’ I explained about what had taken place and he stood upright, somewhat astonished. He wanted to know if someone else had been speaking to me since I had come round, but the nurse assured him that he was the first member of staff to speak to me since I had regained consciousness.

The consultant explained that it he had been in the hospital on the previous Sunday when I was brought in, and that I had experienced a cardiac arrest on the trolley. What I had called jump leads was actually a defibrillator he had used to treat my cardiac arrest. And yes, he did have on a dress shirt and fancy braces. But how did I know that, as I was seriously ill with a cardiac arrest at the time. The room I was in was not the one he was used to and when I mentioned the clock, he had not noticed it. He did say that he had been told of a few cases of similar experiences in the past, but he was obviously puzzled by my comments. Later that evening he returned to say that he had been down to the room concerned, and there was a clock just as, and where, I had described it.

The next person I told about my experience was the Minister of my church, but he appeared totally unaffected by it. I really did not understand what had happened until some years later when I finally committed my life to Jesus Christ. Although she had only partly spoken the truth, Jean was right that day in 1979. God had indeed given me a second chance. He had given me a glimpse of the peace of eternity.

David Bremner may be contacted at


In July 1969 I was suffering severely with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. I became acutely ill with a kidney infection, and my temperature was creeping up to 105F. I began having a kind of nightmare. At the time, I remember thinking I must be delirious with the fever, but if this was so, it was strange that I was lucid enough to consider it! All I can vaguely remember was of horrible, frightening scenes flashing briefly before me.

I then looked up and saw a little window or opening, about 30 feet square, and I knew I was being given a glimpse into Heaven. The opening was filled with Heavenly blue sky. In the left hand corner was some very beautiful blossom. The nearest thing I could liken this to would be very wonderful apple blossom. In the top right hand corner was a dazzlingly brilliant, white light and I knew this was God the Father. He did not speak to me at all during the experience, but I had a onesided conversation with Him! My first feelings, on realising that I must be either dead or dying, were of absolute shock and amazement. This has caused me to know, at a deeper level than most probably can, that we are exactly the same person a moment after we are dead as were the moment before. My first explosive comment of surprise to God the Father was, ‘I did not expect that kidney infection to kill me!’

My second comment showed I then had the lesson to learn that God will look after His own glory. I said to Him, ‘What is going to happen to the faith of all those people down there who I have told You’re going to heal me?’

Two years previously, following the diagnosis of SLE, after years of deteriorating health, I underwent major surgery and many, many tests. At that time God gave me the same promise three times, when I was praying for healing, that if I would rest in Him, He would give me my heart’s desire (Psalm 37). However, in spite of this, and following a trip to Burrswood in Kent to receive healing ministry, I was going downhill fast, and humanly speaking death looked inevitable. Lying in bed, feeling so ill, I cried out to God, particularly for my husband who then adored me, and for my children who would be left motherless.

Having had a horrendous childhood myself due to the lack of a mother, I could not see how anyone could really replace me for them. I struggled with God over this, knowing that He is God, and all things are possible to Him. I finally surrendered, though I could not understand it since I had had those promises. I told the Lord that, al though I did not know how He would replace me for the family, He was able do it. So, if it was His will for me to die, I was willing.

My third comment to God related to the above. I was by now in tears, as the full reality of the fact that I was dead or dying hit me, and I despaired for my family who would be left bereft. Tearfully, I then said to the Father, ‘I really thought I meant it when I said I was willing to die if that was Your will, but now it has come to the crunch, I realise I am not as willing as I thought I was. Please make me willing’. Word for word I remember the conversation very well!

The vision then faded and somebody, who I presumed was an angel, took me by the right hand and led me up the hill to Calvary. Unlike so many pictures of Calvary, which look from the front, we approached from the left side. The whole scene was in darkness, eerily lit by the only light that was coming from behind me, from where the angel had brought me. I did not see the crosses, though I may have had a glimpse of the base of Jesus’ cross. This could have been imagination, because I knew where I was and what I was looking at, but I burst into tears at the pain of it all, and pleaded with the angel who had led me there, ‘Please, don’t make me look’.

The scene immediately changed, and I was running along the northern side of the Chapel at Burrswood, a Christian Centre of healing where Christianity and medicine work hand in hand. I was running along a covered, cloistertype way, which I do not recall from when my husband took me there to receive ministry. Although I was running along the ground it felt almost as though I was flying, I was so weightless, and the movement was so easy. I entered the Chapel, presumably through the wall of the north transept. I was immediately alongside people kneeling at the communion rail to receive the laying on of hands for healing, as I had done myself. At once I started to pray for them and then, as I looked up, in the space where in actuality there is a circular window, I saw Jesus! It was just His head and shoulders, with His head turned slightly from me. Gasping inside with the sheer wonder of it all, and unable here to adequately express the awesome joy of this sight, I gasped out to Him, ‘Oh Jesus, is it really You?’ He turned and smiled at me so lovingly, answering, ‘Yes Pam, it is Me’. My immediate reaction was one of inner turmoil as my finite mind tried to grasp the wonderful reality of this experience. I was mentally pinching myself to be sure it was really happening, meanwhile thinking hard, no word spoken, that I must believe this and have faith that it was really happening.

As though Jesus knew exactly what I was thinking, (which of course, He does!) and the inner turmoil I was experiencing, the scene faded and a back cloth of brick red appeared. On this, as I watched, something or someone wrote in smoke the letters IHS. They actually appeared as though being written in the normal way with ink, but these were in the same colours of gold, silver and white, as the clothes Jesus had been wearing.

I know some people give the wellknown lettering IHS the English rendering of ‘In His Service’, but Jesus knew that I would know this was a sign from Him to confirm His appearance to me.

The day following this experience I was taken into hospital. When I came out, I looked up IHS in the Oxford Dictionary. There were several different translations of In Hoc Signo. The translation that leaped from the page for me was the version, ‘In this sign you will conquer’.

This was the only time anything other than God’s Word has done this with such an impact, and made me sure it was God speaking.


On the 7 February 1985, I had a near death experience in

the kitchen at home in front of my 14 yearold daughter.

It had snowed heavily, and I had been shovelling the snow

to clear a path, when I felt a terrific pain like a knife in my

back. I shouted out in pain and my wife, Pauline, and my

daughter came out to where I was. They literally dragged

me into the house. Pauline thought I had had a stroke, and ran to the neighbours for help.

During the time my wife was out of the house, my daughter was present. She said that suddenly my body went rigid, and my arms and legs just shot out. I stopped breathing, and my face changed colour. Not surprisingly, she became hysterical.

I felt myself, at that moment in time, leaving my body as I went into a tunnel. Up to that time, although I had been born again many years previous, I had never heard anyone talk about this kind of experience.

The sensation was of travelling at high speed down this tunnel. All my natural senses were greatly heightened. The colours were more vivid; my hearing was incredibly acute and everything I saw was manifestly more distinctive than with my normal vision. I had no fear because, being a Christian, I knew the place to which I was travelling was Heaven.

Something I really love to do is to travel fast, and so the speed at which I came through the tunnel was a wonderfully exhilarating experience. Approaching the end of the tunnel I saw before me the most brilliant, glorious, radiant light. As I saw the glory of Heaven appearing before me, I head the name of Jesus, seemingly echoing throughout Heaven. ‘Jesus, Jesus’. On the third shout of, ‘Jesus’, I did, as it were, an emergency stop, and my spirit went into reverse. Back I came up the tunnel at top speed, and reentered my body.

I remember that the first thing my mind fastened onto in my body was my hearing, as I became aware of my wife saying, ‘Jesus’. The next thing my mind fastened onto was my eyesight, and I saw my wife, Pauline, and neighbours gathered around me. Later I told them that I knew then that I was not in Heaven because they were certainly not angels.

It was a most extraordinary experience. I spent some days in hospital where I was checked very carefully many times. They said that my problem had been caused by a furring of the arteries that supply the brain. I was due to fly off to the United Sates to preach a few days later. Further Xrays showed that there was nothing stopping the blood flow, so a few days later I flew off to the States.

As I look back over the 10 years since this amazing occurrence, I know that God has given me an exceptional sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and the resurrection life and power of Jesus Christ. There have been a number of occasions when God has used me to raise up other people who have had neardeath experiences.

On one occasion, when I was preaching one night in my church at Burrwood, a man died. (That’s how boring my preaching is!) About halfway through my message, he got up and walked out. I just assumed he needed a ‘comfort’ break. Having got through the doors, he then collapsed. Two ladies who were outside rushed back into the church, down the aisle, saying, ‘Come Pastor, quick, quick!’ I sprinted out of the church and there was Jack, laid out, dead. They had already phoned for an ambulance, but one of the ladies handed me a bottle of anointing oil and said, ‘Hold out your hands,’ and then proceeded to poor all the oil into my hands. Then she said, ‘Slap it on his head!’ So I did exactly that, with the oil running all over his head. The Holy Spirit came over me with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, as I spoke out the words, ‘Death, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Take your hands off Jack. Now, Jack, come back into your body’. Instantaneously, he came back into his body, and he is still fit and well.

Some short time ago when I was giving my testimony, a man asked me whether I had been given any choice to stay in Heaven or come back. I told him that I really had not, because when your wife tells you something then you have to obey her! It is good to have a wife who knows the authority we have in Jesus. So I give God all the glory and praise for giving me extra time to serve him.

Pastor Rod Lewis is an active Pastor in Staffordshire, England. He is involved, amongst other things, in missionary work to Chernobyl, Ukraine. His church charity, Help Aid Chernobyl Children, visits the Ukraine frequently. For details visit this web site:

Pastor Rod Lewis is available to share his testimony, and he may be contacted at the following email address:

Pastor Rod presenting a nebuliser to a TB hospital in the Ukraine.


This story is reproduced with kind permission from Guideposts magazine.

When I was sent to the base hospital at Camp Berkeley, Texas, early in December 1943, I had no idea I was seriously ill. I’d just completed basic training, and my only thought was to get on the train at Richmond, Virginia, to enter medical school as part of the Army’s doctortraining program. It was an unheardof break for a private, and I wasn’t going to let a chest cold beat me out of it.

But days passed, and I didn’t get any better. It was December 19 before I was moved to the recuperation wing, where a jeep was to pick me up at 4 a.m. the following morning to drive me to the railroad station.

A few more hours and I’d make it! Then about 9 p.m. I began to run a fever. I went to the ward boy and begged some aspirin. Despite the aspirin, my head throbbed, and I’d cough into the pillow to smother the sounds. Three a.m. I decided to get up and dress.

The next half an hour is a blur for me. I remember being too weak to finish dressing. I remember first a nurse, and then a doctor, coming to the room and then a bellclanging ambulance ride to the Xray building. Could I stand, the captain was asking, long enough to get one picture? I struggled unsteadily to my feet. The whirr of the machine is the last thing I remember.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying in a little room I had never seen before. A tiny light burned in a nearby lamp. For a while I lay there, trying to recall where I was. All of a sudden I sat upright. The train, I’d missed the train!

Now I know that what I am about to describe will sound incredible. I do not understand it any more than I ask you to; all I can do is relate the events of that night as they occurred. I sprang out of bed and looked around the room for my uniform. My uniform was not on the bedrail. I stopped, staring. Someone was lying in the bed I had just left.

I stepped closer in the dim light, then drew back. He was dead. The slack jaw, the grey skin looked awful. Then I saw the ring. On his left hand was the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity ring I had worn for two years.

I ran into the hall, eager to escape the mystery of that room. Richmond, that was the allimportant thing getting to Richmond. I started down the hall for the outside door. ‘Look out!’ I shouted to an orderly bearing down on me. He seemed not to hear, and a second later passed the very spot where I stood as though I had not been there.

It was too strange to think about. I reached the door, went through, and found myself in the darkness outside, speeding toward Richmond. Running? Flying? I only knew that the dark Earth was slipping past while other thoughts occupied my mind, terrifying and unaccountable ones. The orderly had not seen me. What if the other people at medical school could not see me either?

In utter confusion I stopped by a telephone pole in a town by a large river and put my hand against the guy wire. At least the wire seemed to be there, but my hand could not make contact with it. One thing was clear; in some unimaginable way I had lost my firmness of flesh, the hand that could grip that wire, the body that other people saw.

I was beginning to know too that the body on the bed was mine, unaccountably separated from me, and that my job was to go back and rejoin it as fast as I could. Finding the base and the hospital again was no problem. Indeed I seemed to be back there almost as soon as I thought of it. But where was the little room I had left? So began what must have been one of the strangest searches ever to take place; the search for myself. As I ran from one ward to the next, past room after room of sleeping soldiers, all about my age, I realised how unfamiliar we are with our own faces. Several times I stopped by a sleeping figure that was exactly as I imagined myself. But the fraternity ring, The Phi Gamma ring was lacking, and I would speed on.

At last I entered a little room with a single dim light. A sheet had been drawn over the figure on the bed, but the arms lay along the blanket. On the left hand was the ring. I tried to draw back the sheet, but I could not seize it. And now that I had found myself, how could one join two people who were so completely separate? And there, standing before this problem, I thought suddenly; ‘This is death. This is what we human beings call ‘death’, this splitting from one’s self’. It was the first time I had connected death with what had happened to me.

In that most despairing moment, the little room began to fill with light. I say ‘light’, but there is no word in our language to describe brilliance that intense. I must try to find words, however, because incomprehensible as the experience was to my intellect, it has affected every moment of my life since then. The light that entered that room was Christ: I knew because a thought was put deep within me, ‘You are in the presence of the Son of God.’ I could have called him ‘light’, but I could also have said ‘love’, for that room was flooded, pierced, illuminated, by the most total compassion I have ever felt. It was a presence so comforting, so joyous and all satisfying, that I wanted to lose myself forever in the wonder of it.

But something else was present in that room. With the presence of Christ (simultaneously, though I must tell it one by one) also had entered every episode of my entire life. There they were, every

thought and event and conversation, as palpable as a series of pictures. There was no first or last,

each one was contemporary, each one asked a single question, ‘What did you do with your time on Earth?’

I looked anxiously among the scenes before me: school, home, scouting and the crosscountry track teama fairly typical boyhood, yet in the light of that Presence it seemed a trivial and irrelevant existence. I searched my mind for good deeds. The Presence asked, ‘Did you tell anyone about Me?’ I answered, ‘I did not have time to do much. I was planning to, then this happened. I am too young to die!’

‘No one,’ the thought was inexpressibly gentle, ‘is to young to die.’ And now a new wave of light spread through the room already so incredibly bright and suddenly we were in another world. Or rather, I perceived all around us a very different world occupying the same space. I followed Christ through ordinary streets and countryside and everywhere I saw this other existence strangely superimposed on our own familiar world.

It was thronged with people. People with the unhappiest faces I have ever seen. Each grief seemed different. I saw businessmen walking the corridors of the places where they had worked, trying vainly to get someone to listen to them. I saw a mother following a 60year old man, her son I guessed, cautioning him, instructing him. He did not seem to be listening. Suddenly I was remembering myself, that very night, caring about nothing but getting to Richmond. Was it the same for all these people; had their hearts and minds been all concerned with Earthly things, and now, having lost Earth, were they still hopelessly fixed here? I wondered if this was Hell. To care most when you are most powerless; this would be Hell indeed.

I was permitted to look at two more worlds that nightI cannot say ‘spirit worlds’ for they were too real, too solid. Both were introduced the same way; a new quality of light, a new openness of vision, and suddenly it was apparent what had been there all along. The second world, like the first, occupied this very surface of the Earth, but it was a vastly different realm. Here was no absorption with Earthly things, butfor want of a better word to sum it up with truth.

I saw sculptors and philosophers here, composers and inventors. There were universities and great libraries and scientific laboratories that surpass the wildest inventions of science fiction.

Of the final world I had only a glimpse. Now we no longer seemed to be on Earth, but immensely far away, out of relation to it. And there, still at a great distance, I saw a citybut a city, if such a thing is conceivable, constructed out of light. At that time I had not read the Book of Revelation, nor, incidentally, anything on the subject of life after death. But here was a city in which the walls, houses, streets, seemed to give off light, while moving among them were beings as blindingly bright as the One who stood beside me. This was only a moment’s vision, for the next instant the walls of the little room closed around me, the dazzling light faded, and a strange sleep stole over me….

To this day, I cannot fully fathom why I was chosen to return to life. All I know is that when I woke up in the hospital bed in that little room, in the familiar world where I’d spent all my life, it was not a homecoming. The cry in my heart that moment has been the cry of my life ever since: Christ, show me yourself again.

It was weeks before I was well enough to leave the hospital and all the time one thought obsessed me: to get a look at my chart. At last the room was unattended: there it was in medical shorthand: Private George Ritchie, died December 20, 1943, double lobar pneumonia.

Later, I talked to the doctor who signed the report. He told me there was no doubt in his mind that I had been dead when he examined me, but that nine minutes later the soldier who had been assigned to prepare me for the morgue had come running to give me a shot of adrenaline. The doctor gave me a hypo of adrenaline directly into the heart muscle, all the while disbelieving what his own eyes were seeing. My return to life, he told me, without brain damage or other lasting effect, was the most baffling circumstance of his career.

Today over 19 years later, I feel that I know why I had the chance to return to this life. It was to become a physician so that I could about man and then serve God. And every time I have able to serve our God by helping some brokenhearted adult, treating some injured child or counselling some teenager, then deep within I have felt that He was there beside me again.

Guidepost magazine has in its possession affidavits from both the Army doctor and attending nurse on the case which attest to the fact that Dr. Ritchie was pronounced dead on the morning of December 20, 1943.

Probably as remarkable as the story itself is the transformation it caused in the life of Dr. Ritchie. He was transformed from an indifferent Christian into a man whose life is centred in Christ. For 18 years he has been active in youth work in Richmond, Virginia, and in 1957 founded the Christian Youth Corps of America for the purpose of developing Christian character in young people. Dr. Ritchie’s

vision is “ a world run by men who are run by God.”

Dr George Ritchie’s full testimony is recorded in his book, “Return from Tomorrow.”


This last story is somewhat different from the rest. Henrietta had tried, and failed, to commit suicide. She was in the process of making another attempt when something happened to prevent a tragedy.

I knew it all, as most young people do. I wanted to get away from my restrictive past and enjoy life. At first I succeeded. A man, we’ll call him Simon, came into my life, swept me off my feet and I became involved in a relationship that at first was wonderful. However, after a time, things began to disintegrate and I told Simon I was going to go round the world for six months to get myself sorted out.

So I sold the house, gave up my job, and went off intending to go to Australia via the United States. When I arrived in California I stopped off to meet up with some friends I had visited six months earlier. They were Christians and on that occasion I had attended one of their Bible Studies. Although I had been brought up in a Christian home, I had begun to find the Christian life very difficult. This was because I did not understand the full truth about God’s love for me.

We were studying a verse in the book of Hebrews 4:6 that says, ‘So let us come boldly to the very throne of God and stay there to receive His mercy and to find grace to help us in our times of need.’

Someone had asked the question as to what you did when the temptation to sin was beyond you. I perked up and listened because I was always sinning and feeling terrible afterwards. One of the ladies there said we need to cry out to God, even as we know we are sinning, even in the very act of sinning and say, ‘Father have mercy on me in this time of need.’

For some reason, during my visit to these friends, I decided I could not go ahead with this sixmonth trip. I wanted some commitment from Simon, so I rang him in England and said, ‘Look it’s got to be now or never.’ This was not our agreement he told me, and basically wanted to finish our relationship. Despite this I bought a ticket and flew straight back home. By then it was as if I was going to pieces, and I started thinking about killing myself because I could not face life without him. As soon as I got back home, I rang Simon again and he came to see me. He had not changed his mind. Although I did not say so to him, inside I was screaming, ‘If you go out of this door now I’m going to kill myself.’ He left, not knowing of course what I was thinking. I said, ‘Well that’s it. I hate you God, you’re against me.’

No one, apart from Simon, knew I was back home, and I had no intention of telling anyone about what I was going to do. I was so angry with God, or at least that’s Who I blamed, that immediately Simon left I took a huge overdose. My sister, for some reason, had decided to call round to the flat not knowing I was there. She immediately rang for an ambulance that rushed me to hospital, and they managed to save my life.

The next morning when I woke up my sister was sitting by my bed and I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m still alive, I’m still here.’ My first thought was that I must get out of the hospital so I could do it again. When the psychiatrist came to see me he must have been able to read my mind. He told me they would not let me out of the hospital as he believed I would only try again. I tried the best I could to convince him I had no intention of trying again. Meanwhile my sister had been on the telephone to a Christian psychiatrist who dropped everything and came straight to the hospital. He told the hospital staff that he would keep me in his care, and so they released me.

He left me with some very good friends for 24 hours on the undertaking that they would look after me, because he had something very important which had to be done. I found this all very embarrassing, because they did not know anything about my relationship with Simon, or what had happened, and I convinced them that I was perfectly all right. They gave me a lift back to the flat in which I was staying. At about 11 o’clock that evening, the Christian psychiatrist rang me and said he wanted to speak to me, but only when I was among Christians, not on my own. I was angry and decided to kill myself there and then. Unfortunately all my pills had been removed from the flat, and there was no alcohol either. I looked out of the window of this Victorian house. I was on the first floor, but decided not to jump as I may just put myself in a wheelchair, rather than do the job properly. Then I thought about a knife, but decided it might hurt too much. Eventually I had the bright idea of running a bath and placing an electric fire in it.

By now it was about midnight. There was nobody to stop me, so I sat down and wrote the conventional suicide note to explain how I felt. Emotionally, it seemed as if I was in a dark tunnel that I had been going down for the past week, since I had made the call from California. It was like one of those old railway tunnels that I had gone down, only to find it was bricked up. I could not climb up and get out, I could not go ahead, and there was no going back because it was too long, too dark and too far. It was suffocating me, and I was too weak to do to do anything to save myself. There was just this awful blackness and total despair.

Very slowly I collected my thoughts together and decided, because I was a Christian and therefore a child of God, that I would pray before I died. I knew that suicide was a sin, and I was not too sure about whether you still went to Heaven because you would actually be sinning at the moment of death. At that moment, I remembered that verse about God helping us in time of need. I went and got my Bible, got down on my knees, and opened it at Hebrews 4:16. Instead of screaming on the inside as I had been doing for so long, I prayed that verse and told God, ‘Father I come to You in my very hour of need, I come to Your throne of grace. I am sorry I am committing suicide Lord, but I cannot see a way out.’

No sooner had the words come out of my mouth than I found myself in front of God. People have said I must have died, but I am not sure what happened. All I know is that I was there. I did not see Jesus, only God Almighty. I do not know what He looked like because there was just this warmth and light.

Then He spoke and greeted me, and I just said, ‘Hi.’ His next words may sound funny, but I did not think so then. ‘You are early’, He said, to which I responded that I knew, and I was sorry. God then asked me what I was doing there, as it was not my time. Such was His love that I poured out my heart and told Him I could not go on any longer because I could not stand the pain. ‘I know you cannot,’ He responded, ‘but you cannot come

home yet.’

There was no feeling on my part that I was not welcome. I felt that if I walked over to the left side of God’s throne, I could have walked into Heaven. Again He said, ‘You cannot come home yet, there are people you need to speak to.’

Although it was brightness in front of me, behind was just darkness. I turned and saw a group of people. Actually it was more like two small circles standing in the form of a figure of eight. God showed me that these people were going to Hell if I did not speak to them. There was no argument on my part, I knew He was telling the truth. I turned round to them again and pleaded with God not to send them to Hell, but to send someone else speak to them instead of me. His reply was, ‘I cannot, you are going to have to it.’

I knew there was no arguing over this. I knew that there would be a time when I would speak to these people. Whatever it was I had to say, or whenever it was, or whether I would actually lead them to God, I really did not know. All I knew was that it was my job, and no one else could do this. As I turned saying I agreed to go back, it hit me just what I was going back to, and again I told God that I could not go back because I could not stand the pain. But there was no choice because Heaven is a place of perfection, and you cannot go there bearing guilt. So I had to come back in order to speak to them. As I turned for the last time to leave God’s presence He said, ‘Ring somebody else.’

The next thing I was back in the sitting room, kneeling on the floor where I had started, and the telephone was next to me. I thought of the psychiatrist whose last words had been to ring him up any time of day or night. I phoned him, but there was no answer. The phone just rang and rang. I threw down the receiver and screamed at God, ‘Well, I’m just going to have to die because he is not there.’ It was as if I was saying, ‘Bad luck God, I am coming anyway.’

God’s last words had been to ring someone else, and I knew who He wanted me to ring. Three times I started to dial the number, and three times I put the phone down half way through. It was war going on inside me, but the quiet voice of God kept coming through, ‘Ring him up.’

Eventually, I got through the whole number and the words came out, ‘Oh Dad, I am killing myself, and I don’t want to die.’ This was the first time I had heard myself say those words, and Dad just said, ‘I know, Chloe.’ He began to pray for me, but I wasn’t praying with him. In the end I interrupted him and told him it was useless, because I was going to go through with it. He told me he would ring the hospital for an ambulance, but I told him not to dare do that. I started crying again, but in the end I asked him to pray again. He asked if I would pray with him, and I agreed. This was so important because it was no longer my Dad praying for me. This time I was praying with him, and my will was involved. I knew I had to forgive Simon, and thought that was not too difficult, because I loved him. But as I tried to say it I realised I did not love him, I hated him. This whole suicide thing was actually murder introverted on myself. As this came to me in a flash, I said again that I forgave him, and this time it was like a ton weight of bricks falling off me, as the ropes holding them snapped. I realised I had been lying on the floor, as it were weighed down by all of this, but as I said those words, I jumped up in the air and shouted, ‘It’s gone, it’s gone.’

Later I discovered that I was pregnant at the time of the attempted suicide, and it dawned on me that had I died then of course the baby would have died too. The Lord then showed me that the first of the two groups I saw in Heaven were the ones to whom I would speak, and the group furthest away from me was the group to whom my child would speak.

Although the situation had seemed such a disaster it was wonderful to realise that the Lord had planned this child, and He had people for my child to speak to about His love. My daughter is now just turned 11, and she has brought so many people to know Jesus, it is amazing. Every time she tells me about some else she has spoken to, I jump for joy because I remember that group.


Drawn into tangible darkness, Rushing high speed through a tunnel. I’m somewhere between two worlds Spiraling like water through a funnel.

I see a pinpoint of light in the distance, Growing larger the closer I get. But for some strange reason I’m not afraid?

And see it not as being a threat.

Entering into a realm so soothing Of radiant, goldenwhite light, Peace and warmth pours over my spirit, It’s so beautifully – beautifully bright.

Moving with the flow of fine silk, My translucent body glows; Like thousands of tiny diamonds They sparkle and superimpose.

A floodgate of knowledge has been opened, With infinite waves of love; There’s a pageantry of dramatic colors here That just could never be dreamed of?

I see miraculous mountains of deep blue velvet And spectacular valleys galore; A waterfall dazzles with clarity and life, This Heavenly Paradise I’d love to explore!

Drifting next into a garden, With swaying grass so crisp, cool, and green; The luminescent flowers pulsate, Their shades so completely serene;

I hear music playing of harmonic beauty That rolls like a glassy river. Enchanting, mystical tones, That would make any man alive shiver.

Then suddenly, I see someone in the distance, Coming towards me to reunite. This whistling persons emanating glow, Is such a comforting and glorious sight?

When I can finally distinguish who it is, I realize it’s my Grandpa Jack. He tells me that it’s not yet my time, And that I must now . . . go back.

I could stay an eternity at this divine place From just these few things that I’ve been shown; But I know one great day for sure I’ll be back, Because I believe this is my true home.



When a patient dies a doctor will normally certify that the patient is dead. If the patient is known to the doctor, and the cause of death is known, the doctor will normally issue a Death Certificate, usually with a second doctor.
If the cause of death is not known, or uncertain, the

doctor will normally refer the case to the local Coroner’s Officer. A post mortem examination will then usually be conducted by a pathologist, who will ascertain the cause of death on the basis of post mortem findings.


Sadly doctors are invariably very familiar with the examination of dead bodies to certify death. There are certain physical signs which a doctor will normally look for to certify death. These physical signs are as follows:

  • Examination of the Cardiovascular System: No pulse may be felt at a major blood vessel, such as the carotid artery in the neck. On auscultation of the heart with a stethoscope no heart sounds are heard. If an ECG machine (Electrocardiogram) is connected to the heart, no electrical activity may be detected at the heart, and there is a characteristic flat line tracing on the monitor.

  • Examination of the Respiratory System: There are no respiratory movements of the chest wall. On auscultation of the chest with a stethoscope no respiratory sounds may be heard. If the patient is connected to a ventilating machine, there are no voluntary movements of the patient’s respiratory system detectable on the machine’s breathing bag.

  • Examination of the Nervous System: The pupils become dilated due to lack of tone of the muscles of the iris. There are no skeletal muscle reflexes. If an EEG machine (Electroencephalogram) is connected to the brain, no electrical activity may be detected from the brain, and the characteristic electrical brain waves are flat.

Normally a medical doctor’s task is complete when physical death has been confirmed, and a death certificate has been issued.

The electrical equipment above signifies that the patient has died


  1. We are spirits living in bodies

  2. Without the indwelling spirit, the body is dead.

  3. At death the spirit leaves the body, and returns to God who gave it.

  4. After death there is a judgement.

  5. The spirit is indestructible, and lives on eternally, either in Heaven or in Hell.

The Bible does not deny the physical death of the human body, but states that there is more to the death of a human being than the death of the physical body.

  • The Bible states that a human being consists of a human body, a soul, and a human spirit.

  • The Bible states that the point of death, our human bodies die, and our human spirits leave our bodies.

  • It is important to understand that, according to the Bible, human beings are all human spirits living in physical bodies.

  • The Bible states that when we die our spirits leave our bodies to live in Eternity.

  • The Bible states that after death there is a judgement, and the indestructible spirit lives eternally either in Heaven, or in Hell.


In order to fully understand the concept of the human body with an indwelling human spirit we do need to go back to the original Creation of human beings, as described in the Bible. This is covered in greater detail in our teaching CREATION: THE GENESIS ACCOUNT on

The Bible is not studied in great detail today by most people. This is a tragedy, since only the Bible tells us how we all got here, and where we are going to!

The Bible is truly supernatural, as clarified in our teaching THE BIBLE IS SUPERNATURAL on As with most concepts, the simplest and best way to understand anything is to go back to the beginning. According to the Bible, our physical bodies are composed of the same elements as the dust of the Earth. Our bodies also contain a human spirit, which is essential for life.


Adam and Eve were originally created as spirits

Adam and Eve were originally created as spirits, created in the likeness of God. Very soon after that the Lord God created bodies for them, “and man became a living being.”

We start in Genesis 1:2627, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness’. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

We are told that God is a Spirit in John 4:25, “God is Spirit, and those

who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

Therefore, when God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created something in their exact likeness, they created:

  1. The Spirit of Adam

  2. The Spirit of Eve

The spirits of Adam and Eve were created in God’s exact likeness. Remember, God is not a human being, but a Spirit.

In Genesis1:26 and 1:27 God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were all Spirits, and they created the spirits of Adam and Eve in Their exact likeness.

Jesus Christ is the giver of life

Approximately 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ became a Human Being. But before that Jesus Christ was a Spirit, as confirmed in the following Scriptures:

  • Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

  • John 1:14: “In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”

  • Colossians 1:1517, “Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God. He existed before God made anything at all, and, in fact, Christ himself is the Creator who made everything in Heaven and Earth, the things we can see and the things we can't; the spirit world with its kings and kingdoms, its rulers and authorities; all were made by Christ for his own use and glory. He was before all else began and it is his power that holds everything together,” TLB.

Thus the Bible states that God (pleural) originally created Adam and Eve as spirits in Genesis 1:27.

God created the first human being, Adam, in Genesis 2:7

Later the LORD God (Jesus Christ) formed the first living being, called Man, as recorded in Genesis 2:7:

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”

Adam and Eve were originally spirits, created in the likeness of God. Very soon after that God created bodies for them, “and man became a living being.”

Our human bodies were originally created out of dust

It is interesting to note that the chemical components of the human body are exactly the same chemical elements as the dust of the ground. Our physical bodies are made up of 17 chemical elements. In fact these are the same 17 elements that are found in the dust of the ground. It is a matter of common observation that, after a body has been cremated, only dust remains.

It appears, from reading these first two chapters of the Bible, that the Creation of the Human Body was a twopart process:

  • First of all the spirits of Adam and Eve were created in the image of God.

  • Then these spirits were breathed by God into a human body, formed of the dust of the ground.

It follows therefore, that we too, are composed of flesh, constructed out of the same chemical elements as the dust of the Earth, but containing an eternal spirit.


The Bible states in James 2:26, “The body without the spirit is dead”. In other words, no human life can exist without the indwelling spirit. The spirit enters the human body at conception, and leaves the human body at death. This is clearly illustrated in the following sections.


We are told that the human spirit is infused into the body of a baby while it is in its mother’s womb. This is described in Ecclesiastes 11:5, “God's ways are as mysterious as the pathway of the wind and as the manner in which a human spirit is infused into the little body of a baby while it is yet in its mother's womb,” TLB.

According to the James 2:26 a body without an indwelling spirit is dead. A baby’s body cannot live without an indwelling spirit. The human spirit must therefore enter the body of the baby at conception.


At the Death of Jesus Christ, His Spirit left His Body and He died. The vital presence of the Spirit for human life is confirmed by the death of Jesus Christ. The Bible states in Luke 23:46, “And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, "Father, into your hands I commit My Spirit”. Having said this, He breathed His last”.

In other words, as the Spirit of Jesus Christ left His body, He died. Without Jesus’ Spirit, His Body was unable to support life, and He died.


The vital presence of the spirit for human life is confirmed by the raising to life of Jairus’ daughter. This is an important concept, so we have reproduced the entire story from Luke 8:41,42, 4954 (TLB).

In this story, a 12 year old girl died, and Jesus raised her back to life: “A man named Jairus, a CC leader of a Jewish synagogue, came and fell down at Jesus' feet and begged him to come home with him, for his only child was dying, a little girl twelve years old. Jesus went with him, pushing through the crowds. A messenger arrived from the Jairus' home with the news that the little girl was dead. "She's gone," he told her father; "there's no use troubling the Teacher now." But when Jesus heard what had happened, he said to the father, "Don't be afraid! Just trust me, and she'll be all right." When they

C At

arrived at the house, Jesus wouldn't let anyone into the room except Peter, James, John, and the little girl's father and mother. The home was filled with mourning people, but he said, "Stop the weeping! She isn't dead; she is only asleep!" This brought scoffing and laughter, for they all knew she was dead. Then he took her by the hand and called, "Get up, little girl!" And at that moment her life returned and she jumped up! "Give her something to eat!" he said. Her parents were overcome with happiness, but Jesus insisted that they did not tell anyone the details of what had happened.”

When the spirit of Jairus’ daughter reentered her dead body, she came back to life. As her death her spirit had left her body, body as her spirit returned, she came back to life. This demonstrates how vital the spirit is to support human life.


The following passage is taken from Ecclesiastes 12:67, “Remember your Creator now while you are youngbefore the silver cord of life snaps and the gold bowl is broken; before the pitcher is broken at the fountain and the wheel is broken at the cistern; then the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it” TLB. This passage confirms that at death the human spirit returns to

God who gave it.

This says that at death the human body decomposes, but the spirit (which is indestructible) returns to God. This means that the “real you” is a spirit that will live forever.


We are told in Hebrews 9:27, “It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement”. When the physical body dies, our spirit will live on, and will be sent either to Heaven or to Hell, according to our relationship with Jesus Christ. There were two thieves crucified with Jesus Christ. One is now in Heaven, and the other in Hell.

Jesus Christ said, in John 5:2529, "I solemnly declare that the time is coming, in fact, it is here, when the dead shall hear my voicethe voice of the Son of Godand those who listen shall live. The Father has life in himself, and has granted his Son to have life in himself, and to judge the sins of all mankind because he is the Son of Man. Don't be so surprised! Indeed the time is coming when all the dead in their graves shall hear the voice of God's Son, and shall rise againthose who have done good, to eternal life; and those who have continued in evil, to judgment,” TLB.

This will be discussed in much greater detail in later chapters.


Since the beginning of time mankind has been trying to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Where did I come from?

  • Why am I here?

  • Where am I going to?

We also want to answer the question of what happens after we die. We all want to know the answer the question, “What happens after we die?”

Earlier civilisations were fascinated by life after death, as have been philosophers, artists and playwrights through the ages. All have expounded their theories of life after death. However, there was no way of applying any scientific reasoning to the question of life after death.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, doctors became aware

of a phenomenon in which resuscitated patients reported Near Death Experiences. During these experiences, often referred to as NDE’s, patients encounter an after life reality.

The phenomenon of NDE’s, in which individuals reported consciousness beyond clinical death, has been documented for centuries. But only in the twentieth century could doctors apply technology and scientific reasoning to answer questions about life after death.

There has been a great deal of scientific research about patients reporting a consciousness beyond clinical death. During these NDE’s, patients report experiences of Heaven and Hell, after clinical death.

The questions raised by scientists about NDE’s are:

  1. What exactly is this phenomenon?

  2. Is this phenomenon the result of brain chemicals causing hallucinations?

  3. Or are the patients experiencing reality?

The medical profession has recently become aware of the reality of NDE’s

Towards the end of the 20th century, with the arrival of new technology, and CardioPulmonary Resuscitation, the medical profession has been faced with the reality of these NDE’s.

With the new technology the actual electrical recordings of the heart and the brain could be monitored, as well as other parameters such as pulse, blood pressure, respiratory movements, blood oxygen, blood carbon dioxide levels, and body temperature.

Doctors had also become skilled at CardioPulmonary Resuscitation. When a patient’s heart and respiratory system failed, these systems could be artificially maintained. Electrical shocks could be applied to the heart muscle, and intravenous medications given, in an attempt to restore normal heart function.

Shahid Siraj Din, Pakistan

An example of a Near Death Experience recorded in a hospital is the case of Shahid Siraj Din, with an example of an ECG tracing during clinical death.

The patient’s name was Shahid Siraj Din. Shahid was a property developer in Lahore, Pakistan. He sustained a severe myocardial infarction on 6th March 1990. He was admitted to the famous Aadil Hospital, in Lahore, Pakistan, which was the first hospital in Pakistan to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9002 Certification.

Shahid Siraj Din was a patient of Dr Ansar Haider, a consultant cardiologist at the Aadil hospital. Despite the best efforts of Dr Haider’s skilled medical team in the Intensive Care Unit, Shahid’ heart stopped. In medical language he had a Cardiac Arrest.

Shahid was resuscitated using cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and received three separate electric shocks to his heart, using a cardiac defibrillator. Shahid was resuscitated after four minutes. The ECG evidence is shown here, with a straight line ECG tracing.

There is no question that Shahid was dead. At the time of his death he was being treated by Dr Ansar Haider, and was also accompanied by his sister and brotherinlaw, both medical doctors.

After his resuscitation, Shahid explained that he felt his spirit leaving his body, and that he encountered angels and a demon, as well as Jesus Christ. Shahid’s full testimony is recorded on our charity web site

Shahid’s full testimony is also contained in the the free ebook BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER, also available on

To many people this may sound rather far fetched, so we have purposely reproduced a letter from the Aadil Hospital confirming that Shahid was indeed dead. Equally remarkable was the complete change in the patient’s life, which is a very common feature of NDE patients.

Shahid gave up his very well paid job as a property developer, and, with his sister, Dr Tahira Saleem, he set up the Shekinah Churches and Shekinah Bible Institutes in Lahore and Quetta, Pakistan. These are now thriving Christian churches in a predominantly Moslem country. Shahid then became one of the best known Christian evangelists in Pakistan over a period of eight years. Shahid’s life touched the lives of thousands of people.

Shahid sadly died for the second and last time in 1998. But he left behind him a thriving Bible college. His sister, Tahira, in an international speaker for Aglow International, and speaks on many subjects, including WHAT DOES GOD THINK ABOUT ABORTION? on She may be contacted at the following address: Dr Tahira Saleem, Skekinah Bible Institute, 159 Hamza Town, 19 km Main Forozepur Road, Lahore, Cantt, Pakistan Email:


NDE accounts are extremely common

NDE accounts following cardiopulmonary resuscitation are extremely common. The author of this book, Dr Richard Kent, spent some time as an anaesthetist, and was often involved in emergency CardioPulmonary Resuscitation of very seriously ill and dying patients. He frequently heard patients giving their accounts of their Near Death Experience.

Typical accounts given by NDE patients

NDE patients record an after death consciousness and an expanded reality after clinical death. NDE patients often record how they seemed to leave their bodies, and were often very accurate in their descriptions of the operating theatre or Emergency Room. Their accounts are chronological, with a beginning and an end.

The accounts often included Biblical subjects, such as angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell. The accounts bear a striking similarity to each other, and the NDE patients insist that they are nothing like a dream or hallucination. In addition, children often provide startling accounts of NDE’s.

Added credibility given to the NDE experience

The phenomenon of NDE’s was given considerably more credibility when Maria, a migrant worker from Eastern Europe, died in an Intensive Care Unit in Seattle.

Following her resuscitation she described to the medical staff

her out of body experiences both on the ceiling of the ICU, and also above the hospital itself. She also described a tennis shoe, which, she claimed, had been left on the roof of the hospital. The medical staff were shocked to discover that the tennis shoe was in fact present on the roof of the hospital, which Maria had no way of knowing, other than through her NDE experiences.

This event is discussed in the free movie THE FINAL FRONTIER viewable on


In this chapter the subject of NDE’s is studied in some detail, and the following six medical doctors are interviewed in depth:

  1. Dr Maurice Rawlings, Specialist Cardiologist at the Diagnostic Centre of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

  2. Dr Jeff Long M.D. of IANDS (The International Association of Near Death Studies)

  3. Dr Melvin Morse M.D. of Seattle Children's Hospital, USA

  4. Dr Tony Lawrence M.D. of Coventry University, UK

  5. Dr James Winnery, Head of the US Air Force Aeronautical Research Unit, USA.

  6. Dr Richard Kent, Retired General Practitioner, UK

  7. In addition Kevin Williams, NDE Researcher in the USA, is interviewed.


Dr Maurice Rawlings is a world expert on Near Death Experiences, and the author of three books on the subject. He has also kindly written the introduction to this book.

Dr. Rawlings was the former Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He was also the former personal physician at the Pentagon for the

Joint Chiefs of Staff.

After a lifetime of studying NDE’s, Dr Rawlings comments, “Everyone wants to know what is going to happen to him or her when they die, and life after death is what eleven million people with NDE’s have claimed.

Those who have had clinical death say they experience no pain at the moment of death they just got out of the body. Those who have had bad experiences say they are afraid of dying. They are afraid of the Hell they saw.

There was one case of a blind man who, during his experience, could see perfectly well, and after the transition of death he could recall who was present, what they were doing, and even what they were wearing. But when he returned to his body, he returned to his blindness.

Others report going from this world into another world through a tunnel or something similar, and seeing a beam of light, or an angel of light. People who have had car accidents often describe how they had their lives reviewed before the car crashed. It would seem possible to have a whole day’s review in one split second. They then go on to the next world where they meet people, their friends, who have already died, and describe strolling arm in arm across this beautiful Garden of Eden, or these pearly white gates, or golden streets. They then encounter a barrier beyond which they cannot go.

Whether its because judgement is on the other side, and sorting out on this side, I don’t know, but usually at that barrier they are brought back into the world of pain, back where we are pushing on their chests or breaking their ribs, or defibrillating them with paddles. Whatever we are doing it is the world of pain, and they resent it because they didn’t want to come back if it was a good experience.

That’s the sequence, like everybody having the same dream last night, without any collusion or having read the same books at all. Anoxia cannot reproduce this, drugs can’t reproduce this, hypercarbia and so on down the line, cannot reproduce this.

There is also commonality with those who have had Hell experiences. The sequence is very fast, some zip right into the pit. For instance the father of the New Age movement, Karl Jung himself, had the Earth fall beneath him and right away he was into the ‘place of the damned’ as he called it. He saw a ball of fire in the middle of a lake and there he met Philemon the demon. This happened on


December 131930.

Of people who are resuscitated, 60 per cent have no experience, so only 40 per cent have these. If the person is a born again Christian, they have their dreams realised. They see Christ on the Cross, and in some way they identify this Being of Light as Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

You are on to a subject that is important to every individual present. Is it safe to die? Do I know where I am going before I get there? That is the question.”



“As the name “Near Death Experiences” implies, these people have some event in which they are severely physically compromised. Generally there is a severe physical malady which occurs very suddenly, or at the end of a chronic illness. Near Death Experiences are very frequently associated with the cessation of heart function or cessation of breathing function, and very often both.

Given that 10 seconds after that the EEG (Electro Encephalogram), a measure of brain electrical activity, goes absolutely flat, it is medically inexplicable that Near Death Experiencers are having a conscious experience. There is so much more evidence behind something more going on with Near Death Experiences, something that is not medically explicable.

There are blind people, including people that are blind from birth, that have Near Death Experiences. For most of them it is a visual experience. That is absolutely medically inexplicable. These are people who are blind, who, for their first experience in their life when they have had vision, and can see things in the world, was during their Near Death Experience. There is no other explanation for that.

Time and time again we hear accounts of people who have had Near Death Experiences. Their consciousness separates from their body. So, from a vantage point of their consciousness apart from their body, they are able to see and hear what is going on around them whilst they are being resuscitated. Very often they can see incredible detail of the events going on around them.

Of all the Near Death Experiencers that I have studied, that had their consciousness come apart from their bodies, and where they were seeing Earthly everyday events, essentially all of them, what they describe has been absolutely plausible. Of all the Near Death Experiencers I have seen, who actually went to sort out verification of what they saw whilst their consciousness was apart from their body, every single time, with only one exception, what they saw or heard was absolutely correct. There is no explanation for that, for consciousness apart from the body, at the time you are having a CardioPulmonary Arrest.

To people who think that Near Death Experiences are not legitimate, I would remind them that there are at least 12 to 15 million Americans who have had a Near Death Experience. This is such an enormous number of a shared experience that so greatly affects their life, that no matter what the cause of the Near Death Experience, no matter what your ideas of why it occurs, there is no question that, given the number of lives, that given the number of lives it has impacted, that it makes sense to study it. It is an incredible phenomenon, and the implications are enormous.

Hallucinations tend to be very disordered experiences, and they are nothing like the highly ordered and structured experience you have with the Near Death Experience. On my web site I specifically ask the question “Was the experience dream like in any way?” I have actually recently done a formal study of that. Near Death Experiencers are emphatic when asked directly, and I did, “Was the experience dream like in any way?”

The answer is a resounding “No, it is not close at all to a dream”. Dreams tend to bounce around a little bit, they tend not to have order or structure, and very often a dream will end before reaching a logical conclusion in the sequence of events. Not so with Near Death Experiences. They are highly structured, highly ordered, they tend to have a very logical initial part of the experience, and at the end of a very orderly and structured experience, there is a very orderly and structured end of the experience, and that is when the experience ends.

Near Death Experiences are nothing like dreams. If you have had a frightening Near Death Experience, like some of those that I have described, there is no question that when you have that experience, this forces you to look at yourself. This is something that really shakes up your life in a major way. You have really got to sit down with yourself, and ask yourself, “Why did this happen? What is really going on here? Is this the reality?”

It really forces you to understand “What is the reality of what is going to happen when I die?”


According to Dr Morse, the NDE is “the last experiences that we will all experience, as documented by 15 years of mainstream scientific research”. Young children have been studied in detail by Dr Melvine Morse of the Seattle Children's Hospital.

He says that in the process of dying, the dying person has a complete return to consciousness. Furthermore they have an acute awareness of what is going on around them, even if they appear to be comatose, and have an expanded sense of consciousness which extends beyond their own body. Dr Morse states that when we die, we are alert, conscious, aware of this reality, and perceive another reality superimposed over this one. In the case of the children he has personally researched, these NDE’s occur at the point of death.

Dr Melvine Morse says, on the free movie THE FINAL FRONTIER, viewable on “The Near Death Experience is in fact the dying experience. We will all have this experience when we die. The interpretation of the experience is in dispute. Nevertheless, it is a scientific fact, not a belief system, that we will all have this experience when we die.

There have been three major studies of Near Death Experiences in the last fifteen years, and all three of these studies document that these experiences are real, and that they will happen to us when we die. So the old ideas that these experiences are caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, or hallucinations caused by chaos in the brain at the point of death, or caused by the drugs that are given to patients that we resuscitate when they

are dying, those ideas were of course respectable scientific theories, but turned out to not be true.

In fact, Near Death Experiences are the dying experience, and that is a scientific fact, not an opinion”.

In the movie, Dr Morse describes the experiences of an 8 year old boy who he personally resuscitated in the lobby of his hospital, following cardiac arrest. After the resuscitation, the boy described the attending doctors as “sucking me back into my body”. The boy went on to describe that he was on the ceiling of the lobby, surrounded by a white light, and noted the early baldness of one of the doctors.

Dr Morse also describes another boy who experienced an NDE in a drowning experience. The boy explained that he was drowning, when “hands reached into my body, and pulled me out of my body”.

According to Dr Morse these experiences have been experienced by a large number of children in his care. The children’s experiences would not have been influenced by preexisting Biblical conceptions of life after death because of their young ages.


After researching NDE’s in great detail, Dr Lawrence concludes,

“In terms of the consistency of the testimonies in Near Death Experiences, it suggests that the experience is a reality which is not purely the product of brain chemicals. We know from the studies of the effects of drugs, ordinarily, if you give one person a drug, and then give the same drug to another person, there are two completely different experiences. There might be broad similarities, but not the level of consistency you find with the Near

Death Experience”.


Dr James Winnery, Head of the US Air Force Aeronautical Research Unit, has made come up with some fascinating insights related to loss of consciousness.

Dr Winnery works specifically with fighter pilots exposed to acceleration stresses up to 9G. His job is to put protective measures in place, in order to protect pilots against

gravitational stress, and to ensure their safety.

In the course of his work he uses sophisticated equipment intended to simulate high gravitational stresses, as are commonly experienced by fighter pilots.

During the tests in high gravity simulators, the pilots lost consciousness as blood flow to their brains ceased, due to the high gravitational forces. As the pilots lost consciousness, they had Out Of Body Experiences.

Dr Winnery noted that the experiences of individuals who reported NDE’s after cardiac arrest had a strong correlation with the experiences of his own fighter pilots who has Out Of Body Experiences.

Dr Winnery says that, “as a traditional scientist, these experiments add tremendous credibility to the NDE phenomenon.” He says that individual’s accounts of NDE’s should be listened to very closely, because their stories are very accurate, as demonstrated by his experiments on pilots.


After many years studying NDE’s, Kevin Williams concludes, “When we die we take that Heaven and Hell with us, and we fit where we belong. We die the life we live”.


NDE’s have also been study extensively by IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies, founded in 1980. Numerous studies have been made on patients who experienced Out Of Body Experiences whilst undergoing life saving surgery.

They discovered that those patients who had experienced Out Of Body Experiences gave startlingly accurate descriptions of what the surgery or treatment entailed, including giving precise details of data readouts on the electrical equipment during the operation. Because of the phenomenon of NDE’s the concept of extended consciousness beyond clinical death had moved beyond religious belief to verifiable scientific fact.

There has also been a study of people who have had cardiac arrests or heart attacks. About 15% of them experienced NDE’s. This group of people were studied for up to seven years in prospective or controlled studies. They were found to be a very different group from those who did not experience NDE’s. They tended to have a more spiritual belief system, a much lower fear of death, a much less materialistic view of the world, and were much more interested in religion. In addition, their NDE’s changed their lives dramatically.

The NDE experience is very common. The pattern of the NDE experience is very consistent, and its continued effect on people is profound. For this reason alone NDE’s are something that change the lives of a great number of people in a major way.

Research proves that NDE’s are legitimate. It is estimated that between 12 and 15 million Americans have had NDE experiences. This is such an enormous number of shared experiences, that there is no question that it makes sense to study it. It is an incredible phenomenon, and the implications for life after death are enormous.


Dr Richard Kent decided as soon as he interviewed his first patients about their NDE experiences that these accounts could not be caused by hallucinations, drugs, alteration in the normal brain perfusion of oxygen or carbon dioxide, or any similar alteration of normal brain physiology.

Richard had worked as an anaesthetist in a busy teaching hospital, and also in general practice. He was familiar with NDE accounts following cardiac arrest following life threatening illness or injury.

Richard believes that the NDE accounts had certain qualities that singled them out as actual events:

  • NDE patients’ accounts of their experiences never altered.

  • The NDE accounts had great correlation with other patients’ accounts of NDE’s, even though the patients had never met.

  • The NDE accounts had great correlation with Biblical teaching and descriptions.

  • Patients who had experienced NDE’s usually regarded this event as the most important event in their entire lives. This is certainly not true of hallucinations.

  • Patients who have had NDE’s very frequently changed their lifestyles radically, often at considerable personal cost, both financially and in loss of peer esteem.

  • For example, Shahid Siraj Din of Pakistan gave up his highly lucrative business as a property developer, and became a Christian evangelist, on no income at all.

  • Frequently these life style changes have meant rejection by former family and friends, who simply do not understand the new passion for spiritual matters.

  • NDE patients typically lose interest in the pursuit of material possessions in this life.

  • NDE patients typically review every aspect of their lives, and alter their circumstances to suit their new deeper understanding of spiritual truths.

  • NDE patients typically become much more spiritual in their general view of life.

  • NDE patients frequently find themselves in a dilemma. They very much want to share their experiences with family, friends, and work colleagues, but on the other hand are very aware of the rejection that this so often brings.

  • NDE patients very frequently become very private about their experience, and have frequently said to Dr Kent how relieved they are to be able to talk about their experience without feeling rejected.

As a result of these observations Richard carefully studied the Bible and became personally convinced of the truth of these NDE accounts.

He also became certain that Paul in the New Testament himself had a Near Death Experience when he was stoned to death, as recorded in this book under ARE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES IN THE BIBLE?

Richard was also deeply impressed by a book written by H.A. Baker, “Visions Beyond the Veil” in which children record their own NDE experiences. These children were far too young to have the Biblical knowledge necessary for the details they provided about Heaven.

Finally Richard was himself deeply affected by the NDE accounts, although he has never had one himself. He too found himself both rejecting the materialistic atheistic world around him, and also being rejected by the world!

NDE experiences are certainly not accepted by everyone. However, rejection is perfectly normal for Christians believers everywhere, so Richard was not unduly concerned. It is, however, the main reason behind the creation of this book and web site!

In summary, Richard believes that the NDE phenomenon holds the very clear message that life after death is a reality. He believes that life after death is a reality, mainly because of the Bible, but also because of the abundant scientific research, and the experiences of those who have witnessed Heaven and Hell through their own NDE experiences. Richard’s interest in Christianity, and further research into Near Death Experiences, are discussed in the next two chapters.


In the free movies on, THE FINAL FRONTIER and THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON, NDE’s are discussed in detail by all of the above doctors, and also by Dr Richard Kent, a retired general practitioner in the UK, and the author of


Dr Richard Kent has researched over 300 patients who have had NDE’s, some of which are published entirely free in his two eBooks THE FINAL FRONTIER and BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER


Many NDE patients have recorded travelling in their spirit bodies through a “Tunnel of Light”, often accompanied by angels, on their way to Heaven, and often at a very high speed.

We believe that this may be explained by EinsteinRosen bridges, commonly called “Wormholes”, which are theoretical connections between different areas of Space Time.

This following is short chapter is our own possible explanation of this phenomenon from Theoretical Physics.

In our presentation on CREATION: THE GENESIS ACCOUNT we describe how God created Time, which is known to be the Fourth Dimension. God lives in Eternity, which is outside Space Time completely. This is confirmed in the scripture, ‘Thus says the High and Lofty One Who inhabits Eternity, whose name is Holy: "I dwell in the high and holy place,” Isaiah 57:15.

The Creation of Light and Time on the First Day of Creation

Genesis 1:35 states: Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw the light that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day”.

So God created light, which we now know consists of photons moving in a wave form.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein is famous for his Relativity Equation: E=mc2. This equation demonstrates a relationship between:

E= Energy m =Mass c = Speed of Light (Time)

When God said, "Let there be light", He also created Time.

Time is the Fourth Dimension. God created it, and lives outside it. This is why Jesus Christ can prophesy the future with 100% accuracy. This is also how Jesus Christ, after the Resurrection, appeared in the Upper Room, on the Road to Emmaus, and by the Sea of Galilee. He was moving outside our Fourth Dimension, which we know as Time.

EinsteinRosen Bridges, also known as “wormholes

Wormholes have been described in Theoretic Physics for many years, and are commonly thought of as passages between separate areas of Space Time.

It is possible that, as the spirits of dead individuals leave their bodies and travel towards Heaven, that they are in fact passing through wormholes in Space Time. It is possible that “wormholes”, or EinsteinRosen Bridges, are the link between our Dimension of Time, and Eternity, where there is no Space Time at all.

This is our own theory about why so many NDE experiences include passing through a “Tunnel of Light”.


Dr Richard Kent’s involvement with Near Death Experiences is rather different from many of the researchers mentioned in the earlier chapter. He started with an interest in life after death, became a born again Christian, and later researched Near Death Experiences in detail.

Richard is the coauthor of this book, and the author of

He is a retired medical doctor aged 60. He was born in 1946, and trained at the Middlesex Hospital in London. He qualified in 1969, at the age of 22, and married his wife, Val, in 1971. In 1973 Richard joined a very large General Practice with eight partners and 18,000 patients.

Death of one of Richard’s patients

Early in Richard’s career in General Practice, one of Richard's patients was a 4 year old little boy who died with leukaemia. The little boy died whilst Richard was actually treating him at home with his parents. This greatly distressed the poor parents, and it greatly upset Richard as well.

Questions about life

Following this, Richard and Val were "seeking" for some meaning to life. In his job as a GP Richard was very familiar with death at all ages, and wanted to know the answer to the following three questions:

  1. Where do we all come from?

  2. Why are we here?

  3. Where we all go next?

Richard and Val found these questions very difficult question to answer. In the UK most people have no idea! Richard also found that many people were embarrassed by the questions! In today’s secular UK society anything remotely associated with religion is greatly frowned on. Many years ago it was not polite to discuss money, but that has changed. Nowadays any discussion about God or life after death is taboo in polite society.

Nowadays, it is perfectly normal to discuss the value of your home with your friends at dinner parties, but it certainly not acceptable to discuss life after death. That would be considered extremely impolite. Religion is considered in the UK to be something that a few people at church on Sunday mornings are involved with, but is certainly not something that is discussed in polite society. Religion is often considered to be the cause of wars, and something that is so personal that it is rarely ever discussed! Just for the record, Richard and Val do not own a home now. They prefer to rent one.

At every funeral Richard and Val had ever been to, nobody mentioned the possibility of Hell!

A very brief glance at the New Testament will very quickly reveal that Jesus Christ spoke a great deal about Hell!

Most people in the UK assume that, when a funeral is attended, the unfortunate dead relative or friend is now in Heaven. This assumption is invariably made by the minister, the family, and all the friends, although nobody actually discusses it! What an extraordinary state of affairs!

Richard and Val were dumbfounded! Richard and Val could never remember a single sermon on Hell. At every funeral they had ever attended, the minister had clearly said that the person in the coffin was “now at peace”!

Newspapers always indicated that a dead person was “now in

Heaven”. In fact it is broadly assumed that everyone goes to Heaven when they die. What about those in Hell? They would hardly be at peace! Who goes to this Hell, which Jesus spoke so much about?

Question about the nature of God

Richard and Val had always heard in churches about “gentle Jesus meek and mild, who loves everyone, and accepts everyone, whoever they are”.

In the UK today, and many Western nations, most people sincerely believe that God, if He exists at all, is some sort of allforgiving Person, who warmly welcomes everyone into Heaven, especially English people, because England is historically a “Christian nation.”

The embarrassing subject of Creation

The subject of Creation is regarded as an embarrassment in today’s educated society. Most Western nations now accept and teach Evolution. Individuals who actually believe in Creation are often regarded as bigoted freaks! However, please see our free teaching on on CREATION: THE GENESIS ACCOUNT and


The true nature of British society today

England is certainly not now a Christian nation! At one time England sent missionaries all over the world, but now missionaries come to England to preach the Gospel! In contemporary England most people never go to church, never read the Bible, and just assume that because England is a “Christian nation”, everyone goes to Heaven when they die, always assuming that there is such a place!

Television programmes, newspapers and magazines are now full of information that “proves” that Christianity is no longer relevant, and, very often, that the alleged events in the Bible never actually happened.

Recent films from Hollywood maintain a number of outright lies about the life and death of Jesus Christ, which only further confuses an already confused population.

Richard was very upset about the details of the Jewish Holocaust

Richard’s first job in Brighton and Hove was with a predominantly Jewish practice. Richard is not Auschwitz

Jewish, but he developed a fondness for the Jews. Richard had an interest in World War 2 history. He had researched the details of the Nazi Holocaust (1940 –1945), when 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in the death camps.

Richard and Val regularly visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, and recently visited Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

Richard does not make any judgement on those people responsible for the Holocaust. After all, the history of mankind is full of similar events in many countries, over many centuries. Similar events are still happening today in many countries.

An evil force on this planet

Richard did however come to the conclusion that there must be an evil force on this planet to cause some people to inflict such suffering on other people. The Bible refers to this spiritual entity as Satan, and Richard decided that Satan was very real. In the UK today Satan is not taken seriously, or even discussed. Satan is certainly not mentioned in most churches in the UK.

Considering that, according to the Bible, Satan is the greatest threat to everyone, and a mortal enemy both of God, and all Christians, this is a remarkable thing. It is similar to the Allies landing in Normandy on DDay in 1944 without knowing who their enemy was! In military terms, this is plainly ridiculous, and yet this is exactly the situation today in the UK, and many Western countries.

Richard and Val’s search for ultimate truth

In 1974, during their search for “ultimate truth” they met a very distant relative who, they were warned, was a “fanatic bornagain Christian!” Richard and Val are now regarded as Christian fanatics themselves, in certain quarters! At any rate, Richard and Val were curious to find out what this dear lady had to say!

Truth from the Bible

The Christian lady told Richard and Val many important truths from the Bible. Richard and Val found these truths quite shocking, and wondered why they had never heard any of these truths before in their lives!

They had often been to church, so why had they never heard any of this before, in any church?

On our web site is a section called THE BIBLE IS SUPERNATURAL.

We will be discussing the Bible statements in detail in this book, but here are some of the truths that the Bible states:


St Paul stated in the Bible, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” 2 Timothy 3:16.

The first thing that occurred to Richard and Val is that if the Bible is the truth, why did nobody read it? In a court of law, the defendant places his hand on a Bible, and promises to tell the truth. Why then are people who actually read the Bible regarded as fanatics, and why was the Bible now frowned upon by many authorities in the UK?

For Richard’s free material on THE BIBLE IS SUPERNATURAL please visit


Richard and Val did not know anything about the God of the Bible. They had simply adopted ideas from current culture, and current culture preferred not to discuss God! Richard and Val asked about this “all forgiving” God they had always heard about, and were informed that this popular image of God was not the God of the Bible. Our friend showed us these two verses:

John 3:36

“He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him”.

Matthew 10:28

“Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell”.

Richard and Val were now becoming worried! In the above verses they read about God’s wrath, and also of people being sent to Hell.

This was a very long way from the God of their imagination!


According to the Bible, human beings are all born into the kingdom of Satan. Jesus was addressing very religious Jewish priest, when He said:

John 8:44

“You are of your father the DEVIL, and the desires of your Visual Bible

father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it”.

This was a complete shock to Richard and Val, who had always considered that they were good decent citizens! After all, they were not criminals! They might have done a few “naughty things” here and there, but surely nothing too serious!

Now, here was Jesus warning very religious people that they belonged to the kingdom of Satan! So, it seemed, there was not too much hope for Richard and Val who were not religious at all!


In Romans 3:23 we read, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.

The good lady explained to Richard and Val that God is holy, and will not tolerate sin in His Presence. This means that if we have broken the Ten Commandments only once in our lives, we are “sinners”, and unfit for Heaven when we die.

Any sin will keep us out of Heaven. For example, the following is a list of sins, and Richard and Val were guilty of all of them, and a great deal more besides!

Image from

  1. One stolen paper clip

  2. One stolen phone call.

  3. One swearword.

  4. One lie, however small.

  5. Coveting anything.


Romans 6:23

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

It was explained to Richard and Val that death came into the world because of sin, as recorded in Genesis after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and God said: “For dust you are, and to dust you shall return”, Genesis 3:19.

As a medical doctor and nurse, Richard and Val were very familiar with death, but this was a new concept to them! They had only been trained in heart attacks and strokes, not in sin!


Richard and Val asked, “Surely Adam and Eve were just fairy stories, buried somewhere in the Old Testament?” A few years ago they actually heard a vicar preaching about how the book of Genesis was a fable!

Dr Luke, a medical doctor, and one of Jesus’ followers, recorded the names of the ancestors of Jesus in Luke 3: 2338. In Luke 3:38, he wrote, “ the son of Adam, the son of God”..

According to Dr Luke, Adam was the son of God, not the son of a monkey, as Richard and Val had always been taught! This required a bit of a rethink! Richard and Val had always been taught that man evolved from monkeys and apes. Dr Luke seemed to say that the evolutionists were wrong, and this was from the New Testament, not the Old Testament!


in many countries. Richard also receives aggressive emails from evolutionists all over the world, but carries on regardless!


Jesus said to the dying thief on the cross,

"Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise," Luke 23:43. So, according to Jesus Christ, the dying thief was in Paradise that very day.

The next question Richard and Val wanted to know was what was Heaven like? They had absolutely no idea! They had never, to their knowledge, ever heard anyone teach on Heaven. This seemed extraordinary, considering that most people believe we will spend forever there, and only a few years here!

The repentant thief had said a short prayer to Jesus, and going to Heaven was his reward. But what about the other thief? The Bible does not say he went to Paradise, so where did he go to? According to the Bible, there are only two places that the spirits of human beings go to when they die, Heaven or Hell.


The Bible clearly states in John 3:1617, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved”.

In 2 Peter 3:9, we read, “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance”.


Our friend pointed out that, in Hebrews 9:27 it says, “It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement”. Well, this did not sound too good! Richard and Val were not too excited about this coming judgement! Richard and Val were quite happy about going to Paradise, but weren’t too sure about being judged!


The apostle John had a Revelation of the future, in which, at the Great White Throne Judgement, people are sent to Hell. This is written in Revelation 20:1115:

“Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the Earth and the Heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works. Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire”.


In John 3:37, Jesus said that we must all be “born again”.

“Jesus answered and said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus said to Him, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born? Jesus answered, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, 'You must be born again.'

Richard and Val were amazed! They had never heard of being “born again”, despite confirmation in the Anglican Church. If Jesus said, “You must be born again,” how had this part of His teaching been completely missed out? They had heard a little about various subjects, but this had never been mentioned! Why on Earth not! If Jesus said we must all be “born again”, why is this not taught in most churches today?


Jesus said, in Matthew 7:1314, "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

When Richard first became a Christian, he was amazed at how few other Christians there seemed to be. Virtually all Richard’s former friends, and acquaintances were atheists. Richard was looking for some way of reaching them, and eventually came across Near Death Experiences as a means of generating interest in the after life. Unless things changed, all of his friends were going to end up in Hell!

Richard and Val became “bornagainChristians

In 1974 Richard and Val carefully read the Bible, especially the passages above, and became believers within a few days. Their three children, Emma, Sarah, and Lucy, and their entire extended family, soon became believers too.

They prayed the “sinner’s prayer”, in which they specifically asked forgiveness for their sins, promised to stop doing them, and forgave everybody who had hurt them or their families in any way.

Please visit THE SINNERS PRAYER”, which you can pray immediately!

Richard took early retirement from General Practice

In 1997 Richard had to take early retirement from General Practice, because he found the very long hours as a GP very stressful. At that time General Practitioners in the UK worked very long hours, because each medical practice was required to provide emergency medical cover at all times.

Richard was originally extremely unhappy about his early retirement, but now believes that the Lord had other plans for his life! After all, Joseph was in prison for 3 years in Egypt, and Richard’s problems hardly compared with Joseph’s!

During his early retirement, Richard coauthored two books about Near Death Experiences, in order to alert as many people as possible about the importance of avoiding Hell by being born again.

This was not a commercial venture, and Richard has never received a penny from either book.


To download the first free book, THE FINAL FRONTIER please visit

To download the second free book, BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER please visit



Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor. He has researched over 300 cases of Near Death Experiences, and this chapter contains the cumulative results of many years researching the subject. Although Richard has never had a Near Death Experience himself, the experiences of other people, combined with research in the Bible, have dramatically altered Richard’s life.


At the point of death patients describe their spirits leaving their bodies. It is not painful to die, but seems perfectly natural. In fact it is so natural that some patients do not even realise what has happened, and are surprised to find themselves in a spirit body, often looking at their physical body, which is, of course, now dead.

Sometimes people do not realise that they are dead until they see their own dead body! Surprisingly, not everyone recognises their own body, because none of us have actually seen ourselves as others see us. Sometimes people identify their own bodies by clothing or jewellery. Often it is a shock for people to realise that they are now dead.


As people become used to their new spirit body, they discover some new things about themselves. They look down and realise that their hands are glowing with a white “envelope”. As they look down they realise that their whole body is clothed in the white luminescence, and that their new body is transparent, and seems to have lost its “firmness”. They realise very quickly that they cannot actually touch anything, and that if they try to touch a physical body, their hands pass straight through it.

Patients accurately report details of car accidents, operating theatres, emergency rooms, and hospital staff. Patients even report conversations whilst their heart has stopped and they are being resuscitated. Some patients have accurately reported details of drugs administered, the time on clocks, details about hospital staff who appeared on the scene only after they had a cardiac arrest, and even details of the roof of hospitals.

The spirit body is not the same as the resurrected body, which believers are still waiting to inherit.


Patients also record an awareness of changes in their mental faculties. Many patients have recorded an expansion of their mental faculties, so that they actually feel more alive than they did before. They feel that they can think much faster, and process information very much faster. Their sense of sight and hearing is vastly increased, as also is their ability to travel.


Many patients find themselves travelling very fast through a tunnel of light. As described in CHAPTER 40 these tunnels may be EinsteinRosen Bridges, also known as “wormholes”, which are probably communications between different areas of Space Time.


Patients also report a new ability to communicate without using speech, although they are perfectly free to use speech. In the spirit world, patients report a dramatically increased awareness of the thoughts of angels, and Jesus Christ in particular.

As patients come closer to Jesus Christ, or angels, they are almost invariably aware of their thoughts, which in the spirit world appear to be identical to speech. It is as though in the spirit world the normal process of speech is unnecessary, although patients report that they can speak if they want to, and have often heard others speak. These thoughts are, however, identical to speech, and make speech unnecessary. As patients come into the presence of Jesus Christ they are aware of these thoughts, similar to speech, and can both hear and see words.

Frequently patients are aware that angels or Jesus Christ are talking to them, even though neither the angels nor Jesus Christ appear to be speaking. They are simultaneously aware that their own thoughts are immediately clearly understood by both angels and by Jesus Christ. Equally, their replies to questions are thoughts, which are instantly “heard” by Jesus Christ, or angels. Communication is instant, and whole conversations can be undertaken in a fraction of a second, although time does not seem to apply in eternity.


Many patients have reported travelling at enormous speeds, either on this Earth, or to either Heaven or Hell. Many patients report instantaneously travelling hundreds of miles. Many have reported that they can travel to any destination simply by thinking about it. As they are travelling, they do not miss the details of the countryside and towns they travel through on Earth, or details of Heaven or Hell. Everything is recorded in great detail, and they also record greatly increased memory.


Many patients have recorded the visits of relatives and friends to their dead bodies, or to their unconscious bodies before they actually died. It seems that unconscious patients can hear very well what friends and relatives are talking about! Perhaps people should be aware of this if they ever visit apparently unconscious relatives or friends in hospital.


If NDE patients are accompanied by angels, they report an increased awareness of the real motives behind events, such as the visits of friends and relatives. Patients report the early elements of a new knowledge, which they cannot really explain, of people’s true motives. Not only do patients report this heightened perception about motives, but this heightened perception of motives seems to be a constant feature in the spirit world. For example, motives are constantly present during discussions in the spirit world with angels, or Jesus Christ. Patients often recall things said over their unconscious or dead bodies by friends or relatives with extraordinary detail, even though the patients were unconscious or dead at the time. Patients are not clear whether this heightened awareness of motives comes from their own minds, or from the minds of accompanying angels, which seems more likely.


Whilst on this Earth they are aware that normal human beings cannot see them. However, they can see and hear normal human beings perfectly well. As before, they report the beginnings of an increased awareness of motives and inner thoughts of other people, which patients have difficulty explaining. In most cases patients report an awareness of other spirit beings around them. Patients frequently describe both angels and demons, which are discussed under a separate heading.

On rare occasions, as in the case of Dr George Ritchie, patients have been taken on a tour of Planet Earth either by an angel, or by Jesus Christ. Their comments are most extraordinary. Patients begin to see life on Planet Earth in a completely new light. They report seeing thousands of people going about their daily business, completely unaware of the activities in the spirit world around them. They do however report that some people are very aware of the spirit world, and that these people are attended by personal angels constantly.


As patients become accustomed to their new spirit bodies, with their luminescent glow, they become aware of other beings from the spirit world. Many patients have reported meeting their own personal angels. It is written in Psalm 91 that believers have personal angels, “For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone” (Psalm 91:11,12).

Very often patients feel that they know these angels, which is true, since these angels have often been protecting them for many years, since they became believers. Sometimes patients record more than one angel, and on occasions many angels. The angels are described as tall and very handsome, with very youthful masculine features. The angels are usually at least six feet tall, but often up to nine feet tall. The angels have much firmer physical bodies than the patients own transparent spirit bodies, and are clothed in white robes. The angels radiate light, and the light from their bodies appears to shine through their white clothing. Some angels have two large white wings, radiating light, and others do not. The angels leave a lasting impression of love, strength, gentleness, complete integrity, and total devotion to God.

Angels are very interested in the lives of human beings, and also give their total attention when asked questions. All questions are answered politely and gently, although frequently the answers are extremely hurtful to the patients. The answers often cause feelings of guilt and embarrassment. The angels seem to be highly intelligent, and give the impression of knowing a great deal more than they actually discuss with patients. They often escort patients to Heaven, either individually, or in groups.


Dr Richard Kent comments in the movie THE FINAL FRONTIER viewable on, that you can always tell if someone has really been to Heaven. All that they want to do is to get back there, and take as many people with them as possible!

Paul himself said, in 1 Corinthians 2:9, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have

entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him."

Heaven is the most glorious place imaginable, and most patients simply cannot describe it. Their testimonies of Heaven are remarkably similar to each others, and also remarkably similar to the Bible’s description of Heaven, which helps to confirm their authenticity.

Heaven is vast, and outside space time completely. The capital city of Heaven, the New Jerusalem, is approached often with angels, passing through the Tunnel of Light. Alternatively, individuals find themselves directly within Heaven, and never see the New Jerusalem from outside.


Those who approach the New Jerusalem from outside describe a massive three dimensional city of light, emanating bright golden beams of light which light up everything around it as far as the eye can see. Patients have a definite feeling that the New Jerusalem is outside our present Universe.

The Bible describes the present Paradise as the Third Heaven (see 2 Corinthians 12 vv 24). The First Heaven is where the clouds are, and the birds fly. The Second Heaven is space, where the Sun, the stars, and the planets are. The Third Heaven is outside space time completely, and is where God lives now, although He will come to live on Planet Earth in the future (see Revelation 21).

Patients describe the New Jerusalem as a huge city of light. Unlike cities on Earth, the New Jerusalem is as tall as it is wide. The Bible in Revelation 21:1517 states that the dimensions of the city are 1,500 miles high, broad and wide, and that the walls are 216 feet across (from figures converted to feet in The Living Bible).

Patients describe the walls of the New Jerusalem, with 12 layers, exactly as described in Revelation 21 vv 1820. They describe the high walls made of horizontal layers of brilliantly glowing precious stones, which radiate rainbow colours, rather like a prism. The effect on the onlooker is remarkable, since nobody has ever seen anything like this before.

A most interesting experiment was done by D. H. A. Woodward in his book “Gems from the City”. His work is described in detail in THE BIBLE IS SUPERNATURAL

on Mr Woodward performed a scientific study of the 28 precious and semiprecious stones known on Planet Earth. The 12 stones mentioned in Revelation 21:1820 are the following: Jasper, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Emerald, Sardonyx, Sardius, Chrysolite, Beryl, Topaz, Chrysoprase, Jacinth, and Amethyst.

Mr Woodward examined particles of all 28 stones found on Planet Earth under a microscope using plane polarised light. He found that the 12 precious stones that are the foundation stones of Heaven have the most unusual property that when they are illuminated with plane polarized light these 12 precious stones, and only these 12 stones, refract the light, giving off rainbow colours, exactly as described by patients following NDE’s. Mr Woodward calculated that, on a purely mathematical basis, the chances of John picking the correct 12 gemstones, out of 28 gemstones are 1 in 30 million, proving the supernatural origin of the Bible.

Patients also describe the huge gates of Heaven, which are made of massive pearls, approximately 12 feet high. Pearls are made through the suffering of oysters, and perhaps the pearl gates are a portrayal that we only enter Heaven through the suffering of Jesus Christ. There are twelve gates, three on each of the four sides of the city, and they are permanently open.


As individuals enter the New Jerusalem people attempt to describe a Garden Paradise. However, words fail them completely, and people find it genuinely difficult to describe such a beautiful place. The first impressions upon entering Paradise are of entering a Garden Paradise where everything radiates light and music.

Light comes from the trees, the flowers, the grass, and in fact from everything, and also from the bodies of all the believers in Heaven. The appearance of Heaven is of a constantly changing myriad of bright phosphorescent light, of a bright translucent quality such as is never seen on Earth. Everything radiates light, of different intensities, and in different colours.

Patients describe the most beautiful vivid colours in Heaven, including some new colours which have never been seen before. The colours seem to be living colours, rather than the dead colours in a photograph or a picture. The colours have a luminous quality which is difficult for patients to describe. The colours are separate, and yet seem to merge into a whole uniformity of brightness and light. Every blade of grass is outlined in a beautiful phosphorescent green, of such brightness that the observer is astounded.

Patients describe flowers of such dramatic beauty that they are quite incapable of describing them. Each flower is absolutely perfect, and a work of art in its own right. Each flower radiates a light of its own causing a coloured hue all around the individual flower. Each flower is alive, and clearly moving, swaying gently. To observers astonishment each individual flower is a self contained orchestra of light and music. However, this music is music unlike any music that the observer has ever heard. This music spans many octaves simultaneously, and to the amazement of everyone, the music can be seen as well as heard.

A field of flowers, or a flower bed of flowers, provides and amazing encounter. Here is a field of flowers radiating light and music, and in Heaven the music can be clearly seen. There is a delicate hue over the entire field of flowers of living pulsating light and music. Perhaps this description gives new meaning to the Scripture in Isaiah 55:12, “The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands”.

The observer is also instantly aware of the most beautiful perfumes arising from different parts of Heaven, mostly from the trees and the flowers. Patients describe a heightened awareness of smell, as well as all other senses. Many patients have said that the different perfumes in different parts of Heaven are their most lasting and beautiful memories of Heaven.


The Bible states in Revelation 21:18 that “The construction of its wall was of jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass”.

Patients who have actually seen the New Jerusalem comment that the city is predominantly constructed of a clear transparent gold. Many people have commented on walking on streets of clear transparent gold, which, like everything else in the city, radiates its own golden glow. The buildings are also constructed of gold, and many people have actually been taken to see their own homes in Heaven, often by angels or children.

Some people have commented on their own homes, saying how beautiful they are. Many have commented that their homes refract rainbow colours from the transparent gold and the jasper of which they are constructed. Patients have also commented on the beautiful fragrances from their homes, and

the lack of bedrooms. Since there is no night in Heaven, and in their new bodies there is no need for

sleep, there are no bedrooms.

One patient described the flowers in his home, and his description is most illuminating. He described the beautiful flowers in his home, which had been picked by children in a nearby meadow. The children had actually escorted this individual to his home in Heaven. The children then placed the live flowers on a live wooden table, where the promptly began to radiate light and music in unison! He explained that in Heaven nothing dies. So, if a flower is picked, it does not cease to live, but simply carries on living in a new location. There are wooden tables in Heaven, but there the similarity ends. On Earth we are familiar with wood constructed from dead trees. However, in Heaven there is no such thing as dead wood. The wood is very much alive, and radiates light and music with the flowers placed on it. He also commented that although you could see the light from the flowers and the table, which merged into a glorious phosphorescent glow, you could also both hear and see the music emanating from both the flowers and the table.


Many patients comment on instant transport not only within the New Jerusalem, but also throughout the Third Heaven. The Third Heaven is very much larger than the Second Heaven, which we are familiar with, containing the Sun, the stars, the planets, and our planet Earth. Transport appears to be instantaneous, and is simply precipitated by a thought of wishing to travel to a destination, wherever it is. The patients are invariably accompanied by angels, and have travelled to distant mountain ranges instantaneously.


Very often patients describe an encounter with Jesus Christ. The main impressions are of brilliant bright light, and a sense of overpowering love. NDE patients say that there is no sun in Heaven. All the light comes from Jesus Christ, and He is far brighter than the sun. This is exactly what the Bible Matthew 17:2, “He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light”.

NDE patients describe Jesus Christ as being nearly six feet tall, and radiating a brilliant white phosphorescent light, and love which is more powerful than any love previously experienced. Patients record an awareness of a Love that is totally indescribable in intensity. Seasoned soldiers have broken down in tears describing the Love that they felt in the presence of Jesus Christ, and is one of the main reasons why so many patients who have experienced NDE’s long to return to Heaven.

The love is so overpowering that NDE patients find it extremely difficult to explain, having never encountered anything remotely similar before. This overpowering sensation of love is almost like a physical sensation, and often appear to come as waves, each wave more powerful than the last.

Brilliant light, brighter than the sun, appears to be radiating from Jesus’ face, His arms, and His whole Body. He is usually wearing clothes appropriate to a Jewish rabbi, but the clothes are not easily discerned because the enormous quantity of light passing through His clothing obscures the details of the clothing. This is perhaps how Jesus Christ appeared to His disciples at the Transfiguration.

Many patients have commented that Jesus Christ has a band of gold around His chest, exactly as described in Revelation 1:13. As patients come closes to Him they are almost invariably aware of His thoughts, which, as previously described, are identical to speech. As patients come into the presence of Jesus Christ they are aware of Him speaking to them, although no words are actually spoken. Frequently patients have seen Bible verses actually written in their minds as Jesus Christ speaks to them.

Conversations with Jesus Christ are conducted at the speed of thought. Jesus Christ is instantly aware of patient’s thoughts, and usually replies instantly. Communication is instant, and a whole conversation can be completed instantaneously, not only with individuals, such as Jesus Christ, but with large groups of people, such as angels.

As patients approach Jesus Christ they are instantly aware Who they are talking to, partly though this thought process. Patients frequently report words such as, “You are in the presence of the Son of God” appearing in their minds.


As patients approach Jesus Christ they frequently report seeing every single detail of their entire lives all present in their thought processes, with absolutely no detail missing at all. Patients are often unclear whether this life review proceeded from their own thought processes, or from the thought processes of Jesus Christ, because it all seems to happen so quickly, and so completely. Furthermore, all information is instantly shared by both parties.

Many patients have commented that, whatever their lives revealed, there was absolutely no judgement passed at this point. The information was simply there as a background for discussion. Very frequently patients saw themselves judging others whilst here on Earth, and often had the uncomfortable feeling that their own words could be taken as evidence against themselves. This is exactly what Jesus Christ said, in Matthew 12:37, "By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

Some patients positioned themselves closer to Jesus Christ than others, and noted that He still has the marks of Crucifixion in His wrists and His feet. It is interesting that patients should specifically comment on Jesus Christ’s wrists rather than His hands, because the wrist is the correct site used by the Romans for Crucifixion, as indicated in the teaching THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST on

One patient, Dr Richard Eby, was actually hugged by Jesus Christ. Dr Eby commented in his book that Jesus Christ’s Resurrection Body is quite different to our Earthly bodies, being much more firm, and lacking the softness of normal human flesh.


NDE patients frequently record meeting previously dead relatives in Heaven, who were believers whilst on Earth. The recognition was more of a spirit recognition than a physical recognition, because the dead relatives usually looked very much younger in Heaven than they did on Earth. Everyone in Heaven is in their absolute prime of health and physical condition. Patients frequently report that dead parents now look thirty or forty years younger than they did last time they saw them, and in absolute prime physical condition.

Patients have also reported meeting Biblical characters such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, amongst others. One of the remarkable things reported is instant knowledge of who each character was. This is actually entirely Biblical.

The Transfiguration is described in Matthew 17:2 and Mark 9:2. On this occasion, when Jesus was transfigured before Peter, James and John, two Old Testament prophets, Moses and Elijah, appeared alongside Jesus Christ, very much alive.

Peter, James and John immediately knew who Moses and Elijah were, although no introductions were made. In the same way, NDE patients knew exactly who everybody was in Heaven, and furthermore, everyone knew exactly who the NDE patients were.

The Transfiguration is discussed in detail on in THE SHROUD OF TURIN PROVES THE RESURRECTION


Many patients have commented that the New Jerusalem is as high as it is wide and deep, and that the Throne of God is in the uppermost part of the City.

Some patients gave actually seen the Throne of God, and remember the very bright white light, and the rainbow over the Throne, and the sea of glass in front of the Throne. However, they have been so awe struck by the spectacle that they have been unable to describe it in detail.

The Throne of God is described in Revelation 4:26, “Instantly I was in spirit there in Heaven and sawoh, the glory of it!a throne and someone sitting on it! Great bursts of light flashed forth from him as from a glittering diamond or from a shining ruby, and a rainbow glowing like an emerald encircled his throne. Twentyfour smaller thrones surrounded his, with twentyfour Elders sitting on them; all were clothed in white, with golden crowns upon their heads. Lightning and thunder issued from the throne, and there were voices in the thunder. Directly in front of his throne were seven lighted lamps representing the sevenfold Spirit of God. Spread out before it was a shiny crystal sea.” TLB


Many patients have seen the River of Life which is described in the Books of Genesis and Revelation. The River of Life flows from the Throne of God down throughout the City, with the Trees of Life planted on both river banks.


Many patients have actually seen their names written in a very large book, the Book of Life. According to Revelation 21:27 only those whose names are recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life may enter the City.


One of the very great surprises is that there are no churches in Heaven. There is a great deal of singing throughout Heaven, and spontaneous outbreaks of praise, but no actual churches. It seems that the divide between “sacred and secular” is completely absent in Heaven, and every person and every angel incorporates their full knowledge of God, and obeying His laws, into every aspect of life in Heaven. As on Earth in some Christian families, it is as normal to talk about the things of God as anything else, and He, or reference to Him, are included in all conversations.


The second most memorable thing for virtually everyone who has genuinely visited Heaven is a feeling of belonging. On Earth we are used to having a family, with whom we have a different, closer, relationship than everyone else. Evidently in Heaven, according to NDE patients, there is only one family, the family of Jesus Christ Everyone belongs to one family, and there is an intense personal bond between everyone in Heaven. This is also entirely scriptural, as demonstrated in Ephesians 3:14, “the great family of God, some of them already in Heaven and some down here on Earth”, TLB JOY IN HEAVEN

The single most memorable feature of most NDE patients who have actually visited Heaven is the unspeakable joy of Heaven. Heaven appears to be the most happy and joyful place imaginable. There are millions of children in Heaven, and their laughter is heard everyone. Everybody loves the children, and the children are felt to belong to the whole family of God. However, this special affection for children is no greater than the affection felt for every single person in Heaven, and every single person feels very much part of the happiest family in the Universe, which they are.

On Earth Christians can often feel isolated in a secular world that often rejects them. However, in Heaven all believers instantly find a welcoming family who totally understand and love them, and who know their name without being introduced. NDE patients have reported a feeling of instant belonging, and this is perhaps the most memorable aspect of Heaven. Heaven is home for believers, and every NDE patient who has genuinely seen Heaven longs to return.


Although demons are very rarely discussed in churches, they are very commonly observed by NDE patients. Of course, demons are frequently referred to in the Bible, and Jesus Christ spent much of His ministry casting them out. They are referred to in the Bible as fallen angels.

Demons are described as grotesque in appearance, often quite small, but occasionally large. They do not radiate light as angels do, and appear very dark. There are different types of demons, each type evidently having an interest in its particular rebellious nature. Unlike angels they are not at all human in shape, having hideous features. Demons are not only offensive to look at, but utter very offensive language, using all of the swear words commonly used. Unlike angels, they do not have any sort of intuition, and communication with demons is not straightforward, as with angels. Demons are most unpleasant, and have been described as abusing the spirit bodies of NDE patients both verbally and



Many NDE patients have found that discussing the activities of demons so revolting that they would simply prefer not to. This may be, in part, because such patients are embarrassed to have such knowledge of demons.

Although demons are answerable to Satan, they are much more frightened of angels, and Jesus Christ in particular. One NDE patient described observing demons attempting to enter the bodies of living human beings when the humans, in this case sailors, were drunk.

Jesus Christ casting out demons Demons summon the spirits of the departed to Hell, initially by deception, but eventually by force. They seem to enjoy their taunting activity, and prefer to act in groups rather than individually. They have far less spiritual ability than angels, which is perhaps why they prefer to act in groups rather than individually. The author does not feel comfortable discussing the activities of demons, and would much prefer to discuss the more uplifting activity of angels. The main point made by NDE patients is that demons certainly exist, as also does Hell and Satan.


Dr Richard Kent found in his discussions with patients who had experienced NDE’s that an alarming number reported Hell experiences. This was also noted by Dr Maurice Rawlings who has written the introduction to this book.

In the UK, where Richard lives, most churches do not discuss the existence of Hell at all. However, Hell experiences were very commonly reported. Jesus Christ actually spoke more about Hell than He did about Heaven, and indicated that it was very much a place to be avoided.

In general patients describe Hell as somewhere very dark, hot and oppressive, and somewhere deep down below us. The Bible teaches that the location of Hell is somewhere in the “heart of the Earth”. This is discussed in Chapter 43: “WHAT ARE HEAVEN AND HELL REALLY LIKE?”

NDE patients say that there are thousands of demons there, and also millions of people in torment. This is not a pleasant fact to report, and the author does not want to spend too long on the unpleasant fact of Hell. However, the issue of Hell cannot be avoided, although most churches seem to go out of their way to do so.

Many NDE patients are very reluctant to discuss their own experiences of Hell, perhaps through not wishing to relive a most unpleasant experience, or perhaps because of embarrassment, or perhaps through fear of ridicule.

Dr Maurice Rawlings has researched thousands of NDE cases. He reports that many patients reported Hellish experiences if interviewed immediately after a cardiac arrest, or other life threatening illness or injury. However, he also notes that if he asked the same patients about their experiences only three days later, many of the patients could not remember the experience. He concluded that perhaps the experience was so traumatic that the subconscious part of the human brain had blocked out these memories completely.

NDE patients report that they were escorted, very often against their will, down into the depths of this Earth. Patients report that demons entice them at first using deception, but eventually using verbal and physical abuse, down to a place that is so horrific that they have genuine difficulty describing it.

NDE patients report a sea of fire, and within the flames are clearly visible human spirits, in deep anguish and torment. These human spirits still resemble their physical forms whilst on Earth, but lack some aspects of their human physical bodies. They are spirits, so they are indestructible, unlike human bodies. Unlike spirits on their way to Heaven, these spirits do not have a spirit body that is clothed in light. They appear very dark, by comparison.

These human spirits are not actually consumed by the fires, since they are spirits. They are, however, in great distress, both physically and mentally. They are in full possession of their mental faculties, and apparently have the rest of eternity to regret their life on Earth.

When Jesus taught using a parable, He invariably indicated that he was using a parable. However, the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:2728 was NOT described as a parable. In the event described by Jesus, the rich man says to Abraham, 'I beg you therefore, father, that you would send him (Lazarus) to my father's house, for I have five brothers, that he may testify to them, lest they also come to this place of torment.' From this description, we can clearly see that those in Hell have full

memory of their life on Earth.

It is also recorded in Revelation 14:11, “The smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image”.

It is popular in some church circles to believe in the Annihilation Theory. According to this belief, spirits in Hell are destroyed. However, this is not the truth, as both the Bible and the accounts of NDE patients record.

NDE patients who have seen Hell recoil in horror at what they have seen there. Some people have seen Satan there, and some people have actually had conversations with Satan. Conversations with Satan are reported to be in the mind, as all conversations in the spirit world are. No NDE patient has, to the authors’ knowledge, actually described the physical appearance of Satan.

NDE patients have had conversations with demons there, and report that demons habitually swear using the most dreadful language, using all the commonly used swearwords, and other new ones.

NDE patients record that Hell is extremely noisy, with a great deal of screaming. Popular notions of “having a party with your friends in Hell” are ridiculous. There are no parties in Hell, and the overriding features are a place of sorrow, loneliness, fear, despair, regret, and anguish for loved ones left behind. Hell is a tragedy, and a place that was originally intended only for Satan and his demons. A greater tragedy is the large number of humans there for eternity.


There are no unbelievers in Hell. This is clearly written in Philippians 2:1011, “At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in Heaven, and of those on Earth, and of those under the Earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”. Paul has clearly recorded that even those “under the Earth”, (i.e. those in Hell) will one day bow their knees to Jesus Christ, and also confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord”.

Revelation 21:89 teaches that “The cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."

In Revelation 21:89 the “unbelieving” end up in Hell. The Greek word used here is “apistois” and simply means “a disbelieving person”. The true meaning of this word “apistois” can be readily discerned by comparing its use elsewhere in the New Testament. In John 20:27Jesus said to “Doubting Thomas”,

"Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving

(Greek word, “apistois”) but believing."

It is widely believed that “only really wicked people, like mass murderers, end up in Hell, and that virtually everybody else ends up in Heaven, if such a place actually exists”. The author has a wide experience of discussing this very issue with people all over the world, and can assure the reader that this is what most people actually believe!

According to the New Testament nothing could be further from the truth! All that is required to end up in Hell is to be an unbeliever. In other words, the default is Hell.

Jesus warned, very seriously, in Matthew 7:1314, that, “Heaven can be entered only through the narrow gate! The highway to Hell is broad, and its gate is wide enough for all the multitudes who choose its easy way. But the Gateway to Life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it,” TLB.

The truth is that a great many people are “unbelievers” in the New Testament sense of the word. The author would not like to estimate how many fit into this category, but certainly Jesus Christ warned that “multitudes” end up in Hell.

The truth is that a Holy God can, and does, send very many people to Hell. The whole purpose of this book and web site ( is to warn people everywhere of the existence of Hell, and how to avoid it.

As Dr Maurice Rawlings said, who wrote the introduction of this book, “You are on to a subject that is important to every individual present. Is it safe to die? Do I know where I am going before I get there? That is the question.”


With the greatest respect to Roman Catholics, no NDE patient has, to our knowledge, ever described a place called Purgatory. Purgatory is simply not described in the Bible at all.


For many years after he became a Christian in 1974, Richard was seeking some means of conveying the urgency of the situation to family, friends, and anyone who would listen!

There is very little information freely available about Near Death Experiences, and how to avoid Hell.

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Nowadays many churches do not preach about Hell, for whatever reason. This is not a Biblical position for churches to take. Jesus Christ actually spoke more about Hell than he did about Heaven, and warned everyone that Hell was a place to be avoided.

You might ask what evidence there is to support the ideas of Heaven and Hell contained in this book.

There are many verses in the Bible which tell us about both places. Jesus said in John 14:2: "In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

In the book of Revelation there are many verses that describe how wonderful it is in

Heaven, especially in chapters 21 and 22. These chapters describe the New Jerusalem, the capital city of Heaven, where there is no crying, no sadness, and no pain. Here the streets are pure gold, as clear as glass, and the walls are made of beautiful gems. Here are some selected verses from the last two chapters of the Bible.

Heaven, as described in Revelation 21 and 22

“Now I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth, for the first Heaven and the first Earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from Heaven saying, "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away."

……. And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of Heaven from God, having the glory of God. Her light was like a most precious stone, like a jasper stone, clear as crystal. Also she had a great and high wall with twelve gates, and twelve angels at the gates, and names written on them, which are the names of the

twelve tribes of the children of Israel: three gates on the east, three gates on the north, three gates on

the south, and three gates on the west. Now the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. The city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed: twelve thousand furlongs. Its length, breadth, and height are equal. Then he measured its wall: one hundred and fortyfour cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel. The construction of its wall was of jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass. The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with all kinds of precious stones: the first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald, the fifth sardonyx, the sixth sardius, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst. The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. But I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light. And the nations of those who are saved shall walk in its light, and the kings of the Earth bring their glory and honour into it. Its gates shall not be shut at all by day (there shall be no night there)

…..And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations”.

Hell, as described in the Bible

By contrast Hell is described as a place of eternal torment and pain where the body suffers.

Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of Heaven is like a dragnet that was cast into the sea and gathered, some of every kind, which, when it was full, they drew to shore; and they sat down and gathered the good into vessels, but threw the bad away. So it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come forth, separate the wicked from the just, and cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth,’ Matthew 13: 4750.

The Rich Man in torment in Hades

‘There was a certain rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day. But there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, full of sores, who was laid at his gate, desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table. Moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by the angel’s to Abraham’s bosom. The rich man died and was buried. And being in torments

in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom,’ Luke 16:1923.

The Bible indicates the location of Hell

Jesus said, in Matthew 12:40, “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth”. The Greek word used here for “Earth” is the Greek word, “Gees”. The Greek word “Gees” is exactly the same word that Jesus used to describe Heaven and Earth in Mathew 5:18.

Jesus is referring in Matthew 12:40 to Sheol, the place for departed spirits, which at the time of the Crucifixion was in the heart of Planet Earth. Since then Paradise has moved to the Third Heaven, but Hades (Greek, Haides) remains in the heart of Planet Earth.

It is recorded in 1 Samuel 28:715 that the spirit of Samuel came up from Sheol:

“Then Saul said to his servants, "Find me a woman who is a medium, that I may go to her and inquire of her." And his servants said to him, "In fact, there is a woman who is a medium at En Dor." So Saul disguised himself and put on other clothes, and he went, and two men with him; and they came to the woman by night. And he said, "Please conduct a séance for me, and bring up for me the one I shall name to you." Then the woman said to him, "Look, you know what Saul has done, how he has cut off the mediums and the spiritists from the land. Why then do you lay a snare for my life, to cause me to die?" And Saul swore to her by the LORD, saying, "As the LORD lives, no punishment shall come upon you for this thing." Then the woman said, "Whom shall I bring up for you?" And he said, "Bring up Samuel for me." When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice. And the woman spoke to Saul, saying, "Why have you deceived me? For you are Saul!" And the king said to her, "Do not be afraid. What did you see?" And the woman said to Saul, "I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth." So he said to her, "What is his form?" And she said, "An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle." And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down. Now Samuel said to Saul, "Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?"

In Philippians 2:1011 we read , “At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in Heaven, and of those on Earth, and of those under the Earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”.

Our eternal destiny is decided here on Earth

This story shows most clearly that once we have died, the decision taken on this Earth regarding our eternal destination, Heaven or Hell, is final. In the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16, the point is that the rich man closed his eyes and died, and immediately opened his eyes in Hell.

Jesus Christ is the only One who claimed to be God, has died and been resurrected. He is the only One qualified to comment. Jesus said that every person who dies without salvation, awakes and opens his or her eyes in Hell.

You may never have the opportunity, as the people in this book have, to glimpse what lies beyond the final frontier of death. But you have read about their experiences. We cannot prove or disprove what they have seen. We can say however, that what they have seen is confirmed by the teachings of Jesus whilst He was on Earth, and what God revealed to other writers in the Bible.


The authors believe that the Bible clearly teaches about Near Death Experiences, and After Death Experiences, commonly called Resurrections. We believe that Paul clearly had a Near Death Experience, visited Heaven, and recorded his experience in the Bible.

Paul was raised from the dead after being stoned to death

Half of the New Testament was written by Paul. He was a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin, when he persecuted and arranged the stoning of Christians. After an encounter with Jesus Christ he became a follower of Jesus, and one of the most famous teachers in the New Testament.

However, Paul’s teaching caused the Jews to hate him. He was stoned to death and had an experience of Heaven, all recorded in the Bible, before being raised back to life.

Paul’s stoning is described in Acts 14: 1920. “Some Jews arrived from Antioch and Iconium and turned the crowds into a murderous mob that stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, apparently dead. But

as the believers stood around him, he got up and went back into the city!”

The Jews were furious with him, and stoned him. They would not have left him alive! Adam Clarke’s

commentary states, “they did not leave stoning him until they had the fullest evidence that he was dead”. since the Greek word from which “dead” is translated in Acts 14:19 is “Tethneekénai”, which simply means “dead”. The believers around Paul almost certainly prayed for him, and raised him from the dead.

Paul’s after death experience of Heaven

We believe that Paul visited Heaven. Many Bible scholars also believe that Paul visited Heaven after his stoning. This is described in 2 Corinthians

We also believe that Paul was actually dead,

12:14: “Let me tell about the visions I've had, and revelations from the Lord. Fourteen years ago I was taken up to Heaven for a visit. Don't ask me whether my body was there or just my spirit, for I don't know; only God can answer that. But anyway, there I was in Paradise, and heard things so astounding that they are beyond a man's power to describe or put in words (and anyway I am not allowed to tell them to others).” TLB

We should warn the reader that there a number of “Near Death Experiences” on the Internet which are not consistent with Biblical teaching. The standard test on any subject is to line it up with the Bible. If


the experience is supported by Biblical teaching, it may well be sound. If the experience is not supported by Biblical teaching, it is probably not sound. This advice itself is based on Biblical doctrine, in Acts 17:1012, “That night the Christians hurried Paul and Silas to Beroea, and, as usual, they went to the synagogue to preach. But the people of Beroea were more openminded than those in Thessalonica, and gladly listened to the message. They searched the Scriptures day by day to check up on Paul and Silas' statements to see if they were really so, “TLB.


There are many instances in the Bible of resurrection from the dead. Jesus said that there was definitely life after death. At the resurrection of Lazarus, Jesus said to his sister Martha, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die,” John 11:2526.


  1. Jesus raised the widow of Nain’s son to life.

  2. Jesus raised Lazarus to life.

  3. Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter to life.

  4. Paul was stoned to death, and came back to life.

  5. Peter raised Dorcas to life.

  6. Paul raised Eutychus to life.

  7. At the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, many Old Testament saints were resurrected.

  8. Jesus Christ Himself was famously resurrected.


  1. Elijah raised a child to life.

  2. Elisha raised a child to life.


Jesus stopped a funeral procession, and raised a young man to life. This is described in Luke 7:1117 TLB:

“Not long afterwards Jesus went with his disciples to the village of Nain, with the usual great crowd at his heels. A funeral procession was coming out as he approached the village gate. The boy who had died was the only son of his widowed mother, and many mourners from the village were with her. When the Lord saw her, his heart overflowed with sympathy. "Don't cry!" he said. Then he walked over to the coffin and touched it, and the bearers stopped. "Laddie," he said, "come back to life again." Then the boy sat up and began to talk to those around him! And Jesus gave him back to his mother. A great fear swept the crowd, and they exclaimed with praises to God, "A mighty prophet has risen among us," and, "We have seen the hand of God at work today." The report of what he did that day raced from end to end of Judea and even out across the borders.”


A 12 year old little girl died, and Jesus raised her back to life. This is described in Luke 8:41,42, 4954 TLB: “A man named Jairus, a leader of a Jewish synagogue, came and fell down at Jesus' feet and begged him to come home with him, for his only child was dying, a little girl twelve years old. Jesus went with him, pushing through the crowds. A messenger arrived from the Jairus' home with the news that the little girl was dead. "She's gone," he told her father; "there's no use troubling the Teacher now." But when Jesus heard what had happened, he said to the father, "Don't be afraid! Just trust me, and she'll be all right." When they arrived at the house, Jesus wouldn't let anyone into the room except Peter, James, John, and the little girl's father and mother. The home was filled with mourning people, but he said, "Stop the weeping! She isn't dead; she is only asleep!" This brought scoffing and laughter, for they all knew she was dead. Then he took her by the hand and called, "Get up, little girl!" And at that moment her life returned and she jumped up! "Give her something to eat!" he said. Her parents were overcome with happiness, but Jesus insisted that they did not tell anyone the details of what had happened.”


The raising of Lazarus, after 4 days in the tomb, is perhaps one of Jesus’ most famous miracles, so we have reproduced the entire story, from John 11:1746 TLB:

“When they arrived at Bethany, they were told that Lazarus had already been in his tomb for four days. Bethany was only a couple of miles down the road from Jerusalem, and many of the Jewish leaders had come to pay their respects and to console Martha and Mary on their loss. When Martha got word that Jesus was coming, she went to meet him. But Mary stayed at home. Martha said to Jesus, "Sir, if you had been here, my brother wouldn't have died.

And even now it's not too late, for I know that God will bring my brother back to life again, if you will only ask him to." Jesus told her, "Your brother will come back to life again." "Yes," Martha said, "when everyone else does, on Resurrection Day." Jesus told her, "I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live again. He is given eternal life for believing in me and shall never perish. Do you believe this, Martha?"

"Yes, Master," she told him. "I believe you are the Messiah, the Son of God, the one we have so long awaited." Then she left him and returned to Mary and, calling her aside from the mourners, told her, "He is here and wants to see you." So Mary went to him at once.

Now Jesus had stayed outside the village, at the place where Martha met him. When the Jewish leaders who were at the house trying to console Mary saw her leave so hastily, they assumed she was going to Lazarus' tomb to weep; so they followed her.

When Mary arrived where Jesus was, she fell down at his feet, saying, "Sir, if you had been here, my brother would still be alive." When Jesus saw her weeping and the Jewish leaders wailing with her, he was moved with indignation and deeply troubled. "Where is he buried?" he asked them. They told him, "Come and see." Tears came. "They were close friends," the Jewish leaders said. "See how much he loved him."

But some said, "This fellow healed a blind manwhy couldn't he keep Lazarus from dying?" And again Jesus was moved with deep anger. Then they came to the tomb. It was a cave with a heavy stone rolled across its door. "Roll the stone aside," Jesus told them. But Martha, the dead man's sister, said, "By now the smell will be terrible, for he has been dead four days." "But didn't I tell you that you will see a wonderful miracle from God if you believe?" Jesus asked her. So they rolled the stone aside. Then Jesus looked up to Heaven and said, "Father, thank you for hearing me. (You always hear me, of course, but I said it because of all these people standing here, so that they will


believe you sent me.)" Then he shouted, "Lazarus, come out!"

And Lazarus camebound up in the grave cloth, his face muffled in a head swath. Jesus told them, "Unwrap him and let him go!" And so at last many of the Jewish leaders who were with Mary and saw

it happen, finally believed on him. But some went away to the Pharisees and reported it to them.”


Peter had been present when Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter to life. After the Resurrection of Jesus, Peter did the same for Dorcas, a believer in Joppa. This is described in Acts 9:3642 TLB: “In the city of Joppa there was a woman named Dorcas ("Gazelle"), a believer who was always doing kind things for others, especially for the poor. About this time she became ill and died. Her friends prepared her for burial and laid her in an upstairs room. But when they learned that Peter was nearby at Lydda, they sent two men to beg him to return with them to Joppa. This he did; as soon as he arrived, they took him upstairs where Dorcas lay. The room was filled with weeping widows who were showing one another the coats and other garments Dorcas had made for them. But Peter asked them all to leave the room; then he knelt and prayed. Turning to the body he said, "Get up,


Dorcas," and she opened her eyes! And when she saw Peter, she sat up! He gave her his hand and helped her up and called in the believers and widows, presenting her to them. The news raced through the town, and many believed in the Lord.”


Eutychus fell to his death during a long sermon given by Paul. Paul promptly raised him back to life, and carried on preaching!


This is described in Acts 20:710 TLB: “On Sunday we gathered for a Communion service, with Paul preaching. And since he was leaving the next day, he talked until midnight! The upstairs room where we met was lighted with many flickering lamps; and as Paul spoke on and on, a young man named Eutychus, sitting on the windowsill, went fast asleep and fell three stories to his death below. Paul went down and took him into his arms. "Don't worry," he said, "he's all right!" And he was! What a wave of awesome joy swept through the crowd! They all went back upstairs and ate the Lord's Supper together; then Paul preached another long sermonso it was dawn when he finally left them!”


After Jesus died, many Old Testament saints were resurrected, and later appeared to many people in Jerusalem. This is described in Matthew 27:5053 TLB: “Then Jesus shouted out again, dismissed his spirit, and died. And look! The curtain secluding the Holiest Place in the Temple was split apart from top to bottom; and the Earth shook, and rocks broke, and tombs opened, and many godly men and women who had died came back to life again. After Jesus' resurrection, they left the cemetery and went into Jerusalem, and appeared to many people there.”


Elijah had been staying in the home of the widow of Zarephath, and her son. There had been a famine, and God had provided food for them through the prophet Elijah. However, one day the son died, and Elijah raised him back to life. This is described in Kings 17:1718:1 TLB:

“One day the woman's son became sick and died.

"Oh man of God," she cried, "what have you done to me? Have you come here to punish my sins by killing my son?" "Give him to me," Elijah replied. And he took the boy's body from her and carried it upstairs to the guest room where he lived, and laid the body on his bed, and then cried out to the Lord, "O Lord my God, why have you killed the son of this widow with whom I am staying?" And he stretched himself upon the child three times and cried out to the Lord, "O Lord my God, please let this child's spirit return to him." And the Lord heard Elijah's prayer; and the spirit of the child returned, and he became alive again! Then Elijah took him downstairs and gave him to his mother. "See! He's alive!" he beamed. "Now I know for sure that you are a prophet," she told him afterward, "and that whatever you say is from the Lord!"


Elisha raised a dead child aged 12 to life, after he had died in his mother’s arms, possibly of a brain haemorrhage. This is described in 2 Kings 4:3137 TLB: “Gehazi went on ahead and laid the staff upon the child's face, but nothing happened. There was no sign of

life. He returned to meet Elisha and told

him, "The child is still dead." When

Elisha arrived, the child was indeed dead, lying there upon the prophet's bed. He went in and shut the door behind him and prayed to the Lord. Then he lay upon the child's body, placing his mouth upon the child's mouth, and his eyes upon the child's eyes, and his hands upon the child's hands. And the child's body began to grow warm again! Then the prophet went down and walked back and forth in the house a few times; returning upstairs, he stretched himself again upon the child. This time the little boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes! Then the prophet summoned Gehazi. "Call her!" he said. And when she came in, he said, "Here's your son!" She fell to the floor at his feet and then picked up her son and went out”.



The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most famous Resurrection in history, and is at the heart of the Christian message. After the Crucifixion, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. We believe this is scientifically proved by the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

After three days, Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to perform the full Jewish burial. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is described in all four gospels. We have reproduced the account from Matthew 28:110, TLB:

“Early on Sunday morning, as the new day was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went out to the tomb. Suddenly there was a great Earthquake; for an angel of the Lord came down from Heaven and rolled aside the stone and sat on it. His face shone like lightning and his clothing was a brilliant white. The guards shook with fear when they saw him, and fell into a dead faint. Then the angel spoke to the women. "Don't be frightened!" he said. "I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified, but he isn't here! For he has come back to life again, just as he said he would. Come in and see where his body was lying. .And now, go quickly and tell his disciples that he has risen from the dead, and that he is going to Galilee to meet them there. That is my message to them. The women ran from the tomb, badly frightened, but also filled with joy, and rushed to find the disciples to give them the angel's message. And as they were running, suddenly Jesus was there in front of them! "Good morning!" he said. And they fell to the ground before him, holding his feet and worshiping him. Then Jesus said to them, "Don't be frightened! Go tell my brothers to leave at once for Galilee, to meet me there."


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the heart of the New Testament, celebrated by millions of believers all over the world every year. Resurrection from the dead to a new life in Heaven, in a resurrected body, is the most cherished hope of most Christians. Based on Jesus’ promises, all true born again believers in Jesus Christ can confidently look forward to an eternity in Heaven!

For details about how to go to Heaven, please read the chapters at the end of this book.

The above image is from the free movie THE LAZARUS PHENOMENONTHE MOVIE which is viewable on



The Shroud of Turin has been a mystery for many centuries, and is discussed in great detail in our teaching on THE SHROUD OF TURIN PROVES THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST on

We believe that the Image on the Shroud can be explained by the Bible, and an application of known laws of Theoretical Physics.

We believe that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is proved by the following:

  1. We believe that the Image on the Shroud of Turin is fundamentally a scorch in photo negative, caused by radiation, with the appearance of an Xray, but with additional distance imaging properties.

  2. We believe that the photonegative Image on the Shroud of Turin was produced at the Resurrection by the emission of soft Xrays.


  1. We believe that the Physics of the Resurrection was a phenomenon not dissimilar to the Physics of the Transfiguration, with the radiation of light as a major feature, as Jesus Christ assumed His Glorified Body on both occasions.

  2. We believe that the soft Xrays were released at the Resurrection, caused by the intense radiation of light and subatomic particles, probably moving at the speed of light.

  3. We believe that the intense emission of light and subatomic particles caused vaporisation of the molecules within the Shroud to the elements Nitrogen and Carbon.

    1. We believe that the Nitrogen and Carbon were then converted to radioactive C14, as

    2. happens every day in the atmosphere of Planet Earth.
    1. We believe that the incorrect Carbon Dating of the Shroud (approximately 1325 A.D) is explained by an incorrect

    2. interpretation of the cause of the additional radioactive molecules of Carbon (C14) present in the Shroud.
  4. Additional C14 is present in the Shroud of Turin, as demonstrated by the 1998 experiments on the Shroud.

  5. We believe that rather than proving that the Shroud is dated 1325 A.D. approximately, it actually proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  6. As explained on our web site the additional radioactive C14 molecules could be explained by either the Shroud being a 14th Century Shroud, or by the Shroud being a First Century Shroud which has been subjected to additional radiation.

  7. As proved by Dr Accetta, the image on the Shroud was almost certainly caused by radiation.

  8. Since there are 12 other scientific tests that indicate that the Shroud is a First Century Shroud, it does seem that the Shroud must have been subjected to radiation, causing the photonegative Image.

  9. The Image on the Shroud was therefore almost certainly caused by radiation released at the time of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  10. The scientists who interpreted the findings of the 1988 Carbon dating tests on the Shroud clearly did not take into consideration the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which released radiation, causing the photonegative Image on the Shroud.

For full details of our teaching on THE SHROUD OF TURIN PROVES THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST, please visit our charity web site at


It is important to understand that we are all spirits living in bodies, and that when we die our spirits leave our bodies to live in Eternity, either in Heaven, or in Hell.

In order to fully understand the concept of the human body with an indwelling human spirit we do need to go back to the original Creation of human beings, as described in the Bible. This is covered in greater detail in our teaching CREATION: THE GENESIS ACCOUNT


The creation of the spirits of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were originally created as spirits, created in the likeness of God. Very soon after that the Lord God created bodies for them, “and man became a living being.”

We start in Genesis 1:2627, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness’. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Approximately 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ became a Human Being. In Genesis1:26 and 1:27 God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were all Spirits, and they created Adam and Eve in Their exact likeness. But before that Jesus Christ was a Spirit, as confirmed in the following Scriptures:

Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God (Hebrew, “Elohiym” pleural, literally “Gods”) created the Heavens and the Earth.”

John 1:14: “In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”

Colossians 1:1517, “Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God. He existed before God made anything at all, and, in fact, Christ himself is the Creator who made everything in Heaven and Earth, the things we can see and the things we can't; the spirit world with its kings and kingdoms, its rulers and authorities; all were made by Christ for his own use and glory. He was before all else began and it is his power that holds everything together,” TLB.

Thus the Bible states that God (pleural) originally made Adam and Eve as spirits in Genesis 1:27.

But before that Jesus Christ was a Spirit. Therefore they must have made Adam and Eve as spirits in Genesis 1:27.

We are told that God is a Spirit in John 4:25, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." Therefore, when They (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) created something in their exact likeness, they must have created:

  1. The Spirit of Adam

  2. The Spirit of Eve

The spirits of Adam and Eve were created in Their exact likeness.

The Spirit of Adam The Spirit of Eve

The Creation of the Bodies of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were originally spirits, created in the likeness of God. Very soon after that God created bodies for them, “and man became a living being.” In Genesis 2:7, the LORD God (Jesus Christ) formed the first living being, called Man, as recorded in Genesis 2:7: “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” According to the Bible, our human bodies were originally created out of dust.

It is interesting to note that the chemical components of the human body are exactly the same chemical elements as the dust of the ground. Our physical bodies are made up of 17 chemical elements. In fact these are the same 17 elements that are found in the dust of the ground. It is a matter of common observation that, after a body has been cremated, only dust remains.

It appears, from reading these first two chapters of the Bible, that the Creation of the Human Body was a twopart process. First of all the spirits of Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, and then these spirits were breathed by God into a human body, formed from the dust of the ground.

It follows therefore, that we too, are composed of flesh, constructed out of the same chemical

elements as the dust of the Earth, but containing an eternal spirit.

When we die our spirits leave our bodies

We are told in the New Testament that human life in the body cannot exist without the indwelling spirit. James 2:26 states, “The body without the spirit is dead”.

When Jesus Christ created the first human body in Genesis 2:7, that body was dead until Jesus Christ breathed into that dead body the “breath of life”. This ”breath of life” would by definition have been the spirit of Adam created in Genesis



Example 1: Ecclesiastes 12:67

The Bible states, “Remember your Creator now while you are young before the silver cord of life snaps and the gold bowl is broken; before the pitcher is broken at the fountain and the wheel is broken at the cistern. Then the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it”,

Ecclesiastes 12:67, TLB. Thus at death the human body decomposes, but the spirit, which never dies, returns to God. This means that the “real you” is a spirit that will live forever.

Example 2: When Jesus died on the Cross, He gave up His Spirit

“So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, "It is finished!" And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit,” John 19:30.

Example 3: The raising of Jairusdaughter by Jesus

A 12 year old little girl died, and Jesus raised her back to life. This is described in Luke 8:5156, “When He came into the house, He permitted no one to go in except Peter, James, and John, and the father and mother of the girl. Now all wept and mourned for her; but He said, "Do not weep; she is not dead, but sleeping. And they ridiculed Him, knowing that she was dead. But He put them all outside, took her by the hand and called, saying, "Little girl, arise." Then her spirit returned, and she arose immediately. And He commanded that she be given something to eat. And her parents were astonished, but He charged them to tell no one what had happened”.

After death there is a judgement

We are also told in Hebrews 9:27, “It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement”. When the physical body dies, our spirit will live on, and go either to Heaven or to Hell. Both of these places have been described quite graphically in many of the stories, and no doubt you have already decided that Hell is not where you want to finish up!


The Bible states: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life,” John 3:16.

God loved us so much that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross. If we believe this, repent of our sins, forgive others, accept God’s forgiveness, and follow Jesus Christ, then we are assured of eternal life in Heaven.

In 2 Peter 3:9, we read, “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance”.

God does not want anyone to go to Hell, but sadly, according to Jesus Christ, multitudes do, simply by failing to take from God the free offer of eternal life in Heaven, on God’s terms.

In Matthew 7:1314 Jesus said, "Heaven can be entered only through the narrow gate! The highway to Hell is broad, and its gate is wide enough for all the multitudes who choose its easy way. But the Gateway to Life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it” TLB.


There is only one way to make certain that Heaven is our destination when we die. We have to become a genuine bornagain Christian, just like Jesus said in John 3:3 and John 3:7, and follow the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said we must be “born again” before we can see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus was a Jewish priest who went to see Jesus at night. This is described in the Gospel of John.

“Now there was a man of the Pharisees named

©The Visual Bible

Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night and said, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God. For noone could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him." In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, noone can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." "How can a man be born when he is old?" Nicodemus asked. "Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!" Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, noone can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again,' John 3:17.

Jesus said that none of us would see the Kingdom of God unless we are “born again” by the Holy Spirit. This is a spiritual birth, when the

©The Visual Bible

Holy Spirit comes to live in us after we have received Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. When we do this God adopts us into His family.

If we reject God’s plan of Salvation we will not end up in Heaven

If we reject the forgiveness that God offers us then we are turning away from Him, and we remain ‘sinners’. The Bible tells us very clearly in John 3:36 that eternal separation from God will be the result of this action: "He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him", John 3:36.

Romans 3:23 says that we are all sinners in God’s sight because we have broken His commandments. God is holy and pure and sin cannot exist in His presence. The only way to God is to say we are sorry for the wrong things in our life and accept the forgiveness offered to us, through the Blood of Jesus Christ. This is explained in the next chapters.

Many people in this book have met an angel in Heaven. According to Psalm 91, we all have a personal angel, if we are “born again” into God’s Kingdom.


How can I be “born againso that I go to Heaven when I die?

To be born again, we all must pray a simple prayer. In this prayer there are various simple things you must do, without leaving anything out.

  • Acknowledge to God that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you personally, and rose from the dead.

  • Ask God’s forgiveness for all of the sins that you have ever committed.

  • Turn away from and stop any known sin. This is known as Repentance.

    • Forgive anyone who has ever sinned against

    • you, or any member of your family.
  • Ask God’s forgiveness because the Blood of Jesus Christ cleans you personally from sin.

  • Ask God to send the Holy Spirit to come to live in you.

  • Acknowledge to God that Jesus Christ is your Personal Saviour.

Is there anything else I need to know before praying this prayer?

Yes. It is essential to be aware of some Biblical concepts before this prayer is prayed. These are explained below. The Sinner’s Prayer is in Chapter 55.

What is Repentance?

The Bible says we are all sinful. The Bible states: “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God’, Romans 3:23. We must stop anything sinful, and ask forgiveness from God Who is Holy, and will not allow sin in His presence. There are TWO parts to repentance! One part is to ask forgiveness for the sin, the other is to stop doing it. Half the job doesn’t count! It is essential to repent properly, which means spending some time thinking about your life.

What in practical simple terms does this mean for each one of us?

In simple terms this means that we should obey the Ten Commandments. Here is a shortened version of the Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:3 –17 (shortened, from The Living Bible)

1. You may worship no other god than Me.

  1. You shall not make yourselves any idols, and you must never bow or worship idols in any way.

  2. You shall not use the name of Jehovah your God irreverently.

  3. Remember to observe the Sabbath as a holy day.

  4. Honour your father and mother.

  5. You must not murder.

  6. You must not commit adultery.

  7. You must not steal.

  8. You must not lie.

  9. You must not be envious of your neighbour's house, or anything else he has.

The first commandment is that we must only worship the God of the Bible. We must all remove any false idols in our lives, such our money, our careers, our homes, our appearance, alcohol, drugs, any addictions, or anything else that is more important to us than God Himself. We must stop completely any form of sin such as swearing, murder, any form of sexual immorality, theft, lying, and lust. We all have a conscience, which is God’s voice within us (see below). God uses our conscience to show each one of us what He does not approve of.

Who is Jesus Christ?

The Bible is perfectly clear the Jesus Christ is God. According to John Chapter 1, Jesus was present right at the beginning of Creation, and He made everything. Life is in Him. To those who receive Him, Jesus gives the right to become a child of God. This is explained in the opening verses of the Gospel of John.

‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to his own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believed in His name.’ (John 1:14, 1012.)

Believe that Jesus is the Christ

The Bible is perfectly clear that Jesus Christ, and He alone, is the Messiah. We must acknowledge this to God the Father in prayer. Jesus clarified that He is the Messiah in the following text: ‘The high priest asked him, saying unto Him, ‘Are You the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?’ Jesus said, ‘I am.’ (Mark 14:6162.)

True faith in Jesus Christ will give us eternal life in Him in Heaven, as stated in the following famous verse: ‘God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ (John 3:16.)

The Greek word used here implies having faith in Jesus Christ. It is more than an intellectual acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Many people vaguely believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. However, true faith in Jesus Christ is much more than this. It is a true faith in Jesus Christ, which can only come after a true conversion experience, and receiving the Holy Spirit.

We need to know and believe further facts about Jesus Christ, discussed in the next chapter.


    1. To reveal Truth

    2. Jesus said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth & the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through me,’ (John 14:6.) ‘He who has seen Me, has seen the Father,’ John 14:9.
  1. To overcome Satan

‘For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the Devil,’ 1 John


3. To die for us

‘The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many,’ Mark 10:45..

Why was Jesus crucified?

John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, said about Jesus, ‘Behold the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world’ John

1:29. The Blood of Jesus, spilt at the Crucifixion, is the Blood Sacrifice to atone for our personal sins, as stated in 1 John

1:7. ‘If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ

©The Visual Bible

His Son cleanses us from all sin.’

How may I be forgiven for my sins?

    1. Forgive others

    2. ‘For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses,’ Matthew 6:1415.
    1. Forgive and love, especially your enemies

    2. ‘Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,’ Matthew 5:44.
  1. Ask forgiveness from God the Father for your own sins

‘If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,’ 1 John 1:9.



    1.  A Christian is not a “good person”, but a reformed bad person A Christian is not someone who tries to be good, attends church, reads the Bible, prays, or does good to others, although all of these are commendable. These things start to happen after someone has become a Christian, by being born again. Christians naturally want to be together, and spend time with each other, because other Christians are their new family in Jesus Christ.   

    1.  We are saved by grace This means that nobody can be good enough to “earn” a place in Heaven. ‘For by grace you have been saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves: It is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast,’ Ephesians 2:89. 

  1.  A Christian is someone who has the Holy Spirit living in them 

When we are born again, we receive the Holy Spirit.  

At the Last Supper, Jesus said, "And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever, the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you”. John 14:1617. Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit, who he would send to live in all believers.  

After the Resurrection, Jesus appeared in the Upper Room, as recorded in John 20:1922, “Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, "Peace be with you." Now when He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord. So Jesus said to them again, "Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you." And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit”.  

Since then, all believers receive the Holy Spirit when they are born 
again. Paul confirms this in 1 Corinthians 6:19, ‘Your body is the  
temple of the Holy Spirit Who is in you, whom you have from 


4. A Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

Jesus said, "He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him," John 14:21. The first thing that Jesus commands from all of His potential disciples is, 'You must be born again“, John 



    1. Why must I be born again?

    2. Because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, said so, in John 3:3. ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ To be born again is to receive the Holy Spirit, God Himself, Who comes to live in us as we pray something very similar to the “Sinner’s prayer” in the next chapter.
    1. When we are born again we are new people

    2. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new”, 2 Corinthians 5:17. The Bible says that when we are born again by the Holy Spirit, we become brand new people inside! We look the same on the outside, but the Holy Spirit comes to live in us. He makes us brand new on the inside, with new motivations, new desires, a new way of living, and a new perspective on life.
    1. The Person of the Holy Spirit

    2. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity. He is Holy, and He will not come and live in any of us until we are forgiven by God. The Holy Spirit is the creative power of the Trinity.
  1. If I am not born again, whose kingdom am I in?

We are all born into the kingdom of Satan, according to the Bible. Jesus said to priests, in John 8:44,

‘You are of your father, the devil.’

    1. What happens to those who are not born again?

    2. Jesus Himself is perfectly clear on this subject. He said, ”Unless a man is born again, he will not enter the kingdom of Heaven,” John 3:3. The truth, according to Jesus Christ, is that most people do not go to Heaven. Jesus said, in Matthew 7:1314, "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”
  1. Our ultimate destiny, Heaven or Hell, are decided in this life.

Jesus Christ and the repentant thief are now in Paradise, and will be there for ever. The unrepentant thief is in Hell, and will be there forever too.

The main purpose of this book and web site is that you may end up in Heaven, and not Hell.


Only you can make this choice.



After Jesus was baptised by his cousin, John the Baptist, 

“The Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from Heaven which said, "You are My beloved Son; in You I am well pleased,” Luke 3:22  A dove in the natural world is a very gentle bird, and will fly away if disturbed. All humans have a conscience, which pure science can never explain. Our conscience is God the Holy Spirit, speaking quietly to each of us throughout our lives. If we persist in sin, the Holy Spirit, like a dove, will depart. This is how some people seem to become so insensitive to sin in their lives.   In John 8:79 a woman was caught in adultery, The Jews were about to execute the woman, and Jesus said, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first. And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground.  Then those who heard it, being convicted by their conscience, went out one by one.”  Note thatthe onlookers were “convicted by their conscience.”  Later Jesus said, at the Last Supper, that the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, would convict everyone of sin: “And when He (the Holy Spirit) has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgement,” John 16:8. 

 The voice of the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin The voice of the Holy Spirit is gentle, like a dove. His voice is identical to your conscience, since God speaks to us using our conscience. When you pray, you might like to approach God like a little child, and ask Him to show you the sin in your life. He will.  

 You will hear the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit revealing sin in your life, and those things in your life He wants you to stop doing. He may reveal things from many years ago, or things about your present lifestyle He wants you to change.   He will also reveal to you those people who you need to forgive. You must forgive anyone who has sinned against you, or your family, in any way. Jesus said, in Matthew 6:15, ‘If you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.’  According to Jesus, you must therefore forgive everyone, or God will not forgive you.   


Pray this prayer, or something very similar, in your heart.

Jesus loves you so much that He died for you, so that you could go to Heaven, and not to Hell, when you die.

Sincerely, and slowly, pray the following to God the Father, Who loves you. Jesus looked up to Heaven when He prayed, so you do not have to shut your eyes!

You will hear God the Holy Spirit speak to you, using your conscience, twice as you pray this prayer.

  1. Loving Father, I want to be sure that when I die I do not go to Hell. I want to go to Heaven, to live with you forever.

  2. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for me personally, and that He rose again from the dead after 3 days.

  3. I need to be born again, just like Jesus Christ taught in the Bible (see John 3:3 and John 3:7).

  4. Please forgive me for all the sins I have ever committed. Please show them to me now, using my conscience.

  5. Pause and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you, which sounds exactly like your conscience.

  6. I ask forgiveness for all of them.   

    1. I repent of those sins. I will stop doing them. Please help me to 

    2. stop doing them.        
    1. I need to forgive. Please show me, using my conscience, the names, or 

    2. the faces, of those people I need to forgive.    
  7. Pause and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you, which sounds exactly like your conscience. 



    1.  I forgive everyone who has sinned against me, especially 

    2. (name those people who the Holy Spirit revealed to you).       
  1. Please forgive me because Jesus Christ, Your Son, died on the Cross for me.  According to 1 John 1:7, the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all of my sin. (The Bible says, “If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin,” 1 John 1:7) 



  1.  I thank You that I am now forgiven, according to the        Holy Bible.     

  2. Please now send the Holy Spirit to live in me.

  3. I receive the Holy Spirit. Thank you I am born again by the Holy Spirit.

  4. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Personal Saviour.

  5. Thank you that I have changed kingdoms from the kingdom of Satan, to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank You that You are now my Father. I belong to you, and I now have an eternal home in Heaven, with You.

  7. I commit the rest of my life to Jesus Christ.

  8. Please show me how You want me to spend the rest of my life.

  9. Please show me how I should live, and help me to understand the Bible.

  10. Please put me in touch with other genuine born again Christians.




 There are many Bible believing Christians all over the world. Not all churches believe that the Bible is the supernatural word of God, and do not interpret the Bible literally! Jesus did! Great care needs to be taken in choosing the right church! 

This is very important, since you will rapidly find that, as a born  again Christian, you are in a minority group! The Bible does encourage believers  to meet together regularly (see Hebrews 10:25).  

 Please ask the Holy Spirit to help you, because your choice of church is extremely important. Also ask the advice of local believers.    

 Here are some things to look for in finding the right church for you.    

A church that places the authority of the Bible above everything else  

 This is NOT an easy thing to discern! You do need help on this! A good test would be to try to discover where the proposed church stands doctrinally on:   

  •  The Supernatural Inspiration of the Bible. 

  •  The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

  •  The existence of Satan.   

  •  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

  •  The existence of Heaven and Hell.  

  •  The Creation by God of the entire Universe. 

  •  Jesus Christ’s requirement for us to be born again.  

  •  Believer’s Baptism in water.  

  •  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  

  •  The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  

  •  Regular plans for evangelism. 

  •  A desire to support the poor and needy in the world.   

  •  The place of Israel in God’s purposes.  

  •  Sex outside marriage.  

• Abortions.   The Bible is perfectly clear on all of these issues, but there are large number of churches that interpret the Bible in a different way. For example, the Bible is very clear about sex outside marriage, but many churches avoid discussing this, for fear of upsetting people.

Other excellent qualities, consistent with New Testament teachings, are:

  • A welcoming church.

  • A church that provides good Bible based teaching.

  • A church that has a number of leaders, rather than one.

  • A church that has absolute integrity in all financial matters, including the publication of annual accounts. You may be giving money to the church, so it will be helpful for you to know where this money is going to.

Here are some things that are much less important.

  • The church building: The churches in the book of Acts met in homes! The church is the people, not the building. There is nothing wrong in nice buildings, but these are unimportant to God.

  • Special clothing for leaders of the church. Of course it is respectful to God to be appropriately dressed, but special clothing is unimportant.

Here are some things to avoid at all costs:

  • A church that does not believe in the absolute authority of the Bible.

  • A church that teaches from anything other than the Bible, or Bible inspired texts.

  • A church where leaders exert undue control of the lives of individuals within the church.

  • Any lack of financial integrity within the church.


    2. This is one way God speaks to us. The Bible is not a simple book, and it will take you a lifetime to fully understand all the teachings within the Scriptures. However, regular Bible reading, or listening to the Bible, is essential. God will often highlight verses within the Bible to speak into your circumstances directly.

    2. Your conscience is God guiding you every day, and is an extremely important part of your “guidance system”. Your conscience is not a loud voice, but is usually a very gentle voice. This is why it is so important to spend time quietly every day. If you have doubts about a certain action, do not ignore your conscience. Our Heavenly Father is a loving Father, who is warning you not to go down a particular planned course of action.

    2. The Bible states, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and depart from evil,” Proverbs 3:67.

    2. We live in such a sinful society that many things that the world considers completely normal, are actually very sinful. It will probably take some time before you have sorted your life out!

    2. Regular Bible teaching is extremely important. Under Resources towards the end of this book we have given Bible teachers who have inspired us. Fortunately, there are many excellent Bible teachers, and you will probably quickly find your own favourites.

You may have seen the film Schindler’s List, the harrowing true story of how Oskar Schindler, a German businessman, who saved over a thousand Jews from almost certain death in concentration camps in World War 2.

It is important to realise that Salvation is a very precious gift, bought by Jesus Christ at enormous cost. Only those who are born again will go to Heaven (see John 3:3 and John 3:7). Everyone else will not, according to Jesus Christ.

Born again Christians are charged by Jesus Christ to ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,’ (Matthew 28:19.)

You may like to have a look at our teaching EVANGELISM IS EASY, on


Congratulations on becoming a genuine born again Christian!

The most important decision anyone can make in their lives is to become born again, and become a follower Jesus Christ.

If you have just prayed that prayer as a result of reading this book, why not contact us immediately! We would love to hear from you. Please email or write to us at this address:


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Dr Richard Kent


It is very important for you to have further teaching about the Christian life. Here are some suggestions that we believe would be helpful.


There is a great deal of further free information about after death experiences, and other subjects, on the Final Frontier web site


Coauthored by Dr Richard Kent and David Waite, this is the second book in the series on Near Death Experiences. This book is a follow up to the earlier book The Final Frontier, and relates the true stories of 26 individuals who have encountered death, and beyond. To view and download the book, please visit BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER on


With the arrival of the technology for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation the medical profession has been faced with the reality of Near Death Experiences. In this documentary movie, the subject is studied in great detail, and many doctors and patients are interviewed in depth. The entire movie may be watched and downloaded entirely free on Please visit THE FINAL FRONTIER MOVIE on


The movie is documentary in style, filmed on the actual locations of the events portrayed, with fantastic special effects, and amazing music. In this movie many medical doctors are interviewed in depth about death. The movie includes a dramatisation of the true stories of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria who was raised from the dead after 3 days, and Ian McCormack who died in Mauritius for 15 minutes. The entire movie may be watched and downloaded entirely free on Please visit THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON, THE MOVIE on


Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor. What happens when we die? In this teaching, Richard provides detailed medical and Biblical information about the process of death. He has researched over 300 people who have died, and have met Jesus Christ. These patients were often involved in road traffic accidents, or had heart attacks, or strokes, or died on the operating table. Their spirits left their bodies before they

were resuscitated. Many of these patients report having visited either Heaven or Hell. Detailed medical evidence is presented from many medical doctors, as well as Biblical teaching on the subject. Richard also discusses the many returns from the dead in the Bible. Very clear and detailed instructions are given about how exactly to be “born again,” as described by Jesus Christ in John 3:3, and John 3:7, in order to go to Heaven, and avoid Hell.


How to very easily speak to other people about Jesus Christ, and see amazing results! This simple method can be taught in 10 minutes, and will completely transform your church! Richard and Val have worked with many churches in many countries teaching practical evangelism. They will work with your people, in your church, entirely free! For full details please visit


The whole Universe and Adam and Eve were created by Jesus Christ, only 6,000 years ago approximately, according to the Bible. Richard gives a detailed and scientific account of the Genesis Six Days of Creation, and the young universe, exactly as the Bible says. Dinosaurs and Carbon Dating are also discussed. This is a "high tech" teaching with multiple images, but is not difficult to understand. Much of the Creation and Evolution research is based on the teachings of Dr Kent Hovind, of Florida, USA, as well as the insights of Dr Chuck Missler, USA, and Dr David Rosevear, UK. For full details please visit


Richard gives amazing information proving that evolution could never have happened. Using material with kind permission from Dr Kent Hovind, this teaching includes detailed evidence from many sources to show that evolution is completely impossible. This covers fundamental laws in Physics, such as the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, as well as observations about our Solar System, and

Planet Earth. Also discussed are: Comments from famous scientists, the structure of DNA, Charles Darwin’s book, “The Origin of the Species, and much more besides. This is a "high tech" teaching with multiple images, but is not difficult to understand. For full details please visit


Ron Wyatt's amazing archaeological discoveries: Noah's Ark, Sodom & Gomorrah, the Crossing of the Red Sea, Mount Sinai and the Ark of the Covenant. This amazing information is incredibly faith lifting. Much of Ron Wyatt's original work has been confirmed by Professor Lennart Moller from Sweden, in his famous book "The Exodus Case". Lennart Moller is a personal friend of Richard and Val. “The Exodus Case” includes the work of 7 academic scientists, all of whom are experts in their fields. The Turkish government has built a visitors centre for Noah’s Ark. Richard proves the Blood of the Messiah on the Mercy Seat in 9 different ways from the Bible. For full details please visit


Fulfilled Old Testament prophecies concerning the Crucifixion

are discussed, as well as the detailed medical and physiological

aspects of the Crucifixion. The New Covenant is explained, with

the complete fulfilment of the Old Covenant by Jesus Christ.

Richard explains the Blood of Jesus Christ falling on the Mercy

Seat, and proves this in 9 different ways from the Bible. This is a

very detailed account of every possible aspect of the Crucifixion,

with virtually every medical aspect covered from a former medical doctor. For full details please visit


The photonegative image on the Shroud was caused by nuclear radiation, as recently demonstrated by Dr Accetta. We believe that this radiation was emitted at the Resurrection. The carbon dating tests performed in 1988 correctly demonstrated that there is an excess of the radioactive isotope C14 on the Shroud for a First Century Shroud. This is

interpreted as the Shroud being a fraud. However there is an alternative interpretation. Richard explains the 12 other scientific and forensic tests which demonstrate that the Shroud is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. Our own interpretation is that the excess radiation is consistent with a First Century Shroud which was present at the Resurrection, and received additional radiation at this time. The photonegative Image was caused by the radiation, and proves the Resurrection. This teaching demonstrates the detailed research of a forensic pathologist, nuclear physicists, and many botanists and researchers from many other backgrounds. This is groundbreaking research proving the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is incredibly exciting! For full details please visit


Richard gives detailed scientific evidence for the authenticity of the Bible, using material from many of the other lectures, as well as new material. Subjects discussed include Science and the Bible, Bible Prophecy, Bible Numerics, the Bible Codes, Creation, Archaeology, and the Shroud of Turin. For anybody who ever doubted the supernatural origin of the Bible, this is a life changing lecture. For full details please visit


Life starts at conception, as proved from the Bible. This is a detailed lecture on life in the womb, using the material of Dr Tahira Saleem, a Consultant Gynaecologist in Pakistan, who also has a Doctorate in Divinity. The miraculous development of a baby in the womb is discussed with full colour images. Life in the womb is explored from a Biblical perspective. This teaching includes a few images of aborted babies, and

is therefore NOT suitable for children. This teaching addresses such questions as “What does God think about abortion?”, “When does life begin?” and “What should Christians do about this very sensitive yet very important issue?” For full details please visit


Jesus Christ said we would not know the hour of his coming, but we would know the generation of His coming! This is almost certainly the generation that will see the Rapture of genuine believers, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We believe that the true church will be removed from Planet Earth before the Tribulation period, a doctrine commonly known as the PreTribulation Rapture. This is conclusively proved in a very detailed Bible study. What are the multiple signs pointing

to our own time period for the Rapture? This is a lifechanging lecture. If the return of Jesus Christ is imminent, how should genuine believers live in the light of this truth? For full details please visit


A detailed Bible study on God’s plan for our finances, with all our needs supplied. This is not the "prosperity gospel!" Richard starts with a very detailed look at the finances of Jesus Christ during His Earthly ministry, and His many miracles concerning money. How should Christians manage their finances to honour God, and to benefit as many people as possible? Richard and Val practice what they preach! They have so far ministered in 24 countries, and never charge their hosts a penny! All the material on is entirely free. Richard and Val pay for all their flights, accommodation when necessary, and all incidental expenses. They work out of their own registered UK charity. If Christians truly put God in charge of their financial affairs, they will quickly discover that many people, including themselves, are blessed financially as a result!


This teaching looks at miracles in the Bible, including detailed studies of

the miracles of Jesus, Elijah, Elisha, and Zachariah. Richard and Val

have had a number of miracles of their own. Val was blind in one eye

after a retinal vein thrombosis, but now has perfect sight. They have

had many other miracles, and they give full details of them. More

importantly, they give detailed Biblical guidelines for receiving your own miracle. For full details please



Dr Richard and Mrs Val Kent work from a UK registered charity, The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity No 1106663. Richard and Val have, so far, spoken in 24 countries, always entirely free to the host church. They have spoken in church conferences in the UK, the US, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Pakistan, and on Death Row in a maximumsecurity prison in the Philippines.

Richard has also been interviewed frequently on TV and Radio, and is still available for interview. Richard gives entirely free PowerPoint illustrated lectures anywhere in the world on the following subjects:

1) After Death Experiences

2) Evangelism is Easy

3) Creation: The Genesis Account

4) Evolution is Impossible

5) Biblical Archaeology: Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea Crossing, Mount

Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant

6) The Crucifixion: the medical and prophetic aspects

7) The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

8) The Bible is Supernatural

9) What does God think about Abortion?

10) The Rapture of believers in our lifetime

11) God’s supernatural plan for your Money

12) How to have miracle

The slides below are examples taken from these twelve lectures.

Free copies of all the PowerPoint presentations, both books, and both movies are left with the host church for free copying and distribution. All travelling and accommodation expenses are met by Dr Richard Kent’s UK charity, and the conferences are entirely free to the host churches.

For further information about the conferences, please visit FREE CONFERENCES on
For further information about each subject, please visit
To download the lectures please visit FREE POWERPOINT LECTURES on


The material used in the above conferences may be freely downloaded from, and freely distributed. Each lecture has multiple slides, with multiple images. They are intended to be used a free teaching resource, which may be freely copied and distributed.


We recommend the following teachers have greatly helped us, and they may help you.

GENERAL BIBLE TEACHING David Pawson: UK respected Bible teacher. Books available on Roger Price: UK respected Bible teacher. Tapes available from Roger French: UK respected Bible teacher. Tapes available from Rev Chris Hill: UK respected Bible teacher. Tapes available from Pastor Derek Walker: UK respected Bible teacher. Free teaching on

SCIENCE AND CHRISTIANITY Chuck Missler: US respected Bible teacher

CREATION Dr Kent Hovind: Dr Chuck Missler: Dr Carl Baugh: Dr David Rosevear:

Dr Roger Oakland:

BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Ron Wyatt: Dr Lennart Moller: Book available on Jonathan Gray: Bill Fry:


Jacob Prasch:


In this book, mention has been made of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, which is an organisation of Biblebelieving Christians. Please contact them at the following address and they will send you a booklet entitled, ‘Now You’ve Received Christ’.


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The most important decision anyone can make in their lives is to become born again, and become a follower of Jesus Christ. Everything else on the web site is also entirely free so we hope you make use of it. All of the material may be freely copied and distributed.

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God bless you, wherever you are!

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